Sunday, October 23, 2016

Laid Back Day


Today is normal as it is. Except for pagi ni hujan. Seorang Wan Syafiqa memang suka hujan hujan ni. Jadinya pagi tadi dinikmati dengan menyelebungi diri dalam selimut sambil dengar lagu OAG sampai pukul 7 pagi. Hm, ni semua youtube punya pasal buat aku throwback lagu lama lama. Alhamdulillah hari ni dah semakin sihat walaupun masih kena telan panadol sebab kepala ni kadang kadang berat juga, batuk ni je yang tak baik baik lagi. Sampai terjaga tengah malam sebab tekak kering dan nak minum air. Pastu mula la terjaga lagi sebab nak pegi toilet pulak. Memang tak lena aku tidur minggu ni haha. Serius weh, banyak gila air aku minum ni. Niat nak pergi ambik antibiotik kat klinik, tapi takde transport wuwuwu T.T Semoga minum air berliter liter setiap hari ni dapat diteruskan demi menjaga diet yang dah kelaut ni lol.

Hari ni hari minggu so aku manfaatkan dengan hadir ke Seminar Fiqh Wanita: Siti Khadijah Era Milenia. Gempak en tajuk? :') Peeps seriously, the content was powerful I shall say. So the seminar answered my wonders of being a working mother. I will update the story about Khadijah and what I've got soon inshaAllah to keep myself motivated.

Today is full of surprises and good news. My facebook timeline is flooded with lots of photos of my friends having their convocation today! MashaAllah so proud of you guys. Bestnya tengok jubah kemain lawa lawa belaka :') Soon Wan Syafiqaaa, argh apsal baru beberapa bulan buat master dah rasa nak grad dah ni haha. Dahsat betul kawan kawan sekolah aku ni, dean list, pelajar terbaik keseluruhan etc mashaAllah what an attempt! Jenuh tau taip tahniah congrats setiap kali hehe. And another bestfriend declared she's gonna get married real soon on January! Waaww. I'm happy for you love. So upcoming weddings would be this December, January and February. Jadi berlakulah pencarian kain untuk kteorang. Since kawan aku tu nak tema pastel pastel gitu, dalam sehari cepat betul decide warna kain hiks. I like it so much & tak sabar pulak nak dapat kain tu coz it looks so beautiful in the picture. Aku jangkakan kali ni khidmat bridesmaid aku mungkin tak terseksa sangat sebab this nikah is gonna be a simple, short and sweet. Kena pulak hari yang sama ada reception kawan sekolah yang dari sekolah rendah ni. Korang ni buat meeting ke apa, pilih tarikh sama ni pulak hmm

This week is gonna be a hectic week for me. First, my lab works. Second, The Science Backyards program for the school kids. Semoga segalanya baik baik sahaja :)

Ps: Do I keep you waiting? And do you miss me? :P

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Virtual Someone

I will be having Tom Yam for dinner today :)

This is my way of saying goodbye. Apparently we had a short period of conversation together, but somehow you are very pleasing and comforting to me. I don't even know why. 

I would not just simply reply anyone but yours is an exception. The first hi was remarkable perhaps, it was a prayer which notably lighten my day. Our first massive conversation was about my research progress and I found myself enthusiastically talking to someone who understands and interested in my project. We are relatively different, like very very different I can feel it though it is only virtual. I have lots of things in mind, things to share and you were there to listen? I think that is the main reason why I feel you are compliment and it breaks the ice. Sometimes I feel like I was so bright and cheerful and you might get annoyed but then you still replied me telling me that you love listening to stories. Okay, that was cool. Lol.

To be frank, I do not know much things about you. The only medium I have was facebook but it brings nothing at all hahaha. Well, to me you are out of the normal average guy I can find anywhere because you are weird hahaha. Yes, everyone is unique in their own way but you are way different than others. Don't get me wrong, that makes you fun and exciting to talk with. I do not know how long would we be disconnected, but if one day you came back and keep in touch, I hope you can introduce yourself properly because I still don't get it why do you have to keep your uni anonymous. And I don't understand why is it matter to me either lol. 

