Monday, April 30, 2007

Are you in love?

ok well... this is the 6 signs of you are falling for check it up!are you in love??

1-as soon as you get online -
name do you
look at first?

2-when you hear your phone ringing -
who do you
hope it is calling?

3-when a love song comes on the radio -
face comes to your mind?

4-whose name makes your heart skip a
beat every
time you hear it?

5-who is it that you always find
yourself thinking
about - wondering if they're thinking
about you?

6-the whole time you were reading this
post.there was only one person on your

* i guess i'm in love! :S

Sunday, April 29, 2007

The best morning ever!

morning!!!! this morning is great! the whether is cool and it's a windy morning! love it!! :) well..i checked the rpkians group just now and i found a pictures that i submitted for the group. :) thanks for approving it. i should go to school today but something bad had happened! damn it! so i cannot go to school because of that stupid incident!+ i was getting scolded from my mom and of course a lot of the school students of smkbm were looking at me! how ashamed i was!! *cry*!! however, this morning is the best morning ever!! :)

LoVe SuRvEy...

01] Is there someone who you like at
the moment?
: Yes *blush*

O2] Have you ever given or been given
: No :(

O3] What is your all-time favorite
romance movie?
: a lotzz...most of them i love a walk to remember n titanic. touching love story..

O4] How many times can you honestly
say you've been in love?
: once i guess. but kinda it the feeling of love?

O5] Do you believe that everyone has a
: Yeah

O6] Do you think that you should be
friends first?
: Yes

O7] Have you ever had your heart
: hurm....yes.

O8] What do you think about long-
distance relationship?
: it's possible.

O9] Your thoughts on online
: also possible. love has no rules!!

1O] Would you rather date someone five
years older or younger?
: i choose older. :)

11] Have you ever seen a friend as
more than a friend?
: yea... ohh..blush again!!

12] Do you believe the
statement, "Once a cheater always a
: no..he can change isn't?

13] How many kids do you want to have?
: 4. 2 boys n 2 girls.

14] Do you usually fall for a wrong
boy/girl or the right boy/girl?
: it's right boy...he is the right boy right?!? :P

15] What is your favorite color(s)?
: blue, purple and white.

16] What are your views on gay
: err!!it's sooo disguting!uweekk!!

17] Have you ever broken someones
: i dunno. but i guess..i did.

18] Imagine you're 79 & your spouse
just died, would you re-marry?
: no,i wont...

19] At what age did you start noticing
the opposite sex?
:'s Primary 6 maybe. :P

2O] What song do you want to hear at
your wedding?
: no songs. i want it to be instrumental. better than a song right?

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Don't want to waste the precious time! :(

Gosh!! yesterday, i went to bed late. i mean i would never want to waste the precious time with my sisters. they were coming back from KL yesterday at around 6 pm. then, i went to English tuition. i went late to that class as i watched my sister's fanvid with yamapi. Her friend even edit a video about American next top model consits of 7 contestants including her.they are so real!!anyway, i enjoy both clips! :) then, i went for a dinner with my family. I was ssoooooooo full! really. :)today, early in the morning, Lina came to my house as her mother disable to sent her to tuition so she was going with me. Act, miss p-vier, i would never expect that you will attend the same tuition as mine. :) It all happen because of the incident yesterday!!whoa..crazy us!!kichigaii!! :P i was really relief after the science lesson. they were rushing out of class! heart was beating so fast!! thanked god, they did not notice them.Neddy, ona n nadzi went to tuition with a slumber!!well...i did an aerobic today with my sister. kinda tired but fun! :)

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

From A to Z

:SoMeThInG ABouT Me:

