Saturday, May 25, 2013

High Distiction in the making? In shaa Allah.


It's still new in the morning. Good morning peeps! :)
So here it goes, my first post in Australia. Perhh, berkurun tak update blog. Well, this is due to the matter of  the internet service here. I couldn't argue more that services here in Australia is so slow yet expensive! Makanya, dah dekat satu sem baru la boleh berjimba dengan internet. Barulah boleh happy updates, online FB pakai laptop bagai kan. Rasa nak menangis dan rasa yang sangat terharu bila dah dapat internet connection dekat rumah ni taw. Kalau tak wifi uni Adelaide tu je la yang sangat membantu. Okay, enough for the introduction. =='

Well, The main big, bigger, biggest point is : I'M GOING TO HAVE MY FINAL EXAM FOR THIS SEMESTER AND IT'S A MONTH TO GO. *Nak nagis laju laju, boleh tak? T.T

Allah, sentap betul rasa ni. Ujian betul dapat internet pulak dah dekat dekat nak exam ni kan. Banyak lagi benda tak cover. Tapi penyakit hati, malas dan suka buang masa ni asyik ada je. :(
Guane? Guane niii?

So, for those who's going to sit for the exam, best of luck for you guys. Well, I know I am not the only facing this goose bump alone. right? I hope. hehe. So to be an outstanding student, muslim/muslimah, this are a few tips I've got from the previous talk I went : HD for ummah.

1) Plan & Priority.
Set up your plans and know which is your priority. You are the representative for islam and for the country as well. :)

2) Have a quality time & rise your efforts for jihad!
Set in mind that studying is also a part of your Ibadah.
'Dan barang siapa yang menjalani satu jalan untuk menuntut ilmu, nescaya Allah mudahkan baginya satu jalan kepada syurga' (Hadith Riwayat Muslim)
3) Ensure you have a great mind, health and spiritual.
Let's grow the Islamic values inside you! So, no matter how you stress out, take it relax and calm. SMILE. You know that Allah is always with you, aren't you? :)
4) Prosperous faith & be an outstanding caliph of Allah too.
Remember that the success you have achieved, isn't yours. It's from Allah. No matter how good you are at the subjects, how you never fail the test, how good you are in those experiments and lab, and all of them come from Allah. And if He doesn't want to give it to you, He won't. Thus, never tired of asking through du'a because He never tired giving. So, why should we give up on him?
'Which favours of your Lord will you deny?'
(The Holy Quran : Ar-Rahman - The most gracious)


Banyakkan berdoa ya sahabat. And also, tawakal. Never ever underestimate the power of du'a. Rahmatnya sangat luas. Love Him and He would love you back. Trust me. Moga bermanfaat.
Jom buat ibadah sama-sama! Nak bukak buku bio. =)
From Adelaide, with love..