It always been great chats for me. I appreciate that. Thank you for helping the indecisive side of me last night. I pray that Allah will help you and guide you throughout your journey in finding Him. I hope you'll be as great as Umar Al-Khattab soon. 

These are your points listed. I hope you do not feel awkward reading.

I hope this will make your day too.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Bermanfaat untuk orang lain

"Tidak ada balasan untuk kebaikan melainkan kebaikan"
Ar Rahman, ayat 60.

Pretty much, that explains the reason behind volunteerism of mine.

Cukuplah kita tengok ada pakcik makcik kat pasar malam duduk tepi jalan minta sedekah. Sejujurnya hati ni cepat je tersentuh bila tengok masih ada orang yang macam ni. Kena pulak kalau ada yang dalam keadaan kaki patah, buta dan macam macam lagi jual tisu kat tepi jalan. Kalau tisu RM2 tu, memang akan berhenti untuk beli. Kadang kadang bila tengok orang niaga takde orang beli, berhenti jugak untuk beli sebab ada niat nak support business dia. Kadang kadang rasa diri ni selesa sangat, orang lain sibuk jual macam2 dalam keadaan panas matahari terik, siap berpeluh peluh lagi. Masih tak reti reti nak bersyukur ke Wan Syafiqa -..-

Okaylah tu mungkin dalam skop yang simple dan tu juga cara yang paling boleh kita tolong. What I'm trying to say is that semua orang pun kena ada rasa yang sama. Sensitiviti untuk sentiasa bantu membantu. Tak kisah la korang nak tolong macam mana, kalau rasa orang yang minta sedekah tu scam dan taknak bagi ke, it's okay you have other better ways to contribute. Just, choose to contribute.

Setiap kali pergi memana, mesti aku akan train diri sendiri untuk tolong orang semampu yang mungkin. Kalau orang mintak tolong pun, buatlah the best dan bersungguh sungguh sebab Allah kata, dia akan memudahkan urusan kita, kalau kita mudahkan urusan orang lain sebab setiap kebaikan itu dibalas kebaikan :')

Kalau dalam pasca yang lebih besar lagi, bantulah mengikut potensi yang ada pada diri masing masing. In any ways you can do. If you have tons of money, boleh je sumbang kat mana badan badan kebajikan, Kalau awak doktor, boleh je join mana mana misi kemanusiaan untuk bantu saudara kita seislam. Kalu awak seorang guru, teacher ke or has the ability to teach ke, boleh bantu mengajar kat mana mana kem pelarian, or any needy people out there. These are the ideas I have. I know these things sounds big, tapi untuk jadi umat yang hebat, jiwa pun kena besar :) Though sometimes, it needs lots of sacrifice, your times bagai tapi setiap kali habis volunteering mesti rasa puas. I still have long way to go. Mungkin jauh lagi untuk join misi misi yang hebat sampai ke gaza dan syria tapi dari awal kita dah boleh persiapkan diri dan mental. It's okay to dream big especially when it benefits the ummah.

Cuba cari kakak manis. Jumpa tak? kahkah

I-medik team IIUM. 
Pemerkasaan Sukarelawan
Semoga bermanfaat untuk ummah

This is just the beginning.
You have much more to go Syafiqa.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Future Tsukasa

I would try my best not to make this post look like an advertisement.

Hawa was the first muslimah that Allah created for Adam. They are created so that they may be drawn for each other and find tranquility together. Allah created everything in pairs [78;8], meaning everyone is reserved for another soul to compliment each other. 