-Part of me that i like are my eyes and hand(the palm one). my eyes looks like my father's and i'm proud to have it. :P grandma says that i have a lovely hands and fingers.
-Frankly, i don't like my teeth. :P
-When i'm waking up, i need to sleep 10 minutes more.I mean, i need time to wake up!
-I don't like animals!
-I love blue colour. :)
-I'm scared of heights.
-i eat everything except ikan bilis and ginger.egg on the other hands, i only eat the yolk one. ^^
-I hate maths and geography! but i'm trying really hard to score good result.
-I love to put something sweet as my display image but i just love to put yamapi's pictures as my display image in ym. :P
-I think that someone who only loves to put all his/her pictures in friendster is not looking for friends and kindda perasan.
-I'm proud of my school.really!!
-I'm a really stubborn girl!!!
-Loves anything about japan!!
-I'm waiting for someone to ask me out in a romantic n sweet way. ;)
-The word that i use to describe something is..."die nie MCM jht jer..."that's it.I love to say MCM in most of my sentence.
-I hate when somebody says that i'm nerd.duh!
-When i am not arguing, i am thinking deeply.
-i wear spec when i am studying only.
-i cry when i feel hurt or even tension.that makes me feel clam. :)
-instead of cutting my nail, i like to peel my nail. :P but they still look nice.
-i don't like people who tells lies and make funs of other people.
-i believe in first love or even love at the first sight.
-i cannot play any instrument!really..but longing to play piano. :)
-I love flowers especially roses.
-I want to further my studies to japan
-I'm having a problem in choosing my career.would i be a designer or even engineer?!?ohh!! me!!
-I tend to be a daring girl when i'm going to explode.
-I learn to forgive n forget. :)
-My ideal man is somebody who care, sincere, loving, and gentle.
-For me, face doesn't matter only if he has all the 4 characters.
-I rather choose someone cute than handsome. :)
-I love staring at the stars.
-I talk non-stop when i mad at someone. :P
-I am speechless when it comes to talk to boys.dunno why!+ i cannot look at their just that, i can't look at them!it's hard.
-When i feel shy, i'll blush+i'll roles my eyes(sometimes when they look into my eyes)
-I'll turn red when i feel shy, angry and during a hot whether.
-I wear my watch everytime.
-I love bracelet and i have torns of bracelets' collection. :P

Monday, April 23, 2007

Mid year exam!?duh!

i have to admit it! i have to face the facts! I just have to believe that the mid year exam is right in the corner! I have to study and do revision a lot but yet I still don’t make a move. I probably got to spoil my marks badly! Arggh..i just don’t know what am I doing. i suppose to be in my bedroom studying instead of seating in front of pc updating my blog. Ehem..really. :P I’m tired of exam actually! Right now I’m listening to 911, don’t make me wait. The song is so beautiful. Well.. Somehow, I feel like the lyric is turned into nightmare!! I feel like the exam is reaching for me n say don’t make me wait 1 more day!!! Ohhh… I don’t like it. The exam is bothering me too much. I guess I have to start going to library to study start from tomorrow. But!!! The library is close! Plus I have to wear blazer and I would definitely in sweat if I’m not coming home tomorrow. The whether is kindda bad lately. TOO HOT! That’s it! Have a rest for today!  but that is me. I used to say like that but then, the examination is on next week. I have to change! Seriously. I’m a very lazzzzzyyyyy girl. Too bad I’m not like my sisters! My mother also loves to say such things like this. I’m the most stubborn and daring one in my family. I’m cannot control myself when I am angry. It happens when I’m going to explode. Well…enough for that! Have to study, study n study!!! Duh!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

ohh, Happy Day!

konichiwa!! yesterday was a happy day for me. well there is nothing much happened but still i love yesterday! :P dunno why. maybe, i'm not felt as tired as the day before. well, i attend my evening activity at school in an hour i guess. then, i went to the town to look for nadzi's, yana's n of course amira's present with neddy, ona n sue. as we walked to the town, we saw a group of chinese little boy waiting for their parents to approach them. " ni you chu na li?" we started the coversation just to fool around.act, mellisa (malay+chinese) taught us to speak in chinese lately. it just the simple phrases like thank you n how are you. and the chinese boys were only smiling and we said that we are just want to practic what we have learned. at last, we said, "wo ai ni" and smile. they just smile. ohh!!how adorable! :)then, we looked for my friends' presents. i bought amira's n nadzi's first.

