Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Monthly Reflection

Assalamualaikum peeps.

I reflect myself quite a lot nowadays. So I decided to write my monthly reflection and share it on my blog.

It is already November! Can't believe time really flew so fast that I can't even catch it up. And in 2 months time I am turning 25 years old. Ya Allah, I feel so old hahaha. Still in denial mood lol. My masters degree progression is not going so well though. I feel so out of the spirit, I do not know why. I lose sparks and I got bored now, lol. I know it is unhealthy but somehow that is how I feel. I started to get back on my pace last week after I worked hard on a program with the school kids. Somehow, Kuantan got so so hot that I ended up catching a fever. So my pace got burned turned into ashes. It got blew, and I could not find them anymore. I am struggling with having them back on track. I keep on delaying reading and studying. I got distracted quite a lot nowadays. Pheww, please someone tell me what I should do. I need someone to talk to perhaps? Someone who claimed he did not read my posts anymore. Yes, someone just like him, who wouldn't tired listening to my stories. He crosses my mind quite several time though. I am wondering how has he been doing. Sekarang musim grad, so did he finish with his degree too?

Anyway, it is not solely graduation season. It is the season of  wedding ceremonies as well. You know life really gets to its another phase when you're getting older. This adulthood though, full of surprises and the world is getting scarier. I didn't feel this way right until I started to worry about my scholarships. money and how to pay my university fees etc. So we had this adulthood talk with my so called postgraduate friend since we both struggle on our experiments and results. Faiqah is planning to get married soon but when her study is still on going, and money turning into issue things get quite hard and she can't help herself being anxious. Well, everyone should including me. So I keep on praying and keep my 'tawakal-mode' on for as I read that tawakal need to come before effort comes, and then you need to keep on tawakal after your effort as well. That is how a Muslim should put on hopes and rely on Allah. So I am still waiting for my scholarship interview. Hopefully I got selected and will perform my interview session well. Hopefully Allah provide me with such Rezqi this time :)

When I was in the middle of my meeting last night, my school friend, Safy sent me a text. She screenshot an invitation of her ex wedding. She got invited through facebook though. So there was a question in which she asked "if it is your ex, would you invite them to your wedding?" So I responded, I was invited by that so-called guy 2 years ago but yeah I declined haha. It was a spontaneous action, my hand did it by itself lol. So Hafsah responded saying that she would. I told them I wanted to do the same, but we aren't friends on facebook anymore. Well maybe I would invite him through a friend just to let him know that "hey I can get married too and that's not you" sorta feeling ekekeke. But that's the thing, there's one particular guy that you can't even treat him like your normal guy friend anymore. Being practically a stranger is the perfect move!

It has been years and years that I left everything to become a better Muslim woman. To preserve myself and fight against my temporary feelings. When I first encounter such feelings, it was so hard that I ended up crying and get back to my feet. I did that over and over again. I was unable to use the things I received because you can't act like everything is fine when indeed you can't get him out of your head. As time heals, I am now proudly say I began to use part of the items I received and brought them along without thinking of the sender. I am glad that the used to be my 'worst moment' it slowly develop into a beautiful and calm life sensation now. 

I freaked out when I 1st lost my black umbrella 3 years ago. And I got so mad when there's stain spot on my white jersey. After a while I didn't use them for quite sometimes except for the blue purse because I don't have any so I keep on using it until now. All of these things I can use them freely without any hard feelings in which I can act normal to the items yeay! Time heals, and people change. I still hope that you are still improving and be a good Muslim day by day. Obviously not for me, but for the ummah and our faith.

Take care!

Saturday, October 14, 2017

My Fave; Triplets & Twins

While the kids in Taska put me in a crazy roller coaster ride, I still love watching kids and how they grow up don't worry lol
I'm writing just to share my fave fave faveeee The Return of Superman family; The Triplets :)

I watch them right after they signed off from this reality show though but still I can't help with their chicky-ness omg so adorable I just cann'tttt. Right now they are my vitamin out of my headache so I love to look up on their videos when I feel like I need a break at times. KBS gathers all of the triplets scenes and they put in episodes. The episodes are now up to 20 episodes. Youtube has it, and they are all English subbed. Thank you so much for this KBS, that's the best thing you do! 

When I first started watching TROS, I stumbled upon the twins first in which they are still on my top list search. I still can't get over their birthday celebration when they surprised each other. It was kind of heart moving that I got my eyes teary a bit haha. Imma a sentimental person, this is normal when I see touching scene like this lol

Okay, back to the triplet. Minguk-kie is my bias. 
And this is my fave video. They had a lesson on manners if I am not mistaken and they learnt it from a traditional teacher. To be honest I don't know weather it is a chinese character they are learning or a typical korean character. My bias-Minguk is so smart and I keep replaying his thumbs up scene to his dad hihi

Watch minguk at 9.47!
So adorablee 

Please watch this, I was moved by the surprises too..

The 1st video of them I watched and eventually they 
are my fave siblings!

I am family oriented  so I love watching them at the 1st place. I have this one wish list too; to adopt a korean and japanese baby and take care of them. Might be out of the blue sangat, haha but I do think the experience must be hilarious =)


Friday, October 13, 2017

Anak-anak Syurga

Assalamualaikum korang.