Looking for a spouse is a very crucial part for everyone I reckon. I believe that each and everyone of us wanting somebody who will be the savior of your day, soleh/solehah well a good man and woman generally speaking. However Prophet Muhammad stated the best guidelines in finding your Qurratu'l-Ayn; 

"A person chooses her/his life partner due to four reasons; 1.Rank 2.Money 3.Beauty 4.Taqwa (virtue). One should choose the best in Taqwa." [Sahih Hadeeth]

Regardless of his looks and wealth, I am looking for someone who's heart is attached to Him. I may not be perfect uhm everybody is not to begin with, but choosing someone who is at least, pray 5 times a day, worshiping Allah more than anything, knowing the purpose of life and building a family for the sake of Him. I believe that a man who take Islam as Ad-Deen or the way of life would lead my soon to be family into rahmah :) But mind you, Allah said a good woman is for a good man. Nevertheless, I am still struggling to be a better muslimah day by day. I still have a lot to improve and I hope that when the time has come, I am all set physically, mentally and spiritually. 

Considering the fact that I'm going to spend the rest of my life with him, I am still particular and have my own preferences when it comes to man, haha. 
  • He must not be a smoker - Smoking is considered as haram. 
  • I prefer someone who is tall - I am literally short, so those hard to reach items on the top shelfs are easily accessible lol
  • He must be good at managing money - I need someone who can look after our family financial and economy. I am not good at it
  • He must be good at handling my dad - I have Abah alone now. So I wanted someone who can be friend with my dad. Entertain him and follow him to masjid for Jemaah prayer :)
  • He must be good at using tools - I am personally so bad at this. Please save our home from disaster soon
  • Outspoken and confident - No reasons. It just that I'm easily attracted with this trait. 
  • He must be neat - Hair especially. Barulah sedap mata memandang.
  • He must be matured and reliable - I can be clingy at times
MashaAllah so picky kan. hahaha
After all, I believe that Allah will send me the one that suits me well. He will give the one that I am mostly needed, not practically someone whom I am asking for. I just have to wait patiently and prepare myself for our future.

So to my future spouse, 
I hope we can build a family with Ad-Deen soon. And also, despite the economic demands I will adore your knowledge more than your money. So please don't feel pressure about it lol 
See you when I see you :)

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

My Travel Story: Japan

Someone asked me about my travel stories. And I told him that I need at least a post for this lol.

I've been to some places, but haven't been to much countries yet. Well I do have my top countries to go in my bucket lists. However, due to my financial restriction too pretty much I need time to save money as well.  So I may not have a lot of things to tell. I couldn't find anything significant throughout my journey to think it back though but still there were some interesting scenario happened perhaps.

Actually I struck out Japan since I was in high school because I fangirl yamapi who happened to be one of the cast of a J-drama I watched. And after 10 years I still like him though hahaha. The only difference now is that I don't collect any of his posters anymore, I don't download and listen to his recent musics, I don't blog about him no more well I just keep everything cool and steady :) But no one can say he's is not drop-dead gorgeous? Okay what did I just blurted out -__-

I had a crush on sushi at my teens but getting crazy over it when I was abroad because sushi is always be the best choice to eat when you don't know what is halal to eat but you were so hungry you just need quick food to fill your hunger.  Sometimes I stayed back at uni, waited until 5pm cause it's when all rolls were discounted into $2 only. I normally waited at the bench near the stall and would rushed in when it strikes 5pm haha. See how crazy I am.

Early last year I told one of my friends that tasting an authentic sushi in Japan is in one of my wish lists. To my surprise my brother requested for a vacation to Japan and everybody is very interested in Japan same goes to my brother in law. The person which had the least interest were obviously my dad I guess lol and my sister in law I think. Maybe because, our fondness is above her par lol.

Anyway, despite it was freezing and stuffs (you'll need to be full protected then only you can enjoy travelling during winter) we had so much fun! I can say that Japanese folks has certain traits that you'll only see them in no other place. I heard that they are the most honest people in the world. Yes, I experienced that and still admire it until today.

