Friday, August 27, 2010

The BROKEN promises.

I never could explain how does my heart break into thousand of pieces. Right now, I cant hold back my tears no more. It hurts me so much for every second that i try. I don't know why.

so this is what i got from adila.

Apabila salah satu pintu kebahagiaan tertutup, yang lain akan terbuka tapi lazimnya kita akan memandang pintu yang telah tertutup itu terlalu lama hinggakan kita tidak nampak pintu yang telahpun dibukakan untuk kita. so,..jgnla pndg pintu 2 lma2 hehe..=)

it's ok. I'll wait for him. xpe.k.wan tunggu jgak dila.I'll wait.

Kahwinilah orang yang lebih mencintai diri kita daripada kita mencintai diri orang itu. Itu lebih baik daripada mengahwini orang yang kita cintai tetapi tidak menyintai diri kita kerana adalah lebih mudah mengubah pendirian diri sendiri daripada mengubah pendirian orang lain

Ia cuma mengambil masa seminit untuk jatuh hati pada seseorang, satu jam untuk menyukai seseorang, satu hari untuk menyintai seseorang tetapi ia mengambil masa sepanjang hidup untuk melupakan seseorang. Memang benar yang kita tidak akan tahu apa yang telah kita punyai sehinggalah kita kehilangannya dan uga benar bahawa kita tidak tah...u apa yang kita rindukan sehinggalah 'ia'datang.
ntah la lil sis. thanks sbb bg k.wan semangat blik. huhu.. tp...huhu.ntah la.xtau nk ckp ap.ssh btol kalo da setia. :)

Friday, August 13, 2010

Special dedication.

This is my special dedication to my dorm mates who have live under one roof with me nearly a year. So friends, please..let bygone, be bygone. OK ? Well, the most valuable thing right now is friendship. living in a hostel.that's all it takes. whatever comes, we are looking for friends 1st. that is the rule that we use to practice each time right ? And it is a very bad idea to fight at this moment. After the sorry and thanks, i would like you guys to know that i love all of ya. We've been a lot through think and thin. ;)

Dear friends,
I would like to give my simple review on each of my dorm mates.
So let me now, start with the one that is probably sleep only up above me that is ;

This girl is more into a motherly action. She wakes up very early in the morning and wake us up each morning. If she wakes up late, then the whole dorm members would surely late too. ;)

We have been in the same dorm since last year. She is the most gentle one among us. Atief did say that her voice is like doraemon. ahaha. funny huh ? she's kind. there's no doubt. <3

She's the mother's daughter. she is very pampered but really she take care of her things so neat.

Ketua dorm ! haha. she take care of the very little thing in dorm. she creates the duty rooster and make sure that the dorm is neat every morning.

This is another girl that we call gadis ayu. haha. she is beauutiful.really beautiful and her acts? cute ! very cute ! :)

This girl is so talkative. haha. she exprienced a lot of things and yet that things make she grow older. :)

haha. name pengasas ajaran sesat. kui3. :) she live in hostel since she is form one and yea experienced a lot of things based on the seniority complexion. so kalo spe2 nk sorok hp, tanye dy ! haha

I enjoy talking to her. She's the most inpenetrable shield for backuping the phoenixian members out of the revenge of the other house. ;)