Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I heart my JUNIORS.

Hi everyone,
as my MUET is only just around the corner, I have decided to write on this blog everyday during my holiday just to get use with my writing test on 19th of November. It does freak me out. Even if your pointer is good, would you bear looking at your MUET slip with the bad band?

My day today were quite filled with enjoyments and savours. *Smile
I ate kinda a lot today. Since my brother's department had arranged the qorban, my parents and I went to Ipoh and 4 cows were slaughtered. We arrived just after they were slaughtered. hehe. If I were given the chances to know how much do I gain cholestrol right now, I would probably faint in surprise. SUP TULANG FOR HOW MANY DAYS? 3 DAYS IN CONSEQUENTIAL..Don't expect that only, we stopped at the mamak stall, and packed nasi berayani. How am I gonna maintain this spare body?

We made to the mall right after having lunch. We did nothing but just looking at clothes and looking at some golds for my sister-in-law to be. Now, I have the desire to upgrade my fashion sense and shop for more clothes. Well, this is the right time to do that kan. Necessary I guess, because wait till you have your own job and shop for more. Right now, you are just depending on the scholarships you have which is probably for the books and your allowance for you in your college. Itu pun tak cukup. *Sigh =='

Reached Kuala Kangsar, bought tickets for tomorrow to head to Kepala Batas and have my overnights at Hafsah's. SEK MEN SAINS KEPALA BATAS,,, WAIT FOR MY ARRIVAL!!
That's it. =)
I don't know why. But the feeling is just come, deep down inside.
Something good will happen ke? *Wondering

Never mind then, but noww,
I just want to share something to all the SPM candidates which touched me a previous year ago.
It was before the examination last year and all the seniors were busy reading, analysing, observing all the science subjects. Some were on the bed, some were laying on the floor and some were at the iron room doing revisions. Unexpectedly, there were noises out of the dorms and the juniors (They are in f.3 this year) came and blinded us with a piece if cloth. The covered our eyes and brought us in lines. I was startled and overwhelmed with those tricks put by them. A few seconds then, they open it wi

th a huge cake on the table and said ;

" Good luck SPM "
" Kami sayang akak f.5"
" Suprise!! "

Which one? I get confused here. HAHA. Does anyone are willing to remind me back? ;p But it was yes. I am touched. A real touched. Thank you dear because you guys had done so much to us. Don't worry, you have my prayers. =)

Anndd, this is the special cake. This is how it looks like.

Hugee right? Sudahnya, kek ni xbermakan sangat pon. Main calit-calit je kt muka sampai i have to take out my t-shirt and mandi malam tu jugak. Buruk gila la my face. Don't bother. Tapi dalam bathroom masa tu jugak, we took a bath at open shower. Boleh main2 lagi dalam bilik air. HAHA. what a memory. =)

wan syafiqa tsukushi

Monday, November 7, 2011

Balik Kampung :)

Hello peeps,
Currently, I'm having my HOLIDAY. The semester break. =)
Say YAY to me!!

After my head is cramped with thousands of burdens and tense, now I am happily at home, online, checking emails and of course facebook. Gosh, what a relieved! It's been so long since I do not know how is my account been doing. Well, I think I am now having a very stable and my heart is in a very conducive condition. I can feel the love from people around me and the love from the Almighty the most. After all, all the dealings in this few weeks, HE really puts me in ease. With a healthy minds and body, I manage to complete my examination. Alhamdulillah. The result is still awaiting. It's the matter of my pointer. I'm praying it to be 'directly proportional to my efforts as I have constant biological time and constant revisions doings' (Buhbye Charle's and Boyle's Law, I would not meet you again) *Grinning.

On this Eid Adha, I went back to kampung and for sure, there are my cousins that I am so close to since in the childhood. As we grew up, I realized that the love between us blooms more and more. I would never want to imagine my life without them. Somehow, they comfort me in a lott more better way. How could I expect my life without them? We are tend to be more like siblings rather than cousin. We curse together, laugh together and cry together. I'm treasuring this sisterhoods so much and of course, neither let you guys down nor let you guys hurt. So to my sisters :

Good Luck on the upcoming SPM. I believe that you can manage it them nicely. Jangan tension tension ye. Jojet kann ada? HAHA. I am supporting your relationship and if he done shits to you, tell me. Hehe. So anything, just dial up my number and text me kay?

Lina. Lina. You too have a nice and enjoy your SPM. Good Luck dear. I know you can grab the As. ok? andd kalau tension, 'budak tu' kan ada. Suruh dia bersajak k. Baru naik semangat balik. HAHA. u too, any problems, I'm here for you. :)

Awww.. Now tengah exam kan? I'm praying for you. Work hard on your examination!! Gambatte ne? hehe. Nanti kita keluar Changlun sama sama cuci rambut. HAHA. ;)

credits to Jojet as he sent his dael at the bus10 this morning,
credits to fatini because she called and cursed on him to0,
credits to Lina as listening to my sad stories,
and credits to sujaihah tsukushi as she wasn't interrupting while we
were in the middle of the conversation yesterday.

Friday, May 6, 2011

I've made up my MIND.

