Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Before the year ends


Before 2016 ends, inbox me something that you've always wanted to tell or ask me. It's gonna stay secret between us two.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

How I celebrated my day

Assalamualaikum peeps,

So today marks the end of my big tasks.

I had successfully defended my proposal last Monday and done with my ethics test today. Yeayy for me! Kelas ethics tu ialah kelas paling power dan dahsat if I have to compare with my classes during my undergraduate days. Not because of the content but because of my lecturer who can talk non-stop for 3 hours hahaha. Kalau tengok belah brothers tu semua dah ketiduran. Sisters juga la yang gigih tahan dengar walaupun dalam kepala dah terbayang sedapnya lahai kalau disaat ini dapat tidur atas tilam yang empuk sambil didodoikan dengan celoteh Dr Ibrahim hehe.

So, for the past few days I don't really eat. Revising and practising my slides. Upgrading it, discussed with my supervisor and get it done quickly so I can do my mock presentation several times. The crucial part was of course the methods. Examiner asked lots of questions for sure. T.T Then she met my supervisor and outlined her suggestions again. Such a dedicated examiner, thank you very much :)

After my test was over, I began craving for foods. Macam tahu tahu je, perut ni perlukan celebration hehehe. I tagged along with a friend to change our bank card into paywave system and later decided to go for a hispter cafe around Kuantan. We were looking for coffee to be frank. Sadly, all cafes are close at lunch hour.

We decided to go for Jhonnys afterwards.

Had my steam chickens! yumms

Fave ice cream after Copenhagen and Gelatissimo

Anyway, I read a very interesting stories in iium confession. Inspired by the stories, haha right after the lunch and dessert, we headed to iium's library, and started to look for historical reads. Aside from learning sciences, I have inner curiosity in historical stories. To let this mind in a peaceful state for a while after cramping it with tons of scientific materials, I had my mocha and rooting myself with reading books in the library. Perfect timing for me :) Though it was kind of hard to look for this section, I encountered with a lot of medical books and scientific books in the library before finally got it revealed after 40 minutes.

I can't remember its name. This is an impromtu plan when kak Suphia 
turned her car and came across a hipster cafe. I had this for dinner today.

It's been a great day today. 
I feel like hosting Rasa Halal Antarabangsa. Kahkah

Tuesday, December 13, 2016



I had my daurah held in Gombak last weekend and then decided to sleepover at yuci's apartment for a night. Well just staying to look for a new hijab in masjid jamek because a friend is getting married in less than 2 weeks time and yazz found the perfect colour alhamdulillah :) I knew masjid jamek is a shopping heaven for certain people but I haven't been there sampaila yuci bawak semalam. I actually been there numerous times just for travelling purposes obviously; changing line etc. Tak pernah turun pun and yes I was surprised with lots of choices. Dresses? Tudung, palazo? You named it semua adaaa. Yang penting murah coz I bought my tudung for just RM10. hehe

Anyway, this Syafiqa actually is not so resistant with dust, kurang minum air and lack of sleep rupanya.

I don't know what is happening to me lately but I fall sick again for quite a number of times this year. Had a very bad cold last 2 months, that one is normal because I usually experience it every year. Maybe because I had my head cramp for a week attending seminars which I did not have any interests of, hahaha but the main contribution must be I don't drink much water in a day. Sebab seminar duduk dalam bilik ada aircond lol.

This time it happens again. Aaaa. I thought I would stay healthy until the end of the year but I am not. Another thing duduk dalam bilik aircond, and I don't even brought any bottles with me T.T When I get back to the accommodation, the place was okay for everyone including me except for my body physiology. I think it must be a bit dusty since I sneezed a few times. Nevertheless, my body defense mechanism did a good job at that time. I was doing fine those two days. I get cranky on the 3rd day. Bangun2 dah sakit tekak dah and I knew it's a bad sign!

Rumah yuci pulak dia terlupa nak masak air, sooo again I don't drink much. As soon as we get out, I rushed to buy strepsil, just to take a quick action. As we arrived masjid jamek, lagilaaaa. I can't stop sneezing T.T ya Allah. This time, i think the environment there is a bit non hygienic for my weak body (mesti immune system kita dah letih dah time ni haha), too much people which increases the possibility of virus spreading and last but not least, habuk kain. Masa kat situ juga I looked for hurix, bought piles of small tissues which I used them all today and panadol at the same time. I drank 2 big bottles of water just to keep hydrated from yesterday and end up going to toilet every 2 hours lol. I feel a bit better tonight but as soon as I think of doing my laundry I feel weak again -__- Anyone nak offer laundry services? Anyway, please pray for my health. Next week is my proposal defense, and I have not completed my slides yet.

 "I went out last Friday and have made up my mind on which perfume I wanted to buy. I haven't buy it yet though. So if it happens for you to go out or visit 'The Body Shop', tell me what do you think about it :)"

It's White Musk Smoky Rose!

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Getting rid off DIY CRT Hotlink

If you are having the same problem with me, please read this.

