Friday, October 19, 2012

Prevention is better than Cure

Is banging my head on the wall and say :


* Sigh 

Please handle this heart with care because it is soft and fragile :)
Thank you.

So well, this is a reminder for myself. I have a deep thought in this. I don't know how but I have the feeling that abandoned me within a year. Nowww I need the strategies right away because this so called feeling is still new. Keep on the right track to prevent it. If having myself busy was one of the way to put away sadness once, I believe that it can prevent on having myself to fall for people. =.=' Please be noted that do not repeat the same mistake for thrice. I have enough and done on it. -SCREAMING- Okayy let's go straight to the list. Things that should be focus on now are ;
  •  Remember Allah more as He will remember me back <3 li="li">
  •  Go out more, spending time with families and friends.
  •  Cooking and doing chores at home :)
  •  Value people that was once win the biggest part in you. Concentrating on school friends and juniors.
  •  My schedules on completing the student visa and upcoming wedding ceremony. 
  •  List of things before depart. 
  •  Go for a medical check up on my skin. Lately, it's getting terrible. I need the doctor. 
  •  Hepatitis B injection. 
  •  Driving car lesson. Lets merempiitt. hahaha. 
So far I need to take time and prevent, saying NO and just try to get rid from it. Okay? Gather up the strength! Fightiingg :)

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Quoted :')

“If a man truly wants you to be his loving wife, he will come to your parents amidst all the obstacles. Know that he will not be afraid whether he has enough wealth or materialistic things, because he is a man of deen, coming to marry his queen.“

Sister Samah Sohail

Credit to ;

Monday, October 1, 2012

The BIG day

Promise me that thing. Would you? :)

Itu mukadimah untuk hari ni jepp. LOL.

Actually the big bigger biggest thing is ; my sister is engaged! 

Congratulation dearest sister, 
Wan Syakira Tsukushi Meor Hissan! :)
Am so happy for you.
Looking forward for the wedding next year on my summer break. 

Well, helding a kenduri was sorta a fatigue one. Eventhough I'll consider it as small one, (it was big actually. Considered small as it yes, smaller than before sbb khemah pasang 2 je. HAHA) My dad have tons of friends and every friends of his who were invited did come. -.-' so, I went all busy for the preparations. The hantaran, the doorgifts, the add on dishes like rendang tok, sambal nyor, tempoyak ikan keli, dadih, the pelamin, flowers and the dress, I was part of the team - choosing and criticising. Aha, the monster of the wedding planner ! =D  There were the nights that apparently we need to stay up late only to finish up some works. And of course I can feel the excitement, it was the first time that the 2 families met. 

'Love is Sweet'
Those are the handmade door-gifts. We made it  up to 150 for the guest. Inside was either kit-kat, mars or toblerone  for the VIPs, some cadbury chocolairs and diary milk, sweets and a piece of sponge cheese cake as well made by my aunty.
Jenuh ikat ribbon depan tv. hehe
Aktiviti bersama.
We choose fresh green  as the theme for that day! So everybody was wearing green except for lina (silver, ikut tema hantaran, haha) A reflection mirror snapped pictures style. lol . Selepas bosan tunggu kak ngah bersiap dan make-up sampai lebih sejam. -,-' In the middle is the tsukushies sisters, left is my younger sister sujaihah and on the right is kak yang - syamimi. I am on the center one :) Aha, kak long tasnim and kak dila were wearing green too!
Aktiviti menyarung cincin.
Flash je masa ni. Banyak sangat camera man. Terasa mcm artis pulak. hehe
Aida Bridal's small pelamin for engagement.
Fresh Red Roses petals and Tekad Opah. :) Credit to cousie Lina and Sister Sujaihah.

Sijil and frame2 yang  tergantung tu mengganggu pulak. haha
Dad with his princess.
I am holding Red Velvet Cup Cakes - apart of hantaran.
Thank you so much kak Ila!

Hantaran - Silver theme.
Okay, hantaran yang diinspirasikan oleh pasangan yusri&lisa surihani. Ahaksss. Tapi Mak Intan buat lagi cantik kann :) Cadar tekad opah yang dah berusia 30 tahun. We are the second generation and still using it. ^^

Till then, 
More pictures would be uploaded soon.
Permission is still awaiting. 
Barakallah Hulakuma everyone:)

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Consider my proposal, please?