Apa khabar? 
Harapnya iman dan hati sentiasa dalam keadaan sihat. Harapan aku jugak supaya korang korang sentiasa ada hari yang produktif. I should be productive today but I think maybe not. Rehat gaiss harini. Bagi masa tulis blog sikit hiks. 

Aku nak update entry China lagi sementara aku masih ingat, tapi rasa ada sesuatu yang aku nak share dengan korang in the meantime. Sementara aku masih terasa sisa-sisa emosi aku yang bercampur baur 2 minggu sehingga hari isnin lepas. 

Betul la orang kata, life feels like riding a roller coaster sometimes, and that was me stuck on top of the roller coaster ready to make its next move nervously.

Aku terima satu mesej dari seorang kakak ni untuk bantu dia jaga taska sebab dia ada iv kat Johor. Aku tak free pun masa tu tapi sebab kakak tu sepertinya merayu kat aku, aku pun okaylaaa. Aku pun pernah la baby sit budak. I have no problems. Boleh la nak dodoi2, tukar lampin semua tu I can do that. Tapi selalunya job baby sitting aku ni fokus kat seorang atau dua orang budak la. Tak pernah la lagi membantu kat mana-mana pusat/taska. Memula ingat nak tolong separuh hari, tapi at last appointment aku dengan supervisor aku pun dah bertukar hari, aku willing untuk ganti kakak tu sepenuh hari.

And that was when the roller coaster started to move!

It was a thrilled experience that when I woke up the next day, my muscles were sore. I found it hard to lift my legs, sakit pinggang, lenguh tangan semua ada! hahaha. Fuhhh, baru aku tahu penat jaga budak macam mana. This is diff because I had to take care of 3 kids age ranging from 8 months to 2 years and 5 months. Serius rasa macam jaga triplet. I was sweating like crazy because I moved around so much.

Dari pagi kena mandikan sorang-sorang, kena buat susu dan kena tidurkan baby amsyar yang baru umur beberapa bulan tu. Dan baby amsyar ni la baby yang paling kuat nangis antara semuaaa. Dia nangis without reason wehh haha. Bukan itu sahaja, dia juga baby yang paling senang nak terjaga dari tidur. Nak tidurkan dia tu dah satu kesusahan dah, pastu boleh pulak tidur beberapa minit sebab ada baby lain kacau. Yang si pengacau tu, muka tak rasa bersalah langsung siap gelak gelak lagi heiii. Berlari aku dari dapur sebab nak tenangkan si amsyar tu. Dah kenapa aku mengutuk dorang pulak ni -..-

Aku rasa masa bagi makanan pun ialah masa bersilat juga. Sambil bersila, aku akan angkat pinggan ke atas, sambil suap satu satu nestum ke dorang ni. Dalam sehari purata seorang budak menangis ada la 3-4 kali. kalau dah ada 3 orang budak nak kena pay attention, berapa kali ntah kena tenangkan dorang ni. Kalau kena hadap 3 orang ni je takpe, ada lagi 3 orang baby yang penjaga taska sorang lagi jaga. Dan ada 8 orang budak yang belajar kat taska tu (3-5 tahun). Kalau bergaduh pun ada drama air mata jugak. Satu hari dengar budak nangis memang dahsat. Satu hari terasakan bagaikan sebulan lamanya aku bertahan. Tahap kesabaran pun haruslah level 99. Menghitung masa je aku nak balik masa tu. hahaha

Ini Amsyar sedang ditenangkan selepas menangis teruk sebab aku tinggal dia nak cuci nestum.
Helloo, awak yang buat tumpah nestum tu sebab excited sangat nak makan. 
Lepastu in denial kita tinggal awak kejap sebab nak cuci nestum yang dah tertumpah banyak tu. 
Hailaa sayanggg

So selepas ke kejadian yang thrilling tu, aku punyak respect kat geng mak mak ni memang melangit setinggi langit ketujuh. Tu baru sehari aku dah pening kepala sakit satu badan, belum lagi uruskan hal rumah tangga bagai. So masa tu aku rasa macam aku dah okay I'm done with the taska thing, at least aku bantu kakak tu memudahkan dia nk pergi interview.

Tetiba tak lama kemudian, aku dapat invitation sekali lagi untuk tolong kakak tu lagi. Aku cuba nak lari dan memberi alasan pada mulanya hahahaha, tapi aku memang rasa serba salah sebab aku boleh nak bantu dia since cloning kit was not around yet, so mmg aku off sekejap dari buat kerja lab. Dia nak jumpa supervisor dia untuk settle kan correction thesis dia. So I was like okay this thing is much important too, ce kalau kau mintak tolong orang saat-saat genting nak submit thesis tapi takde orang nak tolong. Haaa cemano? I was putting myself in her shoes so I said yes, but this time I requested for a half day only.

Pagi tu aku bangun dengan perasaan in denial sangattt hahaha. I remember doing things all in slow motion masa tu haha. Nak bersiap rasa malasss ya Allah in the end aku datang lambat kat taska without reason. lol.

