Monday, February 16, 2009

Sport day is over!

Well..the sport day has finally reached its ends. Feeling very grateful as my life would not be as busy as before. Head ache will do if i start thinking about my task at school. I handle too many posts. That's the reason. No doubt. Deserve me right for accepting and volunteer too many things that sometimes a normal person can't usually done.haha. Is that mean that I'm abnormal? maybe. My eyes are getting darker all around it. People that once look at me would admit me as a witch then. But now then, i don't really think that the end of the sport day is the ends of my busy life. It's just the beginning actually..Yes, it is. Gosh! Could you imagine handling too many post and at the same time I have to take part in various competition. No need to say it here. You wont believe it. Trust me. Better than not telling anyone about it. haha.

So here are some of the pictures of mine which I snapped during SMKRPK official sport day. Enjoy! :)

gemokk! it seems so. the real me is the skinny me ok. :D

Monday, February 2, 2009

New Life - 2009

Gosh!!!it's already 2009 to start a new post.hahaha. Most probably, i was in form 3 last year which makes me very busy with my life. yea..need to maintain my result as i was sitting for the very big2 xm last year. and alhamdulillah, every thing went as usual.smooth and steady as i obtained straight a's. =) that's the most wonderful thing ever! ;)

i would admit that many things happened last year. all of it happens at the same time. Love, heartbreaks, sense of friendship and studies. It was the year when i think i am out of my mind. i hate think about the pain i've been through. and now, the new chapter has begun. Fresh and brand new thoughts are all it takes! No more tears, no more cry. It's my life, i'm the one who creates it so enough from stepping inside my life without my own consent. Any objections?

Promise ya will always update my blog. :)