Well, the weather is great! ;D
It's been raining nowadays and I couldn't help of liking the cloudy and cool breeze. However, it isn't a good choice to have a driving lesson for a beginner like ME. =..=' I mean, THE REAL BEGINNER. Okay  people, today I went for my first driving lesson. It was not tough for me, but yea, I am still new. The feeling of driving a car wasn't that hilarious. It just like being in the car and yet your feet are dancing. Aha. So I spent 3hours driving listened to my instructor yelling and telling me to lower down the speed. He didn't keep his mouth shut so I went all red and feel annoyed. A mental torture. That's it. But that wasn't a issue then.

I would like to propose that ;

A female instructor should handle a female trainee
A male instructor should be wearing a glove while handling a female trainee.


Fuhh, where to start? I have mix feeling here.
 I'm shouting out loud that I don't like being touched! *Miserable
Entitled as a muslim instructor, there are many things that we should be aware of. You'll be facing things like the girl's strength ( I have a problem on pushing the handbrake just now) and the newbies who doesn't know anything about the car gear. I know it was not a purposely physical contact, but it still beyond the boundaries. Yes, I understand that we are lack of female instructors and I bet women are not really interested in this kind of  matters. Well, Islam is pure, so let us maintain this purity. =') Hoping that this would boost the awareness of all the trainers out there. Or else, I think I should take an alternative steps ahead, demanding a female instructors and wearing a glove myself. 

Notes ; After all, thank you very much Cik Lan, you have made me drive for the first time. I'll remember all those advices and tips. Peace be upon you. Allah Bless. :)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Dear Scholarship hunters : MybrainSc.

Assalamualaikum. :)

On 10th Febuary 2013,
Most probably will be departing to Adelaide, Australia. 
Degree on Biomedical Science.

Okay, post hari ni mungkin berguna serba sedikit untuk pelajar-pelajar matrikulasi (sy ex-matriks kedah untuk makluman, hee), foundation, A-level, IB & STPM. Haa, ramai sgt yg bertanya mcm mana aku boleh dapat offer univ ni dan sgt byk la persoalan mengenai scholarship and sponsorship ini. So here's the story. :)

Alhamdulillah, praise to Allah. Saya telah ditawarkan Biasiswa Mybrainsc dibawah pengelolaan Kementrian Pengajian Tinggi (KPT). Bukan JPA ye. Ramai sgt yg tanya. Tp ofcourse under goverment. So scholarship ni bukan mcm MARA yang kita perlu bayar balik 10% dari yuran pengajian kita tu. Okay, buat pengetahuan semua, batch saya ialah batch 1st degree program yang KPT anjurkan. Selama ni, dorang banyak taja budak master&Phd je, sebab tu kalau cari pasal mybrainsc ni banyak yang keluar keratan akhbar and news pasal menda alah ni je. Tak banyak info yang kteorang dpt pun. Mencuba nasib je ni. Waktu mula-mula dulu, hesistate jugak. Scholarship ni betul ke tak. Sampai ada cikgu sekolah lama saya yang pertikaikan pasal ni. -,- takpelah kalau cenggitu cikgu ponnn. 

Kepada sesape yang tgh scholar2 hunting ni, nanti right after keputusan sem1(PNGK 3.6&above) korang cepat2 apply scholar ni ea. Basically korang perlu membuat 4pilihan bidang utama waktu mula-mula apply ; Biologi, Kimia, Fizik, Maths. Biasiswa ni untuk pelajar yang berminat untuk sambung pure sc sahaja. Siapa-siapa yang nk pursue medic, pharmacy, engineering, dietitian(Course terchenta..), Silalah lupakan hasrat anda untuk apply scholar ni. Scholar ni aim&objective dia adalah utk research&noble prize bagai. Lepas habis belajar nanti we are tied with the goverment for 5years utk jadi tenaga pengajar kt certain institution. Kira okeylah kan. Habis belajar je dah ada kerja dan kalau tak suka mengajar pun just for 5years lepas tu boleh cari kerja lain haa :)