We stayed around Shibuya and it takes quite a while to get to Disney Sea located in Chiba but their superb trains were just beyond our expectation. We were separated into three teams coincidentally. I walked with my older sister and got to tour the whole disney sea because apparently we don't have babies to be worried of. So on our way back to our accommodation, my younger sister called me to inform that she accidentally left my brother's camera in the toilet. And I heard that my brother put her at false haha, you'll get stressed out if you messed with my brother. He has the ability to make you feel worse while repeating the same mistakes you did numerous times. Anyway, I had to track back her ways since there are more than one lines going back to Shibuya. I went inside the toilets and started looking but couldn't find any trace of it. So we went to check with the security and yeah, he said that somebody found this and handed it here. The camera was left for almost 3 hours. Yes it was lost and found! Amazing kaann

When I met my friends in Tokai, she told me she lost her suica card and one of her gloves. What interesting was that the glove was left there for a few days. When she contacted the train station administrator, she was told her card was found in the next station. Apparently someone found it and brought it to the next station. I also dropped my $0.05 Australian coin on the road but I didn't bother because I knew it was a very small coin. After a while, somebody chased me, he even crossed the road and went to the shop I entered just to hand the coin I dropped? Woww that's impressive to me. I keep nodding saying arigatou seeing that's the only word I know.

Due to the language barrier, I had some difficulties in conveying messages to the local too hahaha. There was one time that I had to pull out my phone go to google translate and communicated with the locals using the apps. That was so hilarious because the Japanese seemed to be enjoying himself too! I was trying to purchase body soap from their local groceries shop, with all the might that I had, I literally used the best body language for the makcik to understand me hahaha. I did till I got it right lol. I used short words like, where-shower-bath-money for them to understand me.

My friend who studied in Hokkaido told me she would absolutely going back to Malaysia once she's done with her bachelor degree. It is kind of stressful to work in Japan because their working culture is a little bit stressful from what she said. Her thought then actually makes me think twice to further my studies lol. To think it back, everyone has their own obstacles and challenges we need to face. It's the matter of how you deal with it and be grateful of what you have. Once you start it, don't look back and just move forward. After all, Japan is a very interesting place to go. Also it is an absolute destination for me to visit again. Next time, I would go to another part of Japan, try its best takoyaki and hot spring bathing, eat sushi everyday, drink a lot of green tea, and walk around city with kimino.

"So to my future Tsukasa, 
your Tsukushi wanted to experience 
all this with you soon"

Say: "Travel through the earth and see how Allah did originate creation; so will Allah produce a later creation: for Allah has power over all things. (Surah Al-‘Ankabut, 20)

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Dessert: Peanut Butter Cheesecake

I scrolled over my photo album in August and I found an appetizing picture of my baked peanut butter cheese cake. Well at least it do look appetizing to me aha. And the best part was: ni hasil google seorang Wan Syafiqa yang gigih untuk menghabiskan 1kg krim keju dalam peti ais rumah dan satu botol peanut butter. I bought this like ages before and alhamdulillah, it is not overdue yet. Actually my initial plan was to make mazola cookies during eid but everything got so busy. Hence a packet of peanut butter and a bottle of peanut butter spread were left untouched. Abah does not even pay attention of baking obviously. So afraid of wasting it, i turned everything into a cheese cake.

Cheesecake is super duper easy compared to other cakes. Whatever cheesecake, you name it is the best cake to bake in Australia. Super cheap and easy! I mean, it's so rare to find a fail cheesecake especially in no bake cheese cake. If you did fail, you're really the chosen one lol. 

Okay let's do this. 


The crust- 
The original recipes uses pretzel as its base. However, I couldn't find any pretzel when I did my shopping so I used digestive biscuits instead. So chuck out half of the packet and smashed them hard. I put them in a plastic bag and smash them like crazy haha. I'm pretty sure it would taste amazing with pretzel cause the crunchy, sweet and salty taste is so wonderful pairing with such creamy and peanut-ty taste.  
1/3 cup of butter - melted
So what you have to do is to combine those two together, Press in the bottom of your baking pan, bake it at 180 degree for 15 mins. 