*kalau malas nak dengar bebelan boleh straight pergi ke instruction ya. hehe

Dikala post ini sedang ditulis, aku masih lagi beristighfar. Apakah ini sebenarnyanya penyucian harta? T.T

Perasaan geram ni still ada ni haaa

Dah lama sebenarnya aku biarkan maxis ni telan duit aku cenggitu je. Dan dah lama juga cubaan untuk terminate pakej DIY caller ringtone yang aku tak permah subscribe pun okay. Berapa kali jugalah bila aku angkat talipon, aku dengar orang gelak dulu baru hello. Sebab caller ringtone yang tah apa apa tu laaaaa. Kalau dia bagi orang dengar lagu yang baik baik, aku okay lagi. Ni lagu disco ke apa aku tak tahu. Sampaikan ada orang tu takut salah number call aku. Tak baik tau maxis buli rakyat marhaen macam ni.

Lagi aku tak boleh terima bila setiap kali aku nak terminate, suruh dial *131# > manage crt. Tapi bila try, dia cakap aku tak langgan pun pakej tu -.-' then bila aku check list lagu, ada pula berderet lagu dekat list tu. yaAllah kenot brain. Aku rasa setiap bulan aku buat cenggitu, dan bila jadi gitu aku pun malas dah nak cuba. Harini baru kemuncak aku betul2 nak get rid of those annoying DIY CRT tu, Effort aku bukan main call maxis centre etc. Aku google dulu dan ramai betul yang mengadu hal yang sama macam aku, tak subscribe tetiba jee ada. Kalau free takpe, ni sesuka hati renew dan deduct duit, hish. Hasil google aku tu, banyak juga suggestion dia tapi semua tu tak applicable dan tak membantu langsung. It doesnt help me at all. Aku dah la pengguna maxis tegar dari sekolah menengah, Bila balik malaysia setiap tahun dulu pun dok beli simcard maxis je. Ni dah ada perasaan membuak2 dah ni nak tukar line. Aaaa nyampah tak habis lagi sebenarnya hahaha.

Okay how to get rid the DIY caller ringtone the fastest way:

1) Dial 1300 820 120
2) Tekan 1 terus, takpayah dengar dia ulang nilai kredit korang
3) Lepastu tekan 5
4) Tunggu operator, dan beritahu apa masalah (lama juga aku tunggu sbnrnya, dalam 5-6 min kena tahan telinga maxis promo macam2)
5) Beri no phone, and within seconds CRT tu dia delete terus dan dapat confirmation through message.

Done! Boleh la korang mintak kawan kawan test call korang balik ada ke tak caller ringtone tu, maka terselamatlah RM3 setiap bulan yang korang kena bayar untuk renew pakej yang tak pernah subscribe tu.

Masuk december ni, penyucian jiwa macam kena lebih sikit. Kena banyak bersabar dan bersabar. Haihh

Monday, December 5, 2016

Next destination


Today is normal as it is. Just extra tired and I decided not to go to any symposium or doing any lab works today. Chilling in my room is the best thing to do. I am pampering myself with my fave routine, reading new novel I won for entering a review competition while settling some works. I am still framing my weekly schedule and memorizing some short hadeeth for this weekend. Nevertheless, my appetite just do not declining today dah kenapa. haha. Bahagia betul pulak hari ni. 

As I scrolling may facebook timeline, I came across a graphic image of choosing your next destination konon-kononnya. It is like you have to tap once on the graphic and it will state your next visiting country. So I tapped, and my next destination is Kenya. To be honest I only know Kenya is located in Africa and I have this assumption of it is a poor country. Okay, stereotype kan. So I googled. And yeah pretty much it is true. I read about its poverty rate. It is kind of sad... Children dominate the country, it is 42% of the population, so they have problems to make up the education. So little physicians, 1 doctor with 14 nurses to cater like hundreds of people. Ya tuhann. How is life over there? Kalau New Zealand boleh buat insaf just by looking at the powerful creations, kebesaranNya and all, Kenya would make you bersyukur instead I bet. 

So I tried to search some of the famous attractions in Kenya (looks like I'm planning a trip already lol). Kenya is famous with is savanna safaris. Dramatic extreme and classic contrasts I reckon, they way I look at it at least. Macam boleh nyanyi 'hakuna mentata' je. I must feel like in animal planet at times or even national geographic if I were to go there for real. hehe. I bet dad would be amazed of this country too because he watches Animal Planet. His fave channel I can say that.

Anyway, my top 3 countries for me to explore are Switzerland, Turkey and Japan-again. I like Japan so much that I think I can go there over and over again, numerous time pun I have no problem. Some people asked me why do I wanna visit those countries so much? As for Switzerland, I adore its beauty and nature. Ya Allah it is just so so beautiful, just cant takes my eyes off from it. Cantik sangat. Tengok gambar je pun dah melting. Kalau pergi mungkin taknak balik agaknya haha. Turkey is soo reach of its history. Islamic history and I admire Sultan Muhammad Al Fateh so much. I even bought the book, likes any page in regards of turkish and ottoman empire. Read book about 'cara mendidik anak seperti al fateh', see I'm so immersed with it :) Japan on the other hand is so rich of its culture, food and places too. You'll find Japanese full of honesty and value their heritage so much. They are proud of their bloodline and have faith in what they are doing. They trust their people and work to develop Japan with so much efforts. Orang jepun ni rajin rajin dan sangat jujur. Aaaa I just wanna go back there and eat sushi a lot.  hehe tak habis habis. Tunggu la gaji berkepok kepok sampai 50k.

Since I can't move on just yet with the result, I keep on tapping to look at among all these 3 countries, which country would at least hit my luck this time. 

Okay, sekarang dah puas hati. Ahahahaha