Kalau macam ni gayanya. Dah buat keputusan, untuk ;


Orang kata, zaman2 sekarang ni bagus kawin cepat2. Boleh mengelakkan maksiat. Time aku interview dulu pon sgt terkezut bila ade candidate yang dah kahwin. Dengan bangganye dia bagi tahu aku, "i'm a married girl". Mak aii, memang terlopong aku dengar. Tapi xpe, husband dia bagus apa, kelulusan master, dah nk amik PHD dah pon dekat Pakistan. Mana nk dpt husband yang bagus mcm ni? Sekarang pon tinggal yang keparat2 je. Macam mana nk buat pilihan. Ye dak? Tapi tua sikit la husband dia. Umur 29, dia 18. 11 tahun uhh. Perghh. Tapi kalau hidup bahagia xpe la kan? Aku igt lagi apa yang dia cakap,

"I'm glad to have my husband, he is so protective. "

Dia pon pakai both cincin tunang dan cincin kahwin. Wow, hebat sungguh. Respect orang yang macam ni. So, apa salahnye kan?Da tak nak belaja dah. Dah putus asa. HAHA. Malas nak tunggu-tunggu segala. Betapa banyak usaha pon dari hari tu xsetimpal dengan keputusannya. Kan senang, takde orang nk risau2, hidup makan terjaga. So, I'm up after this. Rizman, sorry. Saya dah pikir masak2. Nanti, sy bagi tawu awk kalau ade progression. Hehehe. Saya pon nk dapat calon suami yang mcm tue gak.

Adios, Take Care!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Dear diary,

Je t'aime de beaucoup.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Berkebun : )

Hari ni sekali lagi.


Abah ajak pegi kebun ambil kelapa sawit jual. Perghh, xterkata hebatnya Wan Syafiqa berkerja hari ni. Haha. Sekarang pon banyak dah rumput2 yang dah naik. Abah kate kene racun semua tue. Kene upah org sbb kita xboleh buat sendiri. Bahaya. hee. tp xpe lahh. 7.30 am dah kuar dah. I can feel the good shines from the sun. Pagi tue awal2 dah pakai sun blocked dah. Preparation kene bawak :
  1. Topi berkebun
  2. Sarung tangan
Antara kerja-kerja yang dilakukan plak :
  1. Tolak kereta sorong
  2. Cari pokok yang buah kelapa sawit dah masak
  3. Kutip buah2 tersebut.
Berpeluh sungguh aku bekerja hari ni. Walopon semak samun banyak, aku redah dgn gigih dan bersemangat td. oyeah! Hehe. smpy pukul 10.00 ouh kerja. Pastue kteorg pergi la ke hulu lg ke kg ulu kenas nk jual buah2 tue. ALih2 dpt...

RM 13.10!

Waah, penat lelah ku selama ni, hasilnya tue je?
Yela. mungkin buah dy kecik je kot. Xberapa nk berat. huhu. Haha, sekarang baru la tahu. Susah ouh nak dapat duet. Kita yang tengah senang ni kena selalu bersyukur. Mana tawu kot papa kedana dan itu je satu2 kerja yang mampu kita lakukan. Rite? Pape pon, sangat berpuas hati dengan pencapaian kerja ku hari ni. hehe. =)

Ps : Sorry, tak bergambar td. Penat punya pasal. haha

Monday, May 2, 2011


Okay, okay. Gosh. NEED NEW POST. : )

Part of my recent daily activities.
So peeps.
The last whole week. This was the 2nd lady (rizman's nickname on me) overall schedule.

22nd-24th of April :
Accompanied my sister for her International Conference back in UIA. Meeting HIM, Syera, and new friend, Jacob. Book fair shopping. Grand dinner and Arabic Cuisine dinner with Kak Nun and Ahmad.

on 25th :
The bell's ringing. I am at home yaw.

26th-27th of April :
Back to KL by boarding a bus with my dad. 3hours journey. Should meeting Jacob for dinner but it was canceled due to some family matters of him. Don't worry. I'm fine with it and my interview session was yea HILARIOUS. So, the result is still awaiting.

on 28th :
Home sweet home.

29th to 30th of April :
Sleepover at Acah's house. Watching Brother Beat till late at night and Silver's Class Reunion. Wow. It's the pizza's, movies and karaoke? HAHA. Damn, Gila. :D Ulnluckily, on that night. My mom asked me to get home as tomorrow, we all would be heading to KL AGAIN! The unforgettable one was 4buses boarded to reach, Kepala Batas. Pfft.

1st-2nd of May :

Kenduri. Budget hotel overnight. Chicken Rice Shop dinner and UIA's breakfast. it was goooodd.
The book shopaholic was at the Armcorp mall. Murahnye buku. Mcm xpercaya. huhu

on 3rd of May :

I'm at home. Thinking about the date. Um, still. No progression right? It's the missing piece right? Shits. =.='

How's my schedule? HAHA. Guess that still on next week I'll be heading to KL again or Melaka. Hi, vacation! :)

"I'm fatigue"

Monday, April 11, 2011

Make-over LIST.

Folks, =)
As for now, growing up I mean. Hehe. Things really get screwed, with ups and downs life, people come and go, when life's getting harder with no superb things happen, well I would just go on with my some simple, plain and ordinary life. As I consider that life has many stages to come, and I did travel all the way with 3 stages done, I'm looking forward for the next level of me. Self requirement thingy I should say. HAHA. =D Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm have completed being a baby, into some kids happy and colorful while, turned out to be so called cool teenagers, so what's next? Again, a COOL, that's for sure, collegian back that. I'm starting college yaww. It's only a few months to go. Wow, I'm big. Indeed, big. So big people, (of course I mean adults here ) need to focus on something that people might talk about even if the facts that seems little-so-tiny one to them. Duh. Really, it happens. Trust me. Anyway, back to the argument. I was a very unfashionable girl and he once did say yet my friends back in my former school questioned me " Wan, kau simple sgt lah. Betol x? " And people say, yes they agree. =.='

Okay, okay. I understand peeps. Please.
I'm no way old-fashioned, okay? Please noted that. hehe
Just, that for the time being it wasn't the right time and on some occasion,
I would surely with no doubts to look beautiful and wear something proper.
And, and, and.
I live in just a small town, so what do you people expect me to wear something that is outstanding and blinking one.? People may look at you with eyes open so wide! plus, I enjoy being at home and rarely going out. If i did going out it is based on the matter of going for some tutorials so it's easy. Just get yourself in a simplicity.
Oh, yes.
Don't think that we here are being so kampung, because this royal town... has its own unique and is at ease. And just keep your mouth shut if you did not reach here yet. okay?