Monday, April 16, 2007

~16th April~Happy Birthday! is lina's and chew's birthday. so 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY' for the both of you! :)yeah..they share the same birthdate. However, i celebrated chew's birthday last saturday. i thought that lina is going to celebrate it this year as what we did last year. but i guess not. i gave lina a photo album which is very2 cute. i put it in a chocolate teddy bear paper bag while chew in the other hands, tempt ltk surat. it's cute too n kindda expensive. mmg bln nie, duuitt...betul2 kopak!!! hehehe..anyway lina n chew, friends forever....:)

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Dreams and...stupid boy!

yesterday, i celebrate chew's bithday with my friends at kfc. well.. a bunch of chinese girls were there too and they totally makes noise there! HATE THAT! then.. i went to chew's house to make comics. instead of making comic, we talked about dream and love. wow! chew is totally different! i mean, she use to be a very daring person and kindda naughty. but i was wrong. she is a girl who has a very pure heart. we definite the word 'impian' or as well as dream. yeah..what chew said is so true...yeah..dream, dream is somenthing that is hard to achieve. let's say, the man that we are dreaming of is someone who is perfect! but nobody's perfect! yeah...the word that chew said is always in my mind. "wan ko jgn igt yamapi yg skang nie, ko igt yamapi kamu je coz yamapi kamu je yg bleh buat ape yg kamu nk" i feel really touched. we talked about dream while stairway to heaven's ost was playing in the air. whenever i close my eyes n listens to the really makes me think of 'my yamapi'. really... then, we went to the tuition once again. yesterday, ina, lee's gf, was attending the tution too. so when she is not in class during the gaption of my science and geography class, fatt n yana i guess, accidently, looked at ina's book. the point is... ina wrote her name and lee's name in it with a very creative writing! jimi felt very desperate and started to cry... jimi loves lee too much. anyway, today i got into the wrong class and a whole class was laughing at me. it was the form 1 class. then, a boy said, " eh, kalo rase nk msk form 1 balik, meh arr msk kelas nie" and laughing histerically, i was kindda HOT,so i gave a bang and went into the class and said, " sir, sye nk msk form 1 so sye nk dok mane?" i said it with 'slumber' n straight face. i felt like i want to slap that stupid boy! sir quickly said, "eh jgn la cmnie, ok2 awk pegi msk kelas balik eh, kt sblah" then, i walk out from the class and said "woii, respect arr sikit!" and gave a bang again! stupid boy! hoping that i'll never meet him again or i will kill him!!!!!!!

Friday, April 13, 2007

It just 3 words-tired, bz, problems!- as usual, there was an assembly in my school. i had a cit chat with neddy about friends and other stuffs like neddy's x bf and ways to win niesa's challenge. and the worse things niesa, lina n nadzi did were scribble neddy's and my photos using marker pen. they just had nothing to do and made some crazy things like that and bursted out laughing histerically. it was very embracing and luckily, me n neddy could grab the pictures and then run away. hahah..i turned all red! i lunched with chew, azeera n sue at a thai food restaurant when suddenly a stranger said hi to me by saying "adik, makan?". btw, the food were nice. i dropped by fixed one shop to look for nadzi's birthday present, however, i could not find one. cannot find something that suits her best. well..when i think back of what kim did to miss is just not fair with kif. that baka kim want's miss p-vier back after did stupid things to her!no way man! yeah now..miss p-vier is happy with kif by herside. i think that kif is much better that kim and he is so sweet and caring! i dare say it because it so true..and it seems that he is faith in love. :) anyway, i did not chat or even meet him in person and i hope all the things in what i said is true. that kim just made me mad! he also sends stupid off9 message too..whoa!! gle arr die tue..mcm nk sgtkn girls only! huh! speaking about ym, i had a really great time chatting with ckg nick. i don't have any idea that he is my teacher at first!i just chat with him normally. a couple of minutes ago, i know that he is my teacher!he is a practical teacher act.and he is very popular among the girls at school as he has a very handsome and good looking face! :P two sisters is watching kimi wa petto together. i want to watch it too but i'm not in the mood. + i just want to update my blog. well.. rase2 cm nk wat pembaharuan sikit. but dunno la..i have no time and too bz with my school sechdule.. yeah very2 buzy and tired some more. tomorrow, i gonna attend a birthday party, then maybe accompany lin to fajar and of course go to chew's house to make comics together. got to go to tuition too for the whole day! meaning that i only have sundays to complete all my homeworks.oh ya! i did not write a letter to my class teacher for not going to school.argh!! to many works to do and i feel like very2 tired nowadays.i also hurt my hands during my pj lessons. all of my friends hurt themselves at the both hands. thank god! i only hurt one. :)

Monday, April 9, 2007

Happy Birthday! ~9th April~ is yamapi's n zach birthday! wow! actually, it's kindda hard to believe that they were born in the same date! i give zach, a thing that he always wears. an adidas handband. it is grey in colour. he indeed looks so good when i put on the handband. he looked very very happy too. :) to yamapi, you are in 22 years old this year. hope you will be a better man n receive many awards this year. :P well i promise you, i'm gonna watch your latest drama ne? luv ya!

