Sunday, April 3, 2011

I've settle my HEART.

He once said ;
" Your world is my world, my breath is your breath, and your fight is my fight "

" Someone who always be there for me no matter what happens. The girl who is the 1st person whom I wish good morning too and the last girl whom I wish good night too "

" I won't trade you with anything. I promise "

SO realistic, sweet, romantic
and it end up with
only a BROKEN promises!

Dear friends,
Thanks a lot for making me notice he is such a loser ,
Thanks a lot for making me realizing he is a guy with no brains,
Thanks a lot for making me realizing I already have someone who is WAY MUCH BETTER THAN HIM.

I'll take that all with the new spirits written in the new book of mine to get it all started from the bottom. My life has hit the bottom with a lot miserable to a guy with no brains. HAHA. He remains as a history and there's a girl who tends to say this to me,
" Be strong right away! "

It's hard, yes I admit but by taking the idea and forcing it hard, I think I have done and make it. DELETE&ERASE him all.
What more do I expect to do?
Well, simple.

So, Miss Wan Syafiqa bt Meor Hissan, way to go honey. ;)
Take all those notes and build back the STRONG me which is TOUGH at heart.
okie dokie.

Su'aidah :
" Wan, i think he is immature at heart&feelings. He doesn't know the meaning of being loyal and faith. He doesn't know what love takes him about. The give and take thingy. Don't you see 'em all? He doesn't know how to take care a girl's heart, the sensitive one, and that's the feeling of ignorance. Aku rase dia xsesuai dgn kau lahh wan. "

Safirah Hanum :
" Wan, sorry to say. Tapi 1st time aku tgk dia, aku rase kau dengan dia xlama. Kita serang dia. Bako rumah dia! "
notes : aku taw kau nak jadi jeneral utk angkatan kita. haha

Hafsah :
" Eii, Wan. Geramnye aku dgn dia. Macam iya je semua apa yang dia buat dulu. Wan! Aku nk bukak page dia ni. Hang pandang tempat lain sat "
..........a few minutes later............
" GEDIK lah LAKI NIE. Hang tapayah la wan nak tunggu2 dia dah. Aku sokong hang dgn faris "
notes : dengan loghat penang dia tuh. thanks acah. aku rindu kau. =)

Syahadah :
" Wan , just bear in mind that there is a GUY in this world who just donno how to use his brain okay ? why waste time to care more ? urs NOW is wayy better ;) btw , SERIOUS TALKING pakwe ko skg wayyyyyyyyyyyyy good looking than atief . kekeke :P "
notes : Faris Mahzuz, dengar tu! HAHA

Kak Yang :

" Ika, kak yang geram beno dengan atief tue. Jom, kita pergi serang dia. Tu la, org kata bdk mckk nie mcm tue la. Nak main2 je dgn bdk rpk. Time dorg tgh boring2, dah penat study, cari lahh perempuan. Lepas habis skolah buang mcm tue je. "

Alif :
" Kau mcm mane wan? Okay ke? Aku tahu dia dgn bdk tue pon xlama. Relax k. Aku doakan kau. Chow "

Anis Nabihah :
" Tau, aku dah tengok dengan sya. Sya tunjuk kat aku. Kau jgn sedih2 wan. Be strong! Aku tau kau boleh. Ramai lg yang tunggu kau wan. Chill okay ? "

Nadhrah :
" Wan, hang dengan dia dah xdah ekk? Sory taw aku tanye. Jangan sedih2 ye. Aku tau hang boleh buat. Aku chat ngn pakwe hang td. Tade pape yg hang nak jeluz k. HAHA "
nad : aku xkate pon aku jeluz, cess. madu aku neh. haha

" well, urm. Its a very valuable advices given by all of ya. Will take that as a reminder to me that I have something better in life, I am strong girl, way to strong to handle a loser like him, I have something priceless that shouldn't be back him off and the most important is I have the love of the almighty and merciful that has show me the way, the right path to lead on and the love of my family, him and friends which are for eternity."

" Ohh, yea btw. You are asking for a forgiveness, but didn't ask to be forgiven. Seems that you aren't that veridical for it. Yes, again your weakness. You are not impartial with the circumstances. Just saying sorry to set up all the things right but didn't care whether you are forgiven or not. Okay, let make it simple. YOU DIDN'T FEEL GUILTY.
And yes, you are not FORGIVEN."

I've settle the arguments. With that, I rest my case. FULLSTOP.

Credits to Azyani for liking all my status and never stop supporting me.
A huge thank you fren. =)


mng267qak said...

the hurts is like hell,,but u face it toughly..congratz..

Wan Syafiqa said...

hehe thanks. ohh yes,
forget to mention,

credits to YOU for supporting me all this time with those spiritual words to face this tough times.

mng267qak said...


his midori said...

ALHAMDULILLAH!!!!WAN!!!!!ak harap mmg ko dah tak igt dah dier!!!SEMANGAT!!!!yg sal faris lagi jauh hensem tu~~~ak sokong~!!!!!!!!

Wan Syafiqa said...

safy : thanks2. mmg aku nk trash smea perasaan tu dah. i've made up my mind. :)

HAHA, faris? bangga dy t.haha.

Thank you jeneral. hee :)

gadis kechil said...

yeahhh totally sokong safiy.nk uat banner leyh dakk? go go wan and faris ;))))

Wan Syafiqa said...

HAHA bieha, aku harap. faris xmcm dy lahh.

when i have almost giving up wit boys, faris brings the lights back.
so.. jgn lah dy mcm atief jgak. huhu

Anonymous said...

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