Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Counting the days.

It's Wednesday.

Currently I have 5 days left. I'm going back. Soon :'(

Half of my things are already packed to bring to my second home. Since I have this Melayu tongue so much on food, so mom did pack udang kering, ikan masin & asam keping for his daughter. haha. Imagine how I was last year. I was craving on lots of thing. The feeling is so different on a week at adelaide waiting to touch down Kuala Lumpur last time. I went over too excited and packed my things inside a week early.

And yet this time, I did everything on the very last minute. But it's allright. I'm looking forward to meet the freshman of my uni. I heard that there are many Malaysians are coming over this year but I'm too sure, too sure that none of them would be under my course. -,-'

Anyways, welcome Adelaidean 2014. Ahlan Wa Sahlan. :)

Say Hello to Adelaide Hills :)

Monday, February 10, 2014

The Marriages.

I am not yet turning 21 years old. But still, now I feel old when my friend is already MARRIED.

okay, I'm excited? YES.

So ever since my holidays here, I've witnessed 4 married couples completing half of their deen. Alhamdulillah, I am happy for them. Witnessing the wedding vow is so much interesting. It is pretty much touches my heart when I watched my dad and the groom-to-be cited it together. It feels that dad has given the full responsibilities to my brother in law to take care of his daughter. In Islam, as the daughter is already married, her priority should be her husband first, then her mom in law, then only her parents after Allah & Rasulullah. So I was freak out a bit and thinking not to have too many daughters once I get married, so I wont feel so much left out. Haha.

Well, my wedding invitations started with the wedding of my sister Syakira. I touched down Kuala Lumpur on 21st November 2103, and the big day was on 23rd November. So I was a little bit hectic after staying up late and struggle on my final examination. I looked exhausted on that day and my first night was not really good. I can't sleep because it is too hot even I turned on the air-cond on its lowest degree. The good things about her wedding is that I was able to meet my best buddies during high school. So they turned out to Kuala Kangsar and sleepover for 2 days at my house. Since the workload are quite heavy, we have extra man powers imported from them and my other sisters' friends. Tabarakallah sweetheart for the help. May Allah rewards you with goodness :)

My wedding list was followed by my 2 cousins one from my dad's side and the other was on my mom's side. Now that I feel having a large family members is a need, we were quite busy preparing, discussing on things and stuffs on their wedding day. I was appointed to be the master of the ceremony on that day. Well, I haven't be one for quite so long and I noticed I was shaking a bit at the beginning but managed to settle down myself.

Out of all, receiving a shocking news on my friend's wedding excites most of my batch-mates. I mean, this is just the 2nd month of 2014. Not even turn 21 yet. Why so sudden? Haha. Getting married at an early age is quite an option but when I started to think on the commitment I need to give, I think I would fail on being a good wife. Marriage is a big step in anyone's life. It's about responsibilities. You can't just get married if you like the person. For me, marriage is another journey to begin with. There is always option to end this journey which is divorce. But whoever wants to remarried for couple of times right. To have a safe and a marriage which last is to know why do you get married at the first place? It's a good start to lessen the overboard socialisation that occurred the ummah nowadays but that doesn't only the things. A good intention is to get married for Allah and from that I know the relationship between the husband and wife would be on the basis of Islam :)
May Allah guides us to the right path. Amin.

The Tsukushi family with the new family member. Welcome to the family, brother.
Fatin & her husband. They got married on June, but the reception was held on December.
Waiting for my arrival maybe? hehe

Shazwin Sofina, you are a wife already. T.T
Congratulations sayang! I still can't believe it. haha.

Does anyone else find it beautiful that if she is a man's key to paradise
in helping him fulfill half his deen with her in marriage
and that in attaining his pleasure through her life and obedience as his wife and a Muslimah.
He is her door to Jannah, the key that opens the doorthey need each other's help to get there. masha'Allah
May Allah bless.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Goodbye 2013.
Assalamualaikum readers.

It's been two months that I have come back from Adelaide for my 3 months summer break. 3 weeks more left before going back to Australia. I know that it literally means I need to get ready for my cramp schedule back. But as Allah said, there is always ease after hardship. Never be afraid of what comes if your intention is always for Allah. Well, that is the most perfect motivation ever. When the thoughts of having the creator's attention out of the most, I am growing up with strength everyday.

"So Allah, please remind me to refresh my niat always if I am starting to put dunya first before You because this servant of Yours never get away from making mistakes."

Anyway, I would be departing back to Uni this end of February. 23rd Feb inshaaAllah. Being back in Malaysia, spending time with my family without worrying much of my assignments have really put a great momentum on me. So, second year of Biomedic, try me!

In the names of Allah, the most gracious and the most Almighty.
Shall I begin my 2014.

I know its already a month late to begin my 2014 but, the spirit is always be the matter :)