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Dramas n movies

my sister is back!! really2 happy today. We fool around for the whole day. she brings 303 cd, a thailand movie which tells you about a bunch of school boarding boys play a very freaky's sprit on the glass. so a lot of strange things happen and it really scared me! Anyway my sister also brings kimi wa petto!! the drama that i longing to watch.she says that the dramas is exciting and that makes me so eager to watch it!+ matsujun is the one who be the main!talking about cds, suddenly i remember, my friends want to watch windstruck a korean movie which really touched me a lot! neddy had already watch it too.she agree with me that the movie is so damn sad! so we planned to watch it together.however, i misplace the cd.dunno where i put i guess, if i cannot find the cd, i want them to watch 303. a really scary movie.hahaha...dh terbalik plak. :P today, lina suddenly said that he hate kim possible as i said that i don't like him for putting yamapi's photo as his display image after lina mentioned kim possible is yamapi's fan too.i just kidding.well you know..when you obsess with something or even someone, you can say such things right?thought that lina will scold me for saying it, lina suddenly said she hates him too. she will tell the story tommorow.hurm...what could it be..tomorrow is school and i have to wear blazer! gonna make comic too.huwaa!!anyway, tomorrow is yamapi's and zach birthday!!welcome back zach! :D

Thursday, April 5, 2007

The unfortunate event

school today is kindda boring!!nothing much happen. when i was in geography class i was so sleepy. dunno why.everybody seems to be sleepy n tired too. today, ustaz gave us to rest for an hour because ustaz did not feel like teaching. i stayback at niesa house n surft the internet for a minute while waiting for jimi to change her clothes to go to hockey practise. i met sue when i was on my way back from helping my friends carried a big round and heavy thing.i don't know what is it.i just help them to carry it as it was too heavy for the three of them(fatt, yana n sarah) we just accompanied jimi n watched jimi's training.yeah..jimi has a very big problem now. the unfortunate event is i watched an accident right in front of me! act, my school is in front of a public playground so this nenek n her cucu were crossing the road.i guess they want to go to the playground.suddenly ade motor dtg. laju giler n langgar nenek tue! wow!i was totally shocked!it happpened right in front of me! i want to help them but when i came nearer.....kepala nenek tue dh remuk n byk sgt darah kuar! i cannot stand it..rase cm nk muntah pon ade!cucu die plak kene timpa ngn motor tue.
sian sgt la kt both of them.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Comic advertisement?

i'm kindda disappointed with my marks.expecially when it comes to maths n english. i got good grade in english but still it is not what i excpect to be. i have a feeling that it's not good as before. my maths mark is totally disappointed me!really.i don't know why i did so many careless mistakes.i believe that i can do better that this! two sisters will give me lecture after this! sister syamimi will surely scold me for having a baaaaaaad result in maths! on the other hands, sister syakira will give me any kind of lecture for not having a good results as hers before. yeah the two of them have their own speciality. syamimi is good at science and maths while syakira is good at literature and english. they just put me on stress. most of the teachers in my school now that i'm a the sister's of them so they want me to be as good or even better than them. both of them are best students in school! how can i be like them or even BETTER than them? tell me!? anyway, today chew makes some crazy thing! act, sue, chew n me were reading an advertisement about a comic competiton. we were planning so long to enter a comic competiton but unluckily we did not bring any note book with us so the crazy things that chew did is STEAL the advertisment for a second and then run away! wow! how daring is that girl. my mouth was hanging open at that time..but finally now she said that she won't stick up the advertisment again.that makes me totally afraid. Pray to Allah that ckg will not mention anything about that.