Kali kedua datang ni, aku kena ajar budak budak besar pulak dalam kelas. Okay this thing is not easy either. Semua budak masa tu macam nakkan perhatian aku. Semua benda dorang nak cerita weii aku nak ngajar pun susah. Kalau cerita dorang relatable dengan topik yang aku ajar takpe, ni boleh pulak in the middle of naming animal, dia cerita malam semalam ada orang kacau dia tengah tidur -__- hailaaa adik. Aku cam nak marah tapi tahan sebab benda tu diulang-ulang banyak kali haha. One thing I realized, dorang ni suka sangat appreciation and attention. If you asked that so called girl/boy to sit beside you while you are teaching, they seemed so happy. Dorang rasa martabat dorang diangkat barangkali haha, I don't know. After all, they are so innocent and have pure soul. Memang betul budak budak ni kalau kita ajar dan bagitahu masa ni dorang akan ingat dan boleh ikut cakap kita lagi, walau dorang ni tak boleh duduk diam sangat which is normal.

Selepas ajar budak-budak tu tentang binatang, aku suruh dorang melukis.
Tema bebas sebab aku malas nak fikir haha, lagipun aku taknak halang kreativiti dorang.
Ada budak request suruh lukis ikan dengan kucing.
Haaa tu versi teacher kehkehkeh

Second part of the class session was hands on time.
Panjat lah atas meja. Mainlah apa nak main.
Teacher tak larat nak larang dah.

Anak anak syurga =)

Bila aku jaga anak-anak ni, memang terasa yang budak-budak ni mudah dibentuk kalau ada pendidikan yang baik. Sedih sangat sekarang banyak kes yang bukan bukan. Aku tengok budak budak ni dan aku reflect balik masyarakat skrng, tergamak la ada yang melakukan perbuatan sumbang mahram kat budak yang besar-besar cenggini. Sedihnyaaa T.T Memang mengundang marah. Teacher doakan anak anak yang teacher jaga walau 2 hari ni, jadi anak yang soleh dan dilindungi Allah sentiasa. Bila dah satu hari bersama dorang, attachement effect tu still ada, tak tahu la kenapa. Must be because of their purify soul :')

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Part 3: Yangshuo, China

Hi guys!

Here it comes, part 3...

I guess Guilin is the most highlighted part of my China Adventure. I like it so much and it's really an absolute place to visit if you ever think of coming here. 

While I still can't move on with the scenery I witnessed in Longsheng the day before, this time was beyond my thoughts too. Yangshuo is a very small and peaceful village. And it took around 1 hour and 16 minutes to reach here. It's either you can board a bus or board a cruise like what we did. 

Boarding a bus is a much more cheaper option la. Time saving pun sebab naik cruise dalam 2 jam la nak sampai.

We chose to board a cruise to gain new experience. Sebab tak pernah naik lah main reason dia! aherher. Kalau nak naik cruise pergi krabi, phuket tu kena tunggu gaji 50k agaknya. 

Yangshuo by cruise along Li River - CNY380 included Lunch. 
Aku try tanya kot-kot ada vegeterian meal, tapi unluckily takde. Dalam tu ada dorang jual kudap-kudapan seperti udang size kecil yang di goreng serta ikan bilis. 

Anyway, we began to check out early in the morning at 8am. Thought that yesterday was the end of our meet up with sugar. Nevertheless, Sugar made her grand appearance again. She went all busy managing the tour group and fighting in the crowds for us to get the cruise tickets. Bersemangat waja betul Sugar tu. Memang jaga pelancong-pelancong bawah dia dengan baik. Bagus. Aku suka.

Sebelum beli tiket, Sugar ada tanya kteorang nak upgrade seat tak sebab boleh nampak much better and clear view konon-kononya la. Dan kteorang decide untuk tak amik dan sejujurnya aku gembira dan berpuas hati dengan keputusan kteorang tu sebab takde beza pun sis. Yang beza ketinggian ajer. Dan korang boleh naik atas kat ruang terbuka dia untuk amik gambar. Like what I did below hehehe;

Sepanjang Li River ni, kiri kanan korang akan nampak bukit yang macam ni

Lebih kurang gini la keadaan dalam cruise ni. 
Ada meja dan kerusi sambil menikmati pemandangan luar. 

Tengah syok-syok menikmati pemandangan dalam cruise ni sambil ditemani teh cina, tetiba tak semena-mena Sugar datang mengkhabarkan dekat luar sekarang ialah scenery belakang duit 20 Yuan sebelum tour guide dalam cruise ni bagitahu. Kami pun bergegas sepantas kilat naik ke atas nak tengok dan bandingkan, betul ke tidak. Takut Sugar gebang ahahaha

Kebenaran terbukti! Sugar tak gebang pun. 
Tadaaaa. Sama kan? Sama kan? :3

Tak lama lepastu aku dah exhausted sebab panas dia buka main, so lepak dekat bawah je. Sampai-sampai Yangshuo, sepanjang jeti nak keluar tu, banyak sangat baju handcraft yang cantik cantik. Yang ni aku menyesal tak beli sebab aku ada berkenan kat satu baju ni. Dalam mindset kteorang masa tu, kalau nak shopping pegi Guangzhao. Ternyata assumption tu salah. Barang kat guilin dan yangshuo tak sama macam barang kat Guangzhao. So gaiss don't repeat this. Sekarang pun aku masih boleh membayangkan baju yang aku berkenan tu; cardigan kuning cair dan ada bunga besar dalam dia. Aiguuuu T.T