The cream cheese-
500gm of cream cheese (I used tartura coz it's the only cream cheese i found)
1-1/2 cup of sugar (I used castor sugar just to reduce its sweetness and to blend well with the cheese)
3/4 creamy peanut butter
2 teaspoon of vanilla extract 
3 eggs lightly beaten 
1 cup peanut butter chips (I skipped this step)
1 cup semichocolate chips (Beli tesco punya sudah)

1) Beat cream cheese and sugar until smooth 
2) Add eggs, beat on low 
3) Stir in chips and pour over crust
4) Bake for 40 mins to 1 hour at 180 degree. 

Topping(my dad loves this so much)
1 cup of sour cream 
3 table spoon of peanut butter spread
1/2 cup of sugar (castor sugar is the best)
1/2 cup of chopped unsalted peanut butter
You just mix everything over except the chopped peanut butter and pour it over the cooled cake. Sprinkle the unsalted peanut butter on the top of your toppings and it's ready to eat!

Tadaa! My peanut butter cheese cake attempt. 

I portioned it into three. 
I left one at home, give one to kampung and give away another piece to a friend.
Alhamdulillah, everybody loves this especially my sister!

I don't really fancy eating dessert but this one is an exception. I tasted many different kind of cheese cake before but peanut butter cheese is something dissimilar taste for you to try on! So creamy and full of nuts :) If you're looking for a perfect evening tea, this recipe is worth trying. My big recommendation is to use pretzel as its crust. This would give an extra divergent zest to your cake.

Cheers and happy baking!

Click link below for the original recipe.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

My neighbor, Ayah

I just came back from my sweet escape with my two buddies since in Adelaide. Cuti awal muharam kan. So kteorang ke bukit tinggi, it's an uplanned trip and it was hillarious! Except for it's holiday and we need to bare with a lot of people coming by. Bergambar pun orang photobomb sakan haha. But alhamdulillah we really had a short sweet time together. Overnight at Nora's Lodge which I totally recommend for those who wanted to keep yourself away from the city at a very reasonable price. Since Colmar Tropicale is wayy too cool for us. Mahal gila semalam RM500+ tu boleh pi beli tiket ke Korea okay.

Anyway my intention is not to highlight my short vacation in this post. I will write it later in a different post.

The incident that caught my attention away was when I came back and found a plastic bag filled with biscuits and snacks hanging on my door. To my surprise it was from my Palestinian friend who used to live just beside my room. When I look inside the plastic bag, she tag along a note written:

"My dear lovely sister shafiqah (it should be written as Syafiqa btw),
It's me ayah, I came to your room so many times these two days but I couldn't find you. I wanted to tell you I'm checking out from my room and going to KL, I hope we can meet again. I will come next week to check out, maybe we can meet dear. Please take care. I will always remember you. I really wanted to see your photos in graduation. I am sure you are the most beautiful among all...

You neighbor, 
ayah room 3.5"

MashaAllah, I feel quite touched and sad to be honest. We used to live, complained, laughed and even shared beauty tips together. For the past 5 months I've known no one when you first came and approached me with a Assalamualaikum and a sweet smile. When I heard your story of not coming back to Palestine at all for almost 4 years, how you were afraid of and hate lights (Israel controls the electric power back in Palestine, they were allowed to use electric power at certain times only), how you used to study with only candle when I asked why does your room look so dim all the time unlike mine, and how you miss Palestinian food so much, I should be REALLY REALLY GRATEFUL of what I have. Your story keeps me alive. Sometimes I heard you spoke in Arabic over the phone and cried. I wanted to ask you but I'm afraid that it was too personal and I don't wanna ruin your mood when we intersected sometimes in the washroom or just in the corridor.

Ayah, I still keep sheseido charcoal mask you gave me the other day. I hope we can still meet and I hope I can show you my graduation photos as I promised to you earlier. We were so busy that apparently living next door wasn't even a sole reason for us to meet.

Please be strong and I hope you can return back to Palestine like you wish for.
With the help of Allah SWT, I am sure that Palestine will be free soon.