Ouch, this must be the BIGGEST confession ever.

10. Owning a car driving license.
Okayy, yang nie maybe benda yang aku xnk jugak sebenarnya. I dunno what's so cool about driving a car and I hate it when dad brought up all those license thingy! Haissh, bencinye. Malasnya nk ambil. This is the necessity. Nak xnk, kena ambil jugak. and yess I'm already 18!

9. Tonner and cream.
Selama aku hidup 18tahun nie, cleaser je lahh yang aku pkai. ntah brapa kali tukar dah dr dulu. penah pakai, eversoft, clean&clear la, ginvera, nivea, vitamin e, and the last one is neutrimetics. Yang nie aku suka. ;) Its been blended into my skin but I need those two items so it would lead into a perfect one. No need facial no more. BUT, they are expensive. =.='

8. Jeans.
Hah, yang nie. Haha. Serius, aku admit. Aku mmg jarang pakai jeans. Bukan pe, aku xpenah ade jeans kot. Kalau pakai pon semua cilok kakak aku punya. hehe. Malas la nk bershopping. Kalau dah shopping plak, nk mintak mak, rasa serba salah pulak bila tgk harga. So, nk buat mcm mana, terpaksa la membatalkan niat tu. End dgn aku memakai, track bottom! xpe, selesa2. HAHA.

7. Khakis.
Yang nie pon sama. OK, instead of track bottom yang menjadi seluar fave dan kegilaan ku. ehehe, khakis juga menjadi pilihan utama ku. seluar nie mmg aku slalu pkai. tp, again. my sis punya and kalau aku ada pon, xbyk dan dah lama beli. Elok, mmg elok. tp dah nmpk dull. Peduli apa, aku pakai je, tp bila dah meningkat usia nie, nk la jugak merasa yang baru. Dah bertahun yek xkluar shopping baju kn. Dan aku mengaku gak, salah sendiri sebab malas shopping.

6. High heels? Wedges?
Urm, yang ni. Aku rase at least, aku kena ade satu lahh. Mmg aku xpena ada and xreti nk pkai. Asyik terpleot je mehh. Aku seorang perempuan, jadi please tunjukkan sifat kewanitaan tue. Belajar untuk memakai k. Memang takkan pakai selalu, tp untuk sebarang occasion, kena pkai jugak kn? Baru lahh nampak matured sikit daripada asyk dpanggil budak kurang umur.

5. Sneakers.
allrite, yang ni. haa. mmg tak pernah ada. percayalah! haha. lau aku pkai, maksudnye, adik aku punyala tue. mmg ske pakai brang org btol la. sharing is caring. :P tp, instead of pkai heels and wedges, i pick sneakers. Walaupon ketinggian nie bole dikatakan agak comel, hehe. Jadi, hari2 yang mendatang, aku akn tukar drpd seorg yang suka memakai sliper dan sandals(besenye laki punya sandal aku hntam) lebih baik saya mengenakan sneakers. Lebih, sesuai. =)

4. Blouse & tshirt.
Okay, at least perlu ada satu yang bkn terlampau perempuan, pilih yang sedang2 sahaja. Yeahh, xsuka la terlampau girlish nie. =.=' Ingat! saya perempuan. Kena ada satu. Yang tshirt plak. Yeay!! mmg my fave lahh, selesa kott pakai. So lps nie, check out the NIKEs, BUMs, ADIDASs, and Cheetahs. Nak cari baju yang ada number lahh. My fave most of all. hee

3. Cardigan!
Yang nie. SUKA. mmg SUKA. hehe. Xnmpk perempuan, dan xterlalu sporty. Just nice.

2. Laptop sendiri.
Okay, yang nie. I truly hoping to have one. Maybe start my days in the college. Because Ima a totally a computer freak, freak, FREAK! hehe

anddd, out of the thing that I need to have most of all is a
Sedih nk bercerita. Tp, setakat ni aku penah pakai 1phone je lahh. urm, tapayah tau model apa sbb aku sendiri pon xpasti model apa yang aku pkai. mmg outdated lahh. selalu org pakai bawak pergi asrama je, takut kena rampas. kalau jual pon, income dapat balik dlm rm30 je. HAHA. sedih gila. mmg sedih. and latest phone yang aku pakai nie pon hak milik utk sementara je. pape pon kene pulang balik kt empunya dri xlama lagi. Siapa punya phone tu korang xpayah la tawu k. Biar menjadi rahsia selama2nya. HAHA.

Question myself back then :
how would my life lead me in time to come?

*still wondering

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Belog saya comel kan?


Okay, actually. Aku ada sedikit ragu2 untuk join contest nie.
Tapi sebab Ms Sherry yg sememangnya blog dia COMEL lahh pada aku dah tag,
Jadi, aku xharap untuk menang dan expect apa2 dari contest nie, hihi. Al-maklumlah, kalau korang bukak blog aku pon dah dapat mood yang lain mcm je kn. Plain with all black one. Hehe. Just nak membuka peluang kepada orang yang ramai ada blog comel2 untuk join so, aku pon xkesah sgt lah. ;)

Pape pon aku masih suka blog aku kerana ;

Banner sudah ditempek. Checked!