One thing about Yangshuo, agak susah nak dapat taxi sebab lebih kampung kot tempat ni. Jadi sila mantapkan skill tawar menawar korang. Kteorang masa tu naik travel agent agency mana tah kutip tepi tepi jalan. Mahal weh dia charge tapi sebab dah tak tahan sangat dehyrated gila kteorang redha je. Malas dah nak put effort bercakap seperti ayam & itik. And the worst was, sekangkang kera je wehhh hotel tuuuu -..-

Kat yangshuo ni korang memang boleh dapat hotel murah-murah bak 1st class gitewww. Aku suka sangat hotel yang kteorang duduk ni. Sebab lawa. Tapi aku takleh nak recall balik nama hotel ni. Wuwuwuw T.T sebab bukan aku yang book. 

Tapi takpe, aku share je. Kalau aku dah jumpa nama dia aku edit balik entry ni. 

Price: CNY271.6 untuk 2 bilik, satu malam.

Super comfy bed! Nikmat betul dapat tidur kat sini

Tempat lepak makan meggi

View dari dalam bilik. Tenangnyaaa

So lepas lalalala mandi dan berehat, kteorang decide untuk ke west street dengan menaiki basikal sewa percuma selepas pukul 5pm. Jadi kami tunggu pkul 5pm baru kteorang keluar. Bijak tak? Hahaha. Sebelum tu lepak-lepak kat luar, amik gambar duluuuu

Anddd this place is such a beautyyy!

Kami teruskan perjalanan dengan menaiki basikal sekitar Yangshuo. Kiri kanan jalan nampak orang banyak jual sayur-mayur. Geram je rasa nak beli dan masak sup sayur kat dapur hotel ni. Tapi due to time constraint tak buat punn. Bercakap pasal makanan halal, dekat west street ada 2 kedai makanan halal-indian food. Kedai dorang sebelah2 je. Kteorang tapaw nasi beriyani dan butter chicken. 

Ini lah kedai dia. Sedap. Large portion jugak
Beli 2 bungkus, kongsi 4 orang.

Macam biasa, akulah navigator jalan terbaik.

Suasana west street

Berbekalkan mindset shopping nanti kat Ghuangzhao, aku tak beli sangat pun barang kat sini. Kak yang beli monopod je untuk memudahkan proses selfie huahua. Okay, aku masih teringat baju kat T.T

Malam tu kami ke pertunjukan Impression Li. Ini antara pertunjukan bagi aku besar la gimik dia. Suasana di mantop. Memang aku impress! Dan lagi impress dengan orang cina yang serius banyak gilaaa. Ada rasa macam pergi perarakan sikit. Risau je kalau terhilang dalam lautan manusia masa tu. Bila pikir balik power gak kteorang duduk kat tempat yang benar lagi lurus walaupun zero mandarin kehkeh. 

Admission fees: CNY 198. 
Yang ni pun aku secure awal dekat receptionist hotel kat Guilin, sebab takut tiket habis. 
Tiket ada either pukul 8pm/9pm la macam tu tak ingat.

Anyway, benda paling epic setakat aku kat China berlaku malam tu! Al-kisahnya kteorang mencari transport untuk ke sana. So aku dengan kak dila deal la pengangkutan dekat receptionist. Receptionist tersebut cadangkan untuk kteorang naik motorbike taxi in which boleh occupy 2 orang satu taxi. Murah lak tu so aku okay la. Semangat aku on time turun sebab receptionist tu kata kena pergi awal pkul 8pm dan kena punctual la. Dalam aku menjenguk kat luar hotel aku nampak 2 orang jejaka cina atas motor yang seakan-akan menanti seseorang. Aku lex je la lagi. Tapi dah beberapa minit tunggu dah kenapa jejaka tersebut masih berada disitu. Dorang pulak dok tengok2 aku. Terus aku terfikir inikah motorbike taxi yang dimaksudkan itu? Like literally a motorbike!? hahahahahah tak sudah aku gelak masa tu sebab terkejut sangat. Dalam fikiran aku masa memula tu, ala-ala tut tut yang kat india tu sebab kteorang dah nampak la tut tut tu ada sekitar jeti masa memula sampai. Yang lagi kelakar dorang siap tambah extension kat belakang motor tu lagi supaya 2 orang boleh membonceng. 

