Wednesday, June 27, 2007

~Journey To Terengganu~

well, back after went to terengganu. surely, it's a tiring journey...could you believe it?! i was boarding a bus for 12 hours!owh was so boring and i could not sleep sister sat near the window and she can sleep better than me. it was soooooooo cold!!!! i couldn't help was freezing that night and i almost dying!!! then, when we reached terengganu, we supposed to stop at dungun. act,we have to tell the driver to stop us at dungun, but unluckily we stopped at kuala terengganu...waaa!!! 12+3 hours= 15 hours in bus! so so tired!i went there to accompany my sister for an interview actually....we arrived there at around 10 a.m i guess...then, went to friend of syakira's house. we just took a nap and then prepared to go to the interview....lunched at kak hidayah's house and then went back to kuala kangsar at 10 pm that day! i catch a cold and headache now as boarding a bus for a very long period.... :(

Thursday, June 14, 2007

I love you my friends!!!!!!!!!! muahx!! was my birthday on 11th June. thanks friends for all da present! :) i really appreciate it. love you guys a lotzzz!!! thanks ona for the cute pink bag and a special tudung for me. black and attractive. and to sue!!! thx2222222 for the yamapi's poster which you draw it yourself! the picture is just like him!!! KAWAII! Jimi, thanks ya for the Nike handband which i longing to have it. i do not expect you will give me the handband becoz i persuade you to give me the handband the other day ne?! love you! to niesa and neddy on the other hands, you make me feel special!! :P i mean, the bags which you gave me is damn cool and i love 'em! i have no idea you guys would give me the bags as you asked me to choose for you which bag i'll prefer. yeah, dat day, kinda of weird because you guys just followed what i said and which bag i suggested. your taste and mine is different right? especially niesa who loves all the girly stuff and loves pink. heehehe... :P To my dear old friend, AMANI!!! thank you for the lovelycard. hey, you are not late wishing me "happy birthday". i'm not having a crush on ah tan la!!!never! dat nerd boy is not my taste. :P anyway, thank you! friends forever~ LOVE YOU GUYS!!!XXXX!

Stop Being like a Jerk!'s been an ages since no updates in my blog!yea..kinda bz nowadays. very2 busy since school is already started after 2 weeks at home without nothing to do..(not really though) ^^ i did all the houseworks during the holiday and i had to make sure that i did all the laundry.duh!hate that.ok now well....there's nothing much to write here because today is just a boring and plain day for me. nothing is interesting or even special. i just went to school and studying, listening to my science teacher who kept yelling at us for not paying attention to her during lesson. waiting for someone to call me. :P not really, yeah nervous!that's it. ^^ i went to niesa' house and helped jimi using his new frindster account, yeah...adding her new friends, teaching her how to upload photos etc. i on9 in ym for a while chatted with my sis syakira about her interview. she's gonna graduate soon and she's looking for job. she knows a new buddy in her college and told me that the boy is damn tall!!!!yea..really! he is sooo tall!! 0_o thank god, i did not get heart-attacked because of him but unluckily, he's not good looking. :P h's kinda romantic too as syakira said he's gonna write her poem+roses during her graduation! isn't that sweet?*melting... :P

The mot important thing today is somebody who i started to hate him is now on9! owh... pain!!!deep inside me is painful!after so loong he is hiding and never turn up, he is now on9! i hate myself who tend to like the wrong guy! it's such ashamed i'm being treated like that!!!!! i pretend that there's nothing happen between us and would never greet him anymore! but he is the on who start it first! why? why? why? stop acting like a jerk!! i'm ok and fine if i do not know he's on9 and how is him now.but what he did to me just now makes me wonder, how have him been? i mean,he only on9 for a short period only, greet me and asked how are me now, and off9 without saying anything. could you imagine that? of course,you want to know more, what he is doing now, how's his sisters etc right?when i listen to yamapi's song, i feel like my heart is sinking. full of torns! i know deep in my heart, there's only one who i truly love is....eventhough we're not meant heart is always be yours.....~

Friday, June 1, 2007

Looking back on the memories of....

ohh!! i sign in lina's ms today just to see kim's new picture when suddenly i was accidently seen his ms too. and finally....i'm being a girls' heart who are usually sad when they are gettin dump by someone they like.i mean,,why do i have this feeling now?! but not the day when my friends told me the truth! it just...pain, all i can say. it's ok to say that 'i dun like u' from the first.ok it's fine! but don't say such things that could make me sad. it just make me feel touched and couldn't help feel sad....anyway,it all had happen so why don't i forget it ne? forget him and try to act cool when he is around. =) ok iqa, you should have cheer up!!!forget him and find other guy to heal this pain. lol. :P