Time nak apply mybrainsc ni, mcm2 kita kena submit. Sijil la, gambar passport la. Dann, satu yang paling penting sila pastikan korang letak email yang valid masa apply. Semua updates dan perkembangan terkini dorang akan hantar pkai email. Dulu pun saya ni bukan jenis yang check2 email sgt. Dapat tau pun lepas member call kata dapat email etc tak? Sekarang barulah nak merajin2kan diri check email je. muehehe. Lepas apply isi borang sume2 tu la kan secara online, sesiapa yang terpilih akan undergo ; ujian saringan ukm (online IQ test), kalau lepas baru dipanggil untuk interview. Online IQ test ni tak susah pun, korang kena jawab selama 1jam, tp soklan dy lama-lama buat tension jugak. Merapu2 jek. HAHA. So lepas tu, kalau lepas, here comes the interview. Dulu dorang akan buat 3 tempat. Kt putrajaya utk belah2 selatan, USM penang utk belah2 utara n UMT kt belah2 pantai timur tu. Dari 350 orang yang pergi interview, dorang shortlisted kan kepada 200 orang. 150 orang untuk local university, lgi 50 untuk oversea student. Untuk yang local univ, sbb sistem negara kita dah ada upu tu, so senang je. requirement univ sume dah ada. hantar sahaja surat tawaran univ trus kt dorang sbb mula2 akan dpt conditional offer dulu. Oversea student susah skit la. Mcm-mcm benda kena settle. Sbb registration kita yg kena handle, dorang hanya akan uruskan biasiswa sahaja. Mostly, syarat2 biasiswa ni sama mcm JPA. kena maintan pointer ats 3.0. Kalau fail 3x, biasiswa akan ditarik balik. Ini yang menakutkan. Tak suka dengar menda-menda cmni. 

Telah ditagged oleh kak Nurul Aain. Thank you kak ain yg sgt2 friendly ni!
Sangat tak sabar nak jumpa akak yang super duper kelakar dan menarik. :)

"Dear brothers&sisters, teachers&friends,
All I'm asking is for your Du'a and Prayers,
Every single of 'em means a lot to me,
I am just a person who is weak and afraid of failure too,
Deep down inside I am nervous and feeling all sweaty 
thinking about how people would look upon my religion and race 
because I am Muslim yet an Asian too.
I am aiming on practising the teaching of Islam & science as well.
However I believe in the power of Du'a, 
I believe that whoever relies on Allah, he'll find the way.
I believe that Allah is the closest one when 
everything is wrong and everything seems not right"

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Wahai kaum Adam, berbangsa MELAYU.

Assalamualaikum. :)
I've came across this thing ;

Saya sebenarnya tidak mahu membangkitkan apa-apa isu mengenai gambar tersebut, jauh sekali mempertikaikan statement yang cuba di sampaikan oleh 'sang editor' gambar ni. Saya sedikit terkilan apabila rata-rata kaum adam yang bersetuju dengan statement ini cuba membuka mata wanita-wanita dengan pelbagai caption seperti ;

" Terasa tak? "

" Perempuan Melayu memang gedik "


Saya agak geram apabila lelaki-lelaki ini tidak cuba untuk cermin diri bahkan hanya nampak kelemahan-kelemahan wanita yang sepatutnya dibimbing oleh lelaki, Bukankah lelaki itu pemimpin? Tetapi, melihat kepada caption-caption itu sahaja sudah nampak hilangnya kredibility & kerasionalan seorang lelaki untuk menjadi pemimpin kepada yang lemah.

"Perempuan melayu sibuk berkarya / berpuisi menanti bakal Imam solatku, bakal tukang bayar shoppingku"
Bagaimana pula dengan lelaki yang hanya sibuk menghabiskan duit serta masa dengan bermain game dan mengumpul berbagai jenis gadget&robot? Kenapa tidak ke kelas agama dan menyimpan duit kerana anda pastinya suatu hari nanti akan menjadi bakal imam keluarga untuk menyempurnakan agama anda?

"Lepastu dok tengok gambar artis kahwin kt Malaysia sambil bergedik, ohh sweetnya..eee bestnya, jelesnya"
Bagaimana pula dengan lelaki yang menonton video porno sehingga kadangkala ada yang menjadi ketagih kerananya? Malah ramai juga yang ke pusat serenti berbanding Universiti? Bukankah perkara ini lebih besar untuk menjadi isu? Siapa yang perlu dihempuk dengan tong gas untuk menghilangkan kesawanannya sekarang ni?