Jadi korang jangan terpedaya dengan motorbike taxi dorang seperti apa yang berlaku kat aku kahkahkah. Aku okay lagi la sebab naik dengan abah. So abah duduk depan, aku kat belakang. Kak yang dengan kak dila la macam awkward2 sikit. So kak yang letak beg dia in between dia dan jejaka cina tersebut. Nevertheless, aku cadangkan korang memang kena naik motor kot kalau nak gerak satu jam before ke Impression Li show ni. Jalan jem ya ampunnnn. Bukan jem dengan kereta je, orang pun penuh -..- So ada hikmah rupanya naik motor malam tu. hahaha

Aku lah tu. 
Yang duduk atas extension motor tu. Haha

Since kteorang beli tiket masa kat hostel di guilin, receptionist dah pesan siap-siap nanti cari orang pegang bendera no 4. Sampai kat tempat tu, lautan manusia mula memenuhi setiap penjuru tempat tu. Dah macam mana nak cari woih. Eventually hasil pandangan masing-masing yang cekap, jumpa la orang yang pegang bendera tu, Senang je tunjuk tiket settle dah. Macam main jutaria iols tengok, sebab tiket tu selamba badak dia tulis no 4 dengan pen huhu

Walaun Impression Li Show tu full dalam bahasa cina, tak faham pun takpe weh. Korang akan amazed dengan pertunjukan yang dorang buat atas air, betul-betul dekat Li River. Melalui pemerhatian aku, impression li show ni banyak menggambarkan kehidupan masyarakat yang tinggal kat yangshuo serta beberapa kepercayaan dorang. Sebab macam ada ala-ala adegan alam barzakh sikit. Maksud aku kehidupan selepas mati mengikut kepercayaan mereka. This show is a success and worth to watch iAllah. But, if you want to skip it..I won't say it is a major loss. Untuk aku yang gemarkan pertunjukan macam ni aku happy dan berpuas hati =]

I regret that we spent only a day in Yangshuo when in fact there are much more to discover here. Seriously, I recommend you to spend much longer time here. 3 days and 2 nights will do. Tunggu la dah kerja. It is a place I wanna come again.

That night aku dah mula berkemas untuk start bergerak ke Guangzhao naik bullet train!

Would update the next post soon.
See yaaa

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Part 2: Longsheng Rice Terrace, Guilin

Okay now this is the second part of my adventure.

Pretty much we had a good sleep that night before departing to Longsheng. Main reason was the night before depart to China, we didn't get much sleep. Flight bertolak pagi lepas subuh, malam tu terpaksa nap kat surau dan tidur atas kerusi. huhu

Actually, sampai je dekat hostel tu kteorang terus beli segala admission tickets of the places we wanted to go through our receptionist. Lepas buat kira-kira aku rasa ikut trip hostel tu menjanjikan perjalanan yang akan lebih teratur serta ada English spoken tour guide. Aku tak kisah pun nak plan sendiri untuk naik ke bukit Longsheng ni. Tapi sebab takut rugi masa & taknak penat badan aku rasa join trip hostel lebih banyak pro daripada cons.

Longsheng Rice Terrace ni kalau korang direct translate basically nama di padi teres la. So basically dia padi huma=padi bukit. Kalau dari bandar Guilin tu, amik masa 1 jam 30 minit untuk sampai. Disebabkan panorama dia berbeza setiap musim, dan padi teres tu macam sebesar2 alam aku jadi teringin sangat-sangat nak pergi.

Ni hasil ihsan google

Disebabkan aku pergi musim panas, pemandangan yang aku nampak ialah warna hijau. Memang mashaAllah cantik betul. Musim panas kat sini tapi alhamdulillah naik atas bukit tu rasa lega sikit sebab cuaca masa tu agak sejuk. 

Kalau korang nak pergi sendiri tanpa bantuan tour guide, korang boleh pergi dengan menaiki bus. Tapi bus tu hanya ada kat Guilin Railway Station. Amik bus yang akan bawak korang direct ke Dhazai Parking Area. Tapi yang susah sebab korang kena tahu baca bahasa cina la, dia takde tulisan rumi pun kat situ. Tambang bas melalui pembacaan aku ialah CNY50-CNY65. Bas hanya ada 4 masa: 8.00am, 9.30am, 12pm dan 3pm. Dan masa sampai kat parking area tu, korang kena bayar admission fees. 

Admission Fees: CNY 90 + CNY 60 (Huangluo Yao Village)---> additional kalau nak masuk yao village. 

Dekat Longsheng ni korang boleh melawat perkampungan orang-orang berbangsa Yao. Kalau korang tengok ada bangsa yang perempuan dia suka pakai merah dan simpan rambut panjang2 tu inilah mereka. Dari Dhazai parking area kena tukar bus lain pulak rasanya tak silap aku. 

So lepas aku kira tambang bas return sekali dengan admission fees bagai, lebih kurang CNY310 la total loss. 

Jadi sebab aku taknak pening-pening, aku mengambil langkah yang bijak untuk hire English Tour Guide yang akan fetch kteorang dari hostel dan hantar balik, everything included + traditional lunch kat atas tu (no halal food) CNY350. Pakej ni termasuk dengan melawat yao village & tengok performance dia sekali in which aku tak sure berapa hengget kena bayar kalau beli tiket sendiri. 

Aku seram gak tengok driver ni bawak kereta kat sana. Nak naik atas tu ada masa jalan dia sempit & kecik. So aku nasihatkan korang takyah la drive kat sana huhuhu.

Welcome to the Yao Village everybodehhh!