Seterusnya, orang-orang yang mendapat tuahku hari ini, hehe.
Aku akan tag...
1. Adik ku... Wan Sujaihah
2. Kawan Plkn yang setia... hehe Syera!
3. Kawan yang sentiasa menyokong. Qurratuaini ;)

Ps: Disebabkan blog korang semua comel2, semoga berjaya! Beat the rest. Aku mmg xde harapan dah. HAHA. Ohh, yea btw. Just click the banner above, untuk maklumat lanjut. ^^

good luck! ^^

Saturday, April 9, 2011

I'm on contest ; KITA KAWAN KAN ? =)

I am the LUCKY one TAGGED by Syahirah to join this contest :

Jadi, berdasarkan peraturan untuk memulakan langkah yang pertama.. hehe. kena ada contest BANNER. :

notes : dang! the 1st must-to-do list is done. Checked! ^^

Langkah yang seterusnya : Gambaku dan kengkawan :


Macam badut x? HAHA

1st impression kalau org tgk gambar ni :
" Awat ni hang wan... pe dah jadik dgn muka2 hang nie. warna warni sungguh! "
" Hampa semua ni, dalam hujan pon boleh lari xpakai kasut ka? "
" 2 dia.. comotnya. mcm badut "
" dasar ! "
" style semua. HAHAHA "

Macam2 kan apa yang org rasa? People expect a lot of thing. Seriously. So, to clear all those clouds kenapa, mengapa dan bagaimana aku memilih gambar ini, hehehe. langkah yang seterusnya sebab dan musababnya :

  1. Gambar ni menunjukkan KEGILAAN Batch Roots dengan adik2 junior form 2 sekolah aku. Dah, tempek2 muka dengan colour water yang dah berbagai warna pon sampai dipanggil badut pon sanggup lagi menconteng warna di muka. HAHA. Serius, time nie what a moment la before habis sekolah, habis SPM segala, adik2 form 2 sanggup buat game spend mase same2, lari2 same2, gelak tawa same2, mereleasekan tension haba SPM sama2, dan menangis sama2. =)
  2. Gambar ini mengingatkan KEGEDIKAN kami semua, baik batch aku, dengan batch form2. HAHA. Bila ingat balik, memang gedik kot, jerit sana sini bila conteng2 muka, bila kena baling dengan tepung segala. Kena pulak waktu hujan. Haish, lagi best la lepas tue main hujan. sampai tanggal2 kasut, main kejar2, cuit sane, cuit sini, depan ASPURA plak tue. tapi kami peduli apa? Yang penting, mood tengah : SUKA. hee
  3. Gambar ni adalah gambar yang sangat CERIA dan natural bagi aku. Sebelum masuk asrama nak cuci muka, ada sapa tah datang suruh bergambar dulu. Xsempat aku nk pikir nk posing mcm mana, tetiba je dia dah SNAP. Aish, aku igtkan gambar buruk dan xelok sbb semua org xready lagi, ye lahh, ingatkn goyang bagai.Tapi bila tengok balik, aik comel le pulak. haha. So bagi aku, bila dah ceria dan tengah seronok, mcm mana xready kita pon, still, it reflect on your face. Lovely isn't? =)
" Once she has been called gorgeous, would always be the gorgeous one. "

So, yeay! I'm finish, complete and done!

Before I end, people who I like to tag are ;

Sharifah Husna @ Sherry !
Nur Atiqah @ T-q !
Safirah Hanum @ Safy !

Sebarang pertanyaan, sila rujuk


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Ini, untuk AWAK.

" Awak memang suka lupa semua psl saya kan? "
" Ala awak. . . Sorie la . . . Xsengajew la. . . "

*Geram tau x dgn awk nie. Suka lupa je. Ape yang awk igt? huhu =.='

Act, gambar ats tue. Saja nk uat gempak. Nak suh awk tgk sbb sy suka gambar tue. =D
Back to the issue. Hee. Awak igt lg 1st time kita kenal?
It was in SPM week.
Awak misscall sy, masa tu sy tgh lepak2 ats ktil kwn tingkat ats, bincang psl trip dorm after SPM.
Mood at that time : tgh GILA.
Sy pon xtawu nape, tp masa tue banyak sgt unknown number dlm fon sy. Sy mmg mls skit nk lyn unknown2 number ni tp ntah nape, your number is the LUCKY one.
Dang! 5misscalls dr kwn sy utk awak. HAHA. tu la, siapa suruh main2 misscall no org. Haa..
Tapi, apa yg sy xboleh lupa mlm tue,
1. Awak mintak Miza spot questions
2. Najwa antar msg ajk pergi mkn Chaw kuetiaw
3. Bila kwn sy call, ada suara2 mmbaca Al-Mulk. HAHA
4. Conversation awk dgn sy mlm tue.

" Nih sape? "
" Kira "
" Kira..? "
"Alaa.. Kira yg name dlm Death Notes tue "

Perghh, jht awk kn? Geram betol sy. Dah la kredit saya berkurang smata2 men teka teki je ngn awk mlm tue sbb nk tawu awk spe n skolah mane je. Haish, mmg sgt mnggeramkan. Yg pling sy pelik, bila awk boleh tawu, sy dr rpk and pernah menangis sbb sorg bdk nie. And, that thing is the most personal things ever! =.=' Mmg mencabar thp curiosity ku mlm tue. xpelahh.

Day by day, kita msg2 tnpa sy kenal awk ni siapa. yg sy tau awk name awk Kira sampai sya set nama awk dlm fon sy ;
hah, amikk! geram sbb xtawu name awk.
Awak kata awk tinggal kt Taiping, tp belajar kt Selangor. Lepas tue find out yg awk belajar sains agama. Perghh, hebat uhh. hehe. Sy pon punya pkir. Awk mesti bdk sbp jgak ann. Ape yg sy nk tawu time tue.. skolah n nama awk je. Gila ahh, penat gila pujuk suruh awk btaw name awk ape.
Sampai satu mase tue, sy igt lagi.. Dah la tgh kebulur, pening blajar add maths plak.. awk bagi tahu, name awk... simple je jwb. satu patah perkataan plak tue. punya pnjang sy taip tue je respon awk? cess. Bila sy tnye awk skolah mane, awk xnk bg tawu. Mmg berapi lahh sy time tue. GERAM SGT dgn en kira nih! SABAR je la. huh. Anndd, bila result utk plkn kluar,
kte deal, awk kate.. kalau nk tawu siapa awk, cri sorg kwn awk, nama : Farah izzati.
Sy tnye awk.. " ehh, awek ehh..?"
Awk jwb, malu2 plak tue. " mane ade. kwn je la.. "
Cute je. haha. tp stiap kali sy msg ngn awk, msti awk boleh buat sy senyum. sy gelak sorg2. awk ni klakar la. HAHA. manja sgt plak tue. ANAK MAK! uerk. haha ;) Masa tue plak, mmg sy ad konflik yg dasat dgn sseorg yg sy dah mampu lupa dia sekarang. Awk je boleh buat sy senyum bila msg2. hehe. Thanks. ^^