Maaf, sekiranya article ini mengguris hati sesetengah pihak. Isu-isu seperti ini memang kadangkala sensitif. Saya hanya cuba membuka mata masyarakat, bukan sekadar lelaki Melayu ;)

"Seharusnya lelaki tidak perlu meletakkan piawaian yang terlalu tinggi untuk calonnya. Kerana jika IMANnya hebat, maka dia akan memimpin dengan baik, tidak kira siapa pun yang akan menjadi makmumnya.  
Yang harus cerewet adalah wanita. Kerana dia sedang memilih calon IMAMnya. Dan sudah pasti, dia mahukan calon Imam yang mampu membimbing dengan baik. Kerana memilih bakal Imam, lebih penting dari memilih bakal Makmum. Jika betul IMAMnya, maka betullah MAKMUMnya"
 Tetapi tidak bermaksud wanita
 hanya perlu menunggu lelaki untuk
memperbetulkan akhlak serta akidahnya.
Rujuk kembali ; [An-Nur 24:26] :)

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Schedule of the YEAR.

Hello hello hello :)

Ahh, happynya rasa bila dah ada ruang nak menulis balik. Hehe. Kesian blog ni, dah lama ditinggalkan. It isn't that I wanna quit writing or whatsoever. Who said I wanna leave you bloggie when you were with me for all this long since I was fourteen? :D So u'll would find so many many old stories with the unmatured thoughts I guess if you are trying to rummage back those old stories in my Chronicle part. HAHAHA. well, pardon me with that. I was just a norm school girl that sometimes hunger for the stupid love thingy, uncontrolled emotions && lots of things that I think I looked like an idiot reading 'em back then. HAHAHA. Rasa nak gelak kuat. Uhu, zaman jahiliyyah la katakan. =.=' Well,  It happens when there were so many things to settle down and I don't even have the chance to share my writing. Aha, basically this blog talks mostly about my personal life and my thoughts and view about certain things. So feel free to drop by and comments :) Anyway, I've updated my blog skin. It's blue and very refreshing! Instead of the previous one yg warna2 hitam tu. I've changed it. Macam warna marshmellow kan? hehe. So people, I'm looking forward for a new life & new me. I am trying to improve myself day after day to be a better person. When I say to be a better person, it generally means the way of life. When I say the way of life, certainly it's leading to the teaching of Islam. :)

Currently, I'm having a real BIG.LONG.BLOODY.BORING holiday! 3months is just enough for me, well ya no. More than enough I shall say. And I have 5 more months to spent at home while waiting for my degree programme on febuary 2013. My brain is now can't functioning well. I mean, resting for too long is a disaster. My mom didn't allow me to find a job as she said she doesn't want to be all alone by herself at home. It makes her sad so I refused the job offered by my sister-pengawas peperiksaan,UiTM. So here I am at home. Doing nothing.

Okay well, for the previous months I've been through a lot of things right after graduated from matriculation ;

 26th of April ;
End of Chemistry question paper. Balik kampung! 

2nd of May ;
Interview on Dietitian programme, USM Kubang Kerian, Kelantan
okay, I was asked several questions about the diet that diabetes and cancer patient should  consume.  Not forgetting people with anaemia. I didn't prepare anything and alhamdulillah, managed to make it. Gaining 'em through experiences. Interview USM ni korang kena buat banyak homework skit la. Dia mmg akan tanya soklan2 yg gila2 skema kaw2 punya la. 

3rd of May ;
Hello Vietnam! A releasing vacation with my sister, Syakira. Shoppp, beach and food! Thank you so much sis Marym. 

26th of May ;
Akad nikah Along & Mybrainsc scholarship interview.
I didn't go to the akad nikah ceremony. I was busy in Penang. Rushing to go early with my sister-Syakira (sorry, it always have to be you) for the interview. I was the first to go in there and ya they  questioned me by rare things. It went smooth. The interviewers were cool and we laughed for some silly things. 

27th of May ;
Wedding ceremony. I have my new member in my family, Kak long! We are happy to have you. :)

2nd of June ;
Wedding ceremony in Kuala Kangsar, the male part. Uhuh, It was freaking awesome! :D

22nd of June ;
Departed to Medina. I went for Umrah with my parents. Seriously. I can still feel the warmth and how The city of Munawwarah and Tanah Haram touch my heart. I miss it. :(

All this things need a lot of preparations. 
So I went all busy worrying about the house.
Upcoming event is ; The next Engagement. 

Monday, June 18, 2012

Back to bloging (;

Hello peeps!

Whoaa. its been a long time since no updates here. Seriously, a long long time! It doesn't because I have no stories to hold. So many things did happen. So, I think this hibernation for me all this while is enough. I'm gonna start my days ahead with spirits and confidence. =)

Will write more stories here soon. How I miss bloging so much!

Readers, stay tuned