Nampak tak bersih dan cantik kan kampung ni?
Aku suka bukan main dengan sungai dia :)

Tu tengah tunjuk kecantikan rambut lettew

Menurut tour guide aku, Ms Sugar. Rambut dorang ni bersinar dan sihat sebab dorang akan basuh rambut dengan air beras. So kalau korang nak rambut cantik dan guna jari pun boleh, lepas basuh beras tu simpan air dia tau hehe. 

Pertunjukan dorang ni 100% in chinese dan takde translation. So kteorang pun buat buat paham la. Masa dorang buat choir ke nyanyi ke hape, dah macam marhaban dah aku tengok. Dengan suara nyaringnya mashaAllah sistur. hahaha. So at the same time ada juga informasi macam mana perkahwinan dorang. Masa ni dorang akan panggil beberapa orang lelaki untuk jadi pasangan dorang la. Nak tunjuk cara-cara kawin adat bangsa yao. Aku tahu ni pun sebab Sugar dah terang siap siap sebelum masuk. Kalau tak ternganga jugak la apa yang dorang sedang lakukan ni seyhh..

So lepastu, it's lunch time. Bamboo rice & pork is a traditional dish here. So depan kteorang macam macam daging hado. Lol. In the end kteorang bukak kurma ayam jenama Yeos & sardin Ayam Brand. Nasi dia sedapppp. I like it so much! 

Oh ya, kteorang amik rasa steamed pumpkin dia. Sebab yakin dengan status halal dia.
Fuhh manis & sedap diaa. Memang terbaikk

Yasss. This is my lunch. Sambal hitam pahang la jadi peneman
Kenyang :')

Lepas dah kenyang makan, kteorang bergerak ke tempat yang dinanti-nanti. 

Culture shock aku datang China ni. Buat pertama kalinya aku nampak orang cina yang banyak gila. Ramai gila manusia! Sebab tu la dorang ialah tamadun yang kuat I reckon. Selalu kalau kat Malaysia kalau tak cuti umum bukan ada orang Malaysia pergi tourist spot sangat kan. Tapi kat China ni lain macam aku tengok. Sikit la nak jumpa tourist. Ramai pelancong dari negara dorang sendiri. Negara besar sangat aku rasa, sampai melancong dalam negara pun rasanya tak habis. 

Nak naik bukit ni kena naik dengan cable car. Masa ni beratur dia fuhh panjang gila. Nasib baik semuanya sistematik so takde la lama sangat menunggu. Aku pelik ingatkan boleh escape crowd sebab bukan cuti sekolah ke hape ke kan. So aku belajar yang dekat China ni memang always crowded. Manusia banyak sangat, so apa-apa pun standby early especially kalau nak beli tiket train ke etc. Patutlah dulu ada law yang menghadkan kelahiran anak huhu. 

Anyway, there's another option untuk korang hiking naik ke atas. Tapi masa ni panas gilaaa. Memang idak le nak mendaki pulak. So decide for a cable car with additional fees CNY50 kot or less im not sure per person.

My dad and I. We're climbing up

Fresh green paddy field! SubhanaAllah :')

We were up on the hill. Those two were new friends from Switzerland. 
Met my new scientist friends!

Ni la pakaian traditional dorang. 
Ala-ala orang monggol kan?

Lawaa sangatt

Look at how unique it is!

Masa ni sempat la membeli roasted sweet potatoes dengan jagung bakar kat sini. Non-stop mengunyah. 

Disebabkan musim panas dan rasa macam kena steam setiap kali keluar aku banyak menghabiskan duit aku untuk air mineral. Standard harga CNY3-4

Walaupun kteorang tak hiking, tapi penat dia terasa la juga. Mungkin sebab cuaca panas. So kteorang bertolak balik dan sempat la jamak ta'khir masa tu. Rehat rehat & mandi. Malam tu kteorang kluar balik dan makan wonton mee CNY5 dekat dengan masjid tu.

Aaaa sedaapp. Sampai sekarang teringat kat wonton mee dia yang sedap tu. 

Generous portion!

 This is so good!

Pardon of  the not so good photo taking. 
This is the shop if you are looking for cheap and good wonton mee!

Enjoying mineee =]

Since Abah tak favour sangat dengan wonton mee, we made our way to the next restaurant which is called Eidian. Yang ni memang famous kalau google sure jumpa kedai ni. This restaurant is far much expensive than the meal we had next door. Much proper restaurant and serve good food too :)

Abah needed rice, so we ordered Arabic fried rice along with omelette. 
Rasa dia okay okay la. Diff people, diff taste kan?

Howevaaa this is so damn good!
We didn't order this but they gave us since they are making them as we entered the shop
Steamed bun stuffed with carrots, shallots and beef.

These are all the wishes and greetings from tourists who had visited their restaurant. 
I am pointing to where I found my heart is. 

Then, we made our way to see pagodas in which symbolizes China the most. Need a lil bit of walking but on our way there, we bought dozens of fruits sold along the streets. Murah sangat buah buah dia dan muraaahh. CNY6 for 3 large dragonfruits yang manis nak meninggal. My dad was surely the happy one because he is a fruit fan.

This pagodas marks our end point of exploring guilin city because we had to move
to Yangshuo the next day. 