So, untuk membuktikan, spnjng perkenalan kita nie sy je yg byk igt psl awk, hehe ( awk kalah ), ini list yg sy buat utk awk. Apa yg sy tau. ;
  • Awk ank bongsu dr 5 adik beradik. 4boys and a girl. kn?
  • Farah kata, mata awk cantik so sy teringn nk tgk dr dlu lg.
  • Farah kata, awk putih sgt. yeke? hehehe
  • Mak ngn ayah awk 2-2 ckgu.
  • Awak skola SMKA Kerian dr F.1-f.3, KISAS dr f.4-f.5. Hee
  • Awak suka warna Biru! sama cam saya. hehe
  • Awak kompeni Charlie kt Kem Sri Mutiara. haa
  • Result Pmr awk straight a tp kantoi kt bahasa Arab. Btol x? hehe
  • Lepas SPM, awk dgn family awk pergi bercuti kt Terengganu.
  • Kt KISAS dlu awk rumah khalid. :D
  • Awak lgi suka makan kt luar sbb awk kata bole jenjalan. Adoy, buang duet! hehe
  • Awk ade sorg abg hnsem. hehe. sy suruh kenalkan. awk xnk plak. =.='
  • Awak kate, awk xske men kt pdang. awak lagi ske men game. ape punya laki la awk nie. sy igt smea laki ske bersukan. hehe
  • Awak kate...awk aktif kawad dlu. tgk, sy igt.. haa
  • Kedegilan awk berada di tahap luar kawalan. suka ckp, " Xmow! ". Lau awk xnk tue, mmg ssh btol nk pksa. Degil sgt! heh.
  • Sluar awk kt plkn, size 32! an? hehe. sy 26. (mencapub) haha
  • Awak kate, awk suka perempuan kulit cerah. Memilih! huh~
  • Awak pernah kate, awk terlambt untuk dpt "dia" an? hehe.
Pe nie awk.. relik arr. Selagi, dia xkwin g.. selagi tue boleh kejar g. Ehehe. So, saya just nk awk tawu, I am glad to have you in my life. Terima kasih, AWAK. =)

Awak kate, awak suka tgk sy pakai tudung hitam kan? nampak lebih menarik? HAHA.
Nahh, gambar nie sy kasi kt awk. hehe. Nie lahh katil yg sy lepak 1st time kenal awk. ;)
notes : lau awk xkenal, sy yg sebelah kanan awak tue okay. hehe

Lupa plak. Nihh, nk kasi tau.. nie la 3sahabat yg awk msg2 selama nie.
Dari kiri : Najwa, ME, Asmiza.

Sebab awk xigt name skolah sy. Ini dia ha~~ SMK RAJA PEREMPUAN KELSOM.
Kalau awk naik bukit before pergi Istana, awak akan lalu dpn sekolah sy, sekolah sy ats bukit, dpn taman kanak2, tepi sungai. hehe =)

Haa, nk kenalkan kt awk. Sebab awk kate xpernah tgk captain sy lagi. nie lahh dia. KETUA RUMAH saya. ^^ Ni mlm high table rumah sy, phoenix. =)

Ps : Haa, sy dah tulis psl awk. Request awk ni. Bila plak nk tulis psl sy? hehe. Apa-apa pon, terima kasih awk. SAYANG AWAK! hehe. ;)

Love that WORTH all that. ; )

I came across that dialog while I'm searching for some well, the thing that i used to bound before. So it's kind of sweet I mean to actually knows what people think about you but on the other hand, it would turn out to be suck as well to get into some kind of that mere situation. Guess, too bad for these people that they have the same feeling towards each other but being blinded by the circumstances and being coward with the neutral feeling of themselves. So hey, step ahead, and let the atmosphere smooth with your self, tell the person what do you really think about them. You wouldn't lose anything except for that little bit of anxiety about telling the truth. Even if he feels the other way round, at least you did not hold your feeling for too long with sort of excuses that were not sensible sometimes as too much of tons of your expectations.

Lesson that I learn today is ;
Be true to yourself,
Tell people what you feel deep inside you and,
You might change your world ;)

Ohh, yes. I found that this quotation really has the touch of a girl's heart. Wanting and wishing the love that I think is not plain but full of the things that would make the love stronger and that is what Korean movies usually implement them all. Hehe.
i want it to be inconvenient. i want a love i would sacrifice my life for. i want the kind of love that wakes me up at 3 am. i want love that hurts. love that i have to work for. i want love that test me. i want the kind of love that is hard to find, and hard to keep and never easy. i want love that makes me cry. i want to hold on even it takes me through my worst nightmare. but most off all, i want the kind of love that's worth all that. i want the kind of love that i share with you.

Quotes on
Qurratuaini. Thanks. =)

I am, the ENFJ type.