Actually banyak lagi tempat yang korang boleh pergi kalau nak cover guilin city. However, mind you in China admission fees dia banyak sungguh. Semua benda ada admission fees, lain la dengan Jepun yang park dia selalunya free. I tend to compare them because instead of flew to China, we had the intention of going to Osaka but then we told ourselves Osaka can wait as we've been to Tokyo last year. 

Here's the list of Guilin City attraction if you want to have more of the city:
Red Flute cave: CNY120  
Seven stars park & zoo: CNY99 
Elephant trunk hill: CNY75 
 Fubo Hill: X (I am not sure)

Free admission:
Two rivers and four lakes
 Shang Han and Rang hu central lakes
 Nanxi park: bus 11
 Guilin Back alleys
Daxu Ancient town: need 45 mins to get there by bus

Hopefully this post will help you a little bit on completing your adventure to Guilin. I still think I have to stay a bit longer in Guilin because Ghuangzhao is not that appealing after I went there. Lol. 

Stay tuned for my China part 3 entry =)

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Part 1: Beautiful Guilin, China

Hi peeps!

It's been awhile kan tak update blog. Heaps sorry. Supposed to up this a month ago.

Maybe I need to portion my trip into several part. We'll see how this goes.

Yes, hectic and busy life really got me. I got piles of lab works to finish because I was up for an adventure nearly a week!

So yeah everything started when I felt empty, living in a plain daily life. Airasia buat promotion masa bulan puasa, and I was excited looking at the cheap tickets to seoul RM200+, and RM400+ only! Murah gila woi.

So I called dad straightaway,

"Bah, nak pergi Korea minggu depan boleh? Tiket tengah murah"

"Ok, pergilah"

Haaa senang tak green light abah gua kasi? Haha. Dah la minggu depan, buang tebiat ke hape budak ni. Aku pun okay kalau nak pergi solo travel as long as I can access everything by public transport in Seoul like what I did in japan, would not be much problem. My sister wasn't really happy dia suruh tunggu dia kalau nak pergi Korea. So aku pun macam okaylah. Kak Ummu dah menanti dah tau kat Korea. And then my sister said, let's plan for our trip next time. Korea can wait.

We make a short list of cheap plane tickets. I am cheapskate. I won't go for a trip that cost expensive flight tickets. Sebab aku rasa, itu transport je and I only have to bear for a couple of hours. Aku ni pulak bangsa yang kalau naik flight ke bus ke, belum take off lagi dah tidur. Sama la macam hotel, kita nak tidur and ada tempat berlindung je, budget hotel won't hurt. Itu style aku la. I don't go for a luxury vacation, cukup serba serbi, aku okay.

At last, we were up for Guilin and Guangzhao.


Ramai orang yang pergi China, pergi bandar bandar besar dorang. Aku orangnya suka nature, so aku suggest kat kak yang & kak dila utk pergi Guilin since ticket pun takla mahal. Guilin ni pun aku tak pernah dengar sebelum ni, lepas dengar Izzati cerita kata tempat tu lawa gila yang aku tahu. Tambah tambah guilin ni kampung kampung sikit. Less halal food choice, tapi still ada. Aku suka sangat tempat ni sebab cantik sangattt, orang dia baik baik, tak kiasu lepastu rasa macam boleh shoot cerita cina lama-lama yang macam kita tengok kat TV2, pukul 6 tu. lol

So practically arrived Guilin at 11am in the morning. I have already booked my hotel through Okay hotel ni memang best betul. Not because it is luxury or whatsoever, but due to affordable price, comfortable bed and private bathroom. CNY 432 = RM375.66 for 3 days and 2 nights. And that's for 2 double rooms kayh! Bagi aku cukup la semua benda. Yang penting tak jauh dengan masjid dan makanan halal. Highly recommend you guys to check out this hotel. Trip Advisor's rating is 8.9. Staffs are friendly and they can speak English alhamdulillah. Wifi was available but since China banned the usage of facebook and google, having wifi in the hotel room was not a big concern pun ahaha.

Guilin This Old Place Int'l Youth Hostel
Price for 3 days and 2 nights, 1 double room = MYR 137.86/CNY216.00

No pre-payment needed, korang datang dan bayar cash terus kat sana cuma ada deposit CNY200 kot tak silap. Anyway, hostel ni kalau nk jemur baju bagai pun boleh. Naik tingkat atas sekali dan sidai haha. Also they provide tour service which is much more cheaper and affordable daripada kita susah2 nak cari transportation utk pergi longsheng and yangshuo. Takpe nanti aku cerita dalam next entry :')

The Lobby of this Hostel

Double Room. Reasonable price and very comfortable!

So our first day was just wandering around the city of Guilin. Look for mosque and getting ready to eat some halal food. Obviously I was most excited when it comes to food. I feel like the city is full of lakes and there is also bridges connecting all over the places.