I've been tested by ;
Jung Typology Test™

My Type is
Strength of the preferences %

Possible Career Paths for the ENFJ:

  • Facilitator
  • Consultant
  • Psychologist
  • Social Worker / Counselor
  • Teacher
  • Clergy
  • Sales Representative
  • Human Resources
  • Manager
  • Events Coordinator
  • Sales Representative
  • Politicians / Diplomats
  • Writers

Well, go for LAW or TESTL?
*DOUBLE sigh.
Duhh, I'm having a self crisis again

Sunday, April 3, 2011

I've settle my HEART.

He once said ;
" Your world is my world, my breath is your breath, and your fight is my fight "

" Someone who always be there for me no matter what happens. The girl who is the 1st person whom I wish good morning too and the last girl whom I wish good night too "

" I won't trade you with anything. I promise "

SO realistic, sweet, romantic
and it end up with
only a BROKEN promises!

Dear friends,
Thanks a lot for making me notice he is such a loser ,
Thanks a lot for making me realizing he is a guy with no brains,
Thanks a lot for making me realizing I already have someone who is WAY MUCH BETTER THAN HIM.

I'll take that all with the new spirits written in the new book of mine to get it all started from the bottom. My life has hit the bottom with a lot miserable to a guy with no brains. HAHA. He remains as a history and there's a girl who tends to say this to me,
" Be strong right away! "

It's hard, yes I admit but by taking the idea and forcing it hard, I think I have done and make it. DELETE&ERASE him all.
What more do I expect to do?
Well, simple.

So, Miss Wan Syafiqa bt Meor Hissan, way to go honey. ;)
Take all those notes and build back the STRONG me which is TOUGH at heart.
okie dokie.

Su'aidah :
" Wan, i think he is immature at heart&feelings. He doesn't know the meaning of being loyal and faith. He doesn't know what love takes him about. The give and take thingy. Don't you see 'em all? He doesn't know how to take care a girl's heart, the sensitive one, and that's the feeling of ignorance. Aku rase dia xsesuai dgn kau lahh wan. "

Safirah Hanum :
" Wan, sorry to say. Tapi 1st time aku tgk dia, aku rase kau dengan dia xlama. Kita serang dia. Bako rumah dia! "
notes : aku taw kau nak jadi jeneral utk angkatan kita. haha

Hafsah :
" Eii, Wan. Geramnye aku dgn dia. Macam iya je semua apa yang dia buat dulu. Wan! Aku nk bukak page dia ni. Hang pandang tempat lain sat "
..........a few minutes later............
" GEDIK lah LAKI NIE. Hang tapayah la wan nak tunggu2 dia dah. Aku sokong hang dgn faris "
notes : dengan loghat penang dia tuh. thanks acah. aku rindu kau. =)

Syahadah :
" Wan , just bear in mind that there is a GUY in this world who just donno how to use his brain okay ? why waste time to care more ? urs NOW is wayy better ;) btw , SERIOUS TALKING pakwe ko skg wayyyyyyyyyyyyy good looking than atief . kekeke :P "
notes : Faris Mahzuz, dengar tu! HAHA

Kak Yang :

" Ika, kak yang geram beno dengan atief tue. Jom, kita pergi serang dia. Tu la, org kata bdk mckk nie mcm tue la. Nak main2 je dgn bdk rpk. Time dorg tgh boring2, dah penat study, cari lahh perempuan. Lepas habis skolah buang mcm tue je. "

Alif :
" Kau mcm mane wan? Okay ke? Aku tahu dia dgn bdk tue pon xlama. Relax k. Aku doakan kau. Chow "

Anis Nabihah :
" Tau, aku dah tengok dengan sya. Sya tunjuk kat aku. Kau jgn sedih2 wan. Be strong! Aku tau kau boleh. Ramai lg yang tunggu kau wan. Chill okay ? "

Nadhrah :
" Wan, hang dengan dia dah xdah ekk? Sory taw aku tanye. Jangan sedih2 ye. Aku tau hang boleh buat. Aku chat ngn pakwe hang td. Tade pape yg hang nak jeluz k. HAHA "
nad : aku xkate pon aku jeluz, cess. madu aku neh. haha

" well, urm. Its a very valuable advices given by all of ya. Will take that as a reminder to me that I have something better in life, I am strong girl, way to strong to handle a loser like him, I have something priceless that shouldn't be back him off and the most important is I have the love of the almighty and merciful that has show me the way, the right path to lead on and the love of my family, him and friends which are for eternity."

" Ohh, yea btw. You are asking for a forgiveness, but didn't ask to be forgiven. Seems that you aren't that veridical for it. Yes, again your weakness. You are not impartial with the circumstances. Just saying sorry to set up all the things right but didn't care whether you are forgiven or not. Okay, let make it simple. YOU DIDN'T FEEL GUILTY.
And yes, you are not FORGIVEN."

I've settle the arguments. With that, I rest my case. FULLSTOP.

Credits to Azyani for liking all my status and never stop supporting me.
A huge thank you fren. =)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