Statues of the great scholars in Guilin once upon a time.

haaa kan aku dah cakap macam cerita cina dolu dolu? ehehhe

Ini baru satu jambatan yang cenggini, banyak lagi pemandangan 
yang macam ni kalau korang datang Guilin :)

Kteorang pun meneruskan misi mencari masjid sambil berhenti-henti amik gambar haha. Perjalanan yang mengambil masa selama 10 minit telah memakan masa sampai 30 minit. Masjid ni terletak di Chongsan Road. Serius memula dok cari jugak, google dah kata "Your destination is on the left" berulang-ulang kali. Apparently, this is actually the masjid gaiss

Erk, ada motor pulak lalu depan tu. Ni je gambar full yang aku ada so far haha

Pintu masjid. Nampak macam istana lama-lama dah gaya pintu tu

Kteorang decide utk solat sunat dalam ni, tapi nampak macam masjid tu still tutup dan unattended. Cuaca panas gila masa ni, tapi bila masuk masjid hilang rasa panas tu. Barangkali tempat yang penuh nur dan barakah mungkin?

Terserempak dengan dua orang budak comel ni depan entrance masjid hehe

So area masjid ni ada beberapa kedai makanan halal. Betul-betul sebelah kedai tu, ada satu kedai wanton mee yang harga dia CNY5 je! Haaa murah nak meninggal kan, sebab memang sedap dan portion dia pun okay. Ada satu kedai Eidian Restaurant sebelah kedai wanton mee ni dan ada satu lagi kedai depan wanton mee ni. kedai tu aku tak boleh baca nama dia apa haha, tapi sudah terang lagi bersuluh ada tulisan halal kat situ. At last kteorang decide untuk makan kat kedai tu. 

Aku rasa daging ni dia macam goreng dengan cumin kot. Sedap dan lembut 
sangat daging tu.

Nasi goreng! Nasi goreng kampung lagi sedap la tapi hehe

 Mee tarik diaa. So far dari kat Adelaide aku big fan of this 
generous portion of beef broth noodle soup!

Bila nak bayar harga kesemua ni CNY90 kot tak silap. Aga terkejut sebenarnya sebab mee sup dan nasi goreng harga murah. Since kteorang decide untuk tambah menu tanpa bertanya harga, memang tak salah daging goreng tu la culprit yang membuatkan harga bayaran makanan melambung. 

Regained back our energy, we made our way back to hostel. So we had coffee and get some rest. Abah dah memang terus tidur. Sampaikan aku keluar kejap pergi rooftop nak tengok sunset, balik bilik ketuk pintu bilik macam mana pun dia tak bangun -..- Terpaksa aku menapak bilik kak yang & kak dila tumpang mandi dan solat. 

Anyway, nah gambar atas rooftop yang cantik mashaAllah!

Oppa, saranghae! 
Whoops >.<

Ya Allah, thank you for this blessing.
For this mercy. 
Indeed the journey of this soul searching is amazing. 
The End of day 1.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Hang on

Someone just blew my mind away.

Literally blew my mind away! Ya Allah T.T

With those smiling eyes, interest in flowers, not forgetting the piano, drums and flute skills.

This is too much to handle. Why am I up for this suddenlyyy. like out of nowhere sangat ni.

I feel like my chest is going to burst so hard if I keep this by myself, so I need to let this out a bit. Letting some space inside me. Come on, you are a grown up girl. I feel like sighing more when I write this haha.

For as I know this is really really impossible, I have bigger responsibility. To the ummah & to take care of my iman. Ya Allah keep me guided & close to you. I really need you around.

Distract me with bigger agenda in my life.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Still Alive

Hi korang.

Lama dah tak update blog. Literally busy. Biasalah kan, alasan yang sama haha. Tapi sungguh, tak menang tangan tau. One of the reasons blog aku unattended, I was up for an adventure for nearly a week! Jadi, sebelum up for such adventure, haruslah aku seorang zombie hidup siapkan lab work. Sampai ke malam stay up nye.

Anyway, aku develop minat baru.

Browsing flight ticket sambil tengok budget hotel. hahaha. Entah apa yang merasuk aku lepas balik dari China ni. Alhamdulillah, I feel expressed. Pergi negara orang, talk to the locals, tried their own local food, semua tu buat aku hidup. I feel so alive. Tak tau nak describe macam mana, tapi subhanaAllah hati aku macam jatuh cinta dengan 'tarbiyyah jaulah' ni. Rasa macam nak plan trip all over again.

Sebelum ni aku fikir, kau minimize je la cerita kat orang pasal trip kau pergi sana sini. Tunjuk gambar satu dua cukup. Nanti orang kata menunjuk pulak. Wild thoughts were on me. Sampaila aku baca satu artikel kat Aku macam terwow dengan artikel tu. Dia kata you can benefit the ummah by travelling dengan bagi review, tips dan doa.

Waaaahhhh, aku terpukul kejap. Kenapalahh tak terfikir. Padahal aku ada je medium nak share. Overloaded tips sebab setiap kali travel, aku yang plan. Bajet semua aku kira, sebab aku nak rasa yang aku travel ni worth it. Bila dah tak mewah macam study kat adelaide dulu, cenggini la jadi haha

Aku ni light traveler. Budget hotel doesn't hurt. As long as ada tempat berteduh, boleh tidur aku okay. In my next post, I will post more on my China adventures and share some tips with you guys. I will iAllah in a diff post.

I will try my best to share as much as possible. I am writing now to tell my readers out there that I am still alive and will continue writing hehe.

So guys,
See you in my next post!

Travel buddies in China
Summer in China was crazy!