-Sealed with a KISS-

Daniel. Daniel. Daniel.
I don't know why but I'm starting to miss ya =)
  • Kalau dulu , apa-apa yang berkaitan dengan kelas SILVER mesti kau akan offer diri. yeah3, dulu kita pernah deal dengan cikgu ibrahim untuk gambar kelas an? *LIKE =)
  • Dinner batch dulu kau jadi mc as 'abg DM' @ Daniel macho. haha. xboleh blahh. Undi punya undi, aku terpilih untuk buat persembahan. Ayat kau mlm tue
    "mlm nie dia pakai serba putih. haha. amat sukar untuk dipercaya. dipersilakan Wan Syafiqa" BLURB. terkejut aku. Nasib aku xbape nk sihat mlm tue. Budak2 laki dah tepuk tgn dah. Malu kott. haha
  • Kalau kt kelas Cikgu Nurul suh berlakon, mesti kau yang akan jadi WATAK UTAMA. Kau memang pandai berlakon lahh daniel. Pecah perot tgk kau berlakon. Kelas kita mmg hebat berlakon spontan kn? Mesti selalu dpt pujian dr cikgu nurul kata kita better than Barium. ^^
  • Yeah3. bekerja dgn kau lagi time hari guru. Kita sama-sama dapat jadi AJK MINI MOVIE. Sumpah! mmg penat. but the story it turned out to very good as well. Thanks to you as the director. ;)
  • Mende yang aku xleh lupa bila kau mintak Rynn belikan kau tisu minyak. Al-maklumlah, dulu dalam kelas kau kan suka mengadu kata muka berminyak segala. Siap usha muka kat cermin lagi. HAHA. Xcukup dgn tue, time cikgu nga mngajar pon kau siap leh tempek2 muka kau dengan tisu kaler biru tuh sampai naik runsing semua cikgu. Kitaorg pernah offer kau pakai HERBA an? Klakar sgt. Aku gelak sampai berjujuran air mata aku. Aku harap kau tahu HERBA yang kitaorg maksudkan itu apa. Kalau lahh kau tahu, sumpah kau pon xnak pakai even ada saksi yang mengakui kehebatan&kebenaran herba tue. Nanti kalau kau guna jangan lupa kerat2 dia jadi 3bahagian okay? haha. Rynn, Nani, Acah, Safy, Bieha, terima kasih jadi teman GELAKKAN Daniel. XP
  • Daniel, kaki kacau orang. Aku pon jdi slah sorang yang kau mmg suka kacau an? haish. aku ingat lagi kt library, time lelaki outing aku mintak zul tolong belikan barang2 aku lahh. antaranye ;
bedak johnson baby warna pink, baby oil, bed-time lotion&blah3, tiba2 ada penambahan...koteks, no wings, but can fly. WT...?

Aku pndang kau, kau gelak2 je. Aku dengan slumbernye,
" Bole jugak. Kalau kau nk belanja lahh. Aku on je. "
" Oke wan. Size apa? "
*Dalam hati aku*
"Apa?!ish, ape daniel nie. hampehh punya. ade tanye aku soklan mcm nie,
grr.. ee..xguna! xguna!"

Terus semua org gelak kt aku. Terus aku pegang muka aku. Dahh panas dah. =.='
Merah padam muka aku tahan malu.

"Give others freedom to be themselves.
Appreciate the differences between their ways an yours."

So, Daniel. You are always different from others. There are thousands of Daniel out there, but yours.. it's different. No one is the same as you. Love yourself the way you are. ;)

everlasting friendship.
syafiqa tsukushi.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

The 38th TRADITION battles.

Well back from KL. So kinda tired. Even aku xbuat apa sgt. Sometimes, duduk dlm kereta punya lame pon boleh buat letih jugak. Pagi ni aku bgn dgn kepala yg berat, dengar plak cikgu kt sekolah belakang rumah nie membebel,

"setiap pagi, sebelum dtg sekolah.saya nk kamu semua bersarapan pagi! ingat! sarapan tu penting"

Adoyy cikgu2 nie. Teringat plak aku kt zaman sekolah. =) Zaman2 kt SAKBA dlu. Pengetua dok bsing2 budak2 tak pegi dewan makan bfast. Aii mane xnye, mkn bubur pon cam telan air paip je. haha. Pengalaman2. XP and the most aktiviti yang pling aku suka would be... ;
of course.

So, aku pon search la kt google nak tahu taon nie HK buat kt mane. ye la. aku nk pegi sokong skola aku ney. bukan senang. haha. junior2 smea. kot la uat kt perak. bole jgak aku mmberi smngt kt dorg. kak wan tau, mesti korg nmpk kk wan, trus semangat agi an? hehe

Nie la yang aku jumpa :


HKSBP Ke-38, 2011 ini dikelolakan oleh Kolej Tunku Kurshiah bersama Sekolah Menengah Sains Seremban (SASER), Sekolah Dato Abdul Razak (SDAR) dan Sekolah Menengah Agama Persekutuan Labu dengan nasihat dan panduan dari Bahagian Sekolah Berasrama Penuh dan Sekolah Kecemerlangan (BPSBPSK), Kementerian Pelajaran Malaysia.


4.1 Bola Keranjang :

Kelayakan untuk menyertai HKSBP kebangsaan ke-38 adalah berdasarkan kepada keputusan pertandingan bola keranjang di peringkat zon masing-masing. Hanya Johan dan Naib Johan zon bagi setiap katogeri (lelaki dan perempuan) layak ke peringkat kebangsaan. Namun demikian, bagi Zon SQL, hanya pasukan yang menjadi Johan zon sahaja layak ke peringkat kebangsaan.

Bahas Bahasa Malaysia

Sebanyak 60 SBP layak menghantar 1 pasukan bahas Bahasa Malaysia

Bahas Bahasa Inggeris :

Sebanyak 60 SBP layak menghantar 1 pasukan bahas Bahasa Inggeris

So, thun nie... smea sbp participate?? xaci btol.. taon lepas xpon! cess... nie yg nk marah nie. huhu.tyme aku f.4 je la yg dpt jumpa smea sbp. huh. tp xpe kot. lg best tgk. Nk pegi2.. tp jaoh plak kt Negeri Sembilan. Lau ade mase bole gak pg ngn kwn2 debate dlu. dah rindu dorg dah. ;)

Meja memang bersepah betol la. Hah, tension mmg tension. satu hari 4 battle kot. Berat pale sumpah! Sampai kamus aku blik2 skola tah kemana dahh. ;)

Bilik kuarantin. serius penat otak. pape pon, we did it. And I'm starting to miss it back then

“I love argument, I love debate. I don't expect anyone just to sit there and agree with me, that's not their job.”

Question : does anyone wanna come with me on 22nd May ?

Thursday, March 17, 2011

I am glad to be THE CHOOSEN ONE.

-The Warrior-
Wirawati Wan Syafiqa bt Meor Hissan,
Kompeni DELTA,
bernombor kod 436,
selesai menjalani latihan khidmat negara, tuan!
People, I'm back! back from the NS training. Yay for me. =]

So well, new story? yeah, this is a new one.
Seems that NS wasn't that really bad and the expectations before were so unworthy compared to my days during my National Service Training. I should admit this is the new experiences gained by me myself and yeahh, I started to feel the heat of missing my camp back then. KEM PLKN TELUK RUBIAH KUMP 1/08, u rock my world. =)

Despite of listing all the dark side of this training or I should say it is just a common problems facing by all the ppl there, ( it wasn't bad at all. hehe ) we could never always turn back time right ? I value all those people I met there even for just a few months, you get the biggest space inside me. And teachers, you get the best award from me for taking a real good care for all of us. Seriously, it's a REAL GOOD one. =)

Being one of the staffs there had taught me a lot of things. It's even something that you couldn't even find them at schools. The character building class somehow used to be the things that wira and wirawati taught was more like a kindergarten class, it's actually something valuable to be practiced on our daily life. It was quite fun to be like a kid doing gerak ceria and all that stuffs that kept on bursting us with laughing. haha. It was funny and yet fun. Rindu nk jadi bdk2 lagi. ^^

So, these are the people that win the hugest place inside me. ;

Mariam dorm mates. Dorm terbaek keseluruhan. =)

-Wong Yean hui, the ketua dorm.-
Be4 keluar beratur ; " Tegangkan katil..! Selipar dah susun ke belom? susun kasut!! " <> haha
This is my fave line of yean hui ; " mane dorm kunci kitaa...? " cute! hehe.
This is cute chinese girl would cry for 2 things ;
1. Bila dy dah lapar. bila tanya sbb apa.. dia jwb. " sy takot gastrik.. " hahaha
2. Bila dia xdpt pegi toilet. hahaha
Yean hui, I miss you so damn much. !

Inilah mak dorm mariam. Kalau kene beratur dia lah yg pling awl. Dia mesti akan tercegat dpn pintu, " anak2 mariamm... cepat keluar! ari ni ckg azizi bertugas! "
rinduu suara tue.

My fave line is.. " cabot charger before tido. aku xnk tgk korg men hphone lagi. kalau nk men handphone, sumbat dlm mulut! " biasa la.. lpas light off, utk xmndtgkn masalah kpd wira n wirawati len, dak2 dorm mariam msti akn brusaha tok ikut pe yg ckg suh. huhu

This girl, i love talking to her.! haha. cerita mcm2 ouhh. 1st time jumpa dy, i dunno why i could burst out about the most personal things for me. Dgn dy nie la mcm2 share espc about that guy. hah, sukaaa sgt kacau aku ngn dy kn syera ? haha. jht btol. Thanks syera. Lau ad jodoh, ad la ek. haha. >.<

Side mate akuhh. hehe. mlm2 nk tido mesti byk merepek2 ngn dy. ckp psl boys la.. smpy penah aku cuba utk amik no mamat cina ni utk dy dlm bhs mandarin plak tuhh. perghh. sumpah ! susah. penat aku hafal ayt mandarin tue. tp akhirnye, aku dapat gak no telefon dy. haha. satu kejayaan yg besar bg aku. hak3. dah xigt dah ape line nye. hehe

of course! Saaayangg DELTA! ;
" Ingat, ingat itu remember. Jangan lupa itu don't forget. Saya SAYANG DELTA. I love you, hanya delta only you, hanya delta only you! muah! "

Che ah, Mei yee dan Saya. =)
Tukang masak kompeni delta, wirajaya! hehe. Mereka kata sedap.
It's a relieved. Nak cuba tak ? hehe

Hakim, dia comel. =]
Thanks for all those bravo thingy.
Pape pon, delta terbaek! hehe.

Tak terdaya da nk upload and update apa yang kami buat kt plkn. mcm2 and its a sweet memory. really. kpd siapa2 yg bakal ke plkn, all the best! Tak rugi pergi. Trust me. =)

welcome home, warrior.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Would you ?

Dear readers,

Time may fly so fast. As for today, he left to Sabah going for the National Service. Bet that who ever I am to him right now, I couldn't help worrying about him much. The last call really affect me until today. Even though I've been treated oh well I should say he didn't know to respect other people's feeling including me. He didn't even say sorry for what he's done and still don't realize he was wrong for being an ungentlemanly guy. He should feel wrong. He should. Argh, I feel that terrible right now. Very terrible. I don't understand myself for being upset, being stupid over jerks ( the most right word ) like that and being unworthy for my own self for sticking into the miserable I own until today. Uh, more than shits. Who ever I am to you, when ever I'm acting the very cold way when you started to contact me back, I couldn't deny the fact I was trying really hard to fight for the feeling and once again, I lost in the battle. I lost to myself again and that is really getting on my nerve. I failed to recover from him and it's a failure to stay strong when I burst out into tears right after he called. My bad isn't ?

However, my dear sweetie, I should admit that I am now worrying about you much. Worrying about your condition a lot.
Would you stay healthy ?
Would you harm yourself ?
Would you be okay there ?
Would you get along with other people there finely ?
Would you fall for any girl ?
Would you ?

The most thing that I'm scared of is I still don't feel like accepting you to be with others. I'm sorry. I just couldn't.

' dear god,

the only thing I ask is to hold him when I am not around,

when I am much far away from him,

maybe because he doesn't even care anymore,

and maybe because I do MISS HIM so much.

why is it my heart still wanna owning him?
Rasa macam kena electric current =.='
I MISS you and it's a SO MUCH.