Saturday, July 31, 2010

The SMSKBians.

Hello everyone.

Today, this session is dedicated to those people who has really make me wonder a lot, there are some weaknesses on them that they don't realize and doesn't listen to those voices who speak for the rights. Pheww, seems that it's criticizing the people again. So here's are the details ;

1) The teachers
Firstly, I'm sorry teachers If i had make mistakes and well, if you think that this session might also torn u apart or my words would hurt you. Sadly, its very nagging me when i can see the point obviously when the teachers are making the fivers as the experiment. When the 1st time i stepped in this school, this is what people mentioned to me before. I hate to say this but unluckily I feel it's much more disgusting when the specialty that we have based on the seniority complexion has been removed or lessen due to your trust on the juniors' voices. I don't like to give a damn. It has touched my sensitiveness when suddenly the one that should go representing the school on the international level has to be the f.4s. Well, seems that the teachers have not look at us due to the reason saying that we are the form five. we have bad results and we are not allowed to go. That's more disgusting when the moment to go was the PBM session and there's no extra class for us. It only took 3days. Does the 3days will affect our results ? Ohh, it's more than shits. Sadly, we are accepting the fact that we are nothing more than an intake. Bad results and make people angry. However, have the teachers wonder what so much we are putting on this school ? What so much we are contributing to this school making it as a real school ? We entered this school in a zero contented school. There are nothing. No books in the library. We even have to choose our own school anthem and choose the books in the library. We planned a lot for the society and club activities and even have to suffer without professional training in every battle in competitions. Have you ever thinking how stressful it was competing in that kind of situation? It was hard. The teachers sometimes know to criticize but don't try to help. It was much more than hurting. Still, the teachers are thinking much for the f.4s and would only like to polish them for the school victories. They provide them with a lot of facilities. On the next year, they can use the computers, borrowing books from library and enjoyed all the things that the fivers had set up for them.I don't really mind that, but please handle the fragile heart of fivers with care.

2) The boys [Aspuraian]
Boys.boys.boys. I don't know what's up with the guys. They are so closed minded and being the backstabbers of the girls. They talked shits and spreading the bad news in the whole aspura. They think that they are good enough to advise people, but then they don't reflect themselves in the mirror first. I would to see the boys to open their eyes widely. Maybe not all, but most of the boys have become so Kampung and could not adapt with the girls. I mean sometimes they could not even talk with girls. I mean, when the girls approach the boys first, they would talk behind our back after that. The boys here are not gentleman. They don't have the will to help the girls when seeing girls handling a heavy work. Let's say that the girls are up on the ladder preparing something, what they do is only looking at the girls and start chatting with their friends. The boys here are lazy. They cannot manage themselves neatly. They have messy dorms and have a bad attitude on the way they talk, walk, hair yet their own self. They even talked about the girls' body so much. They can't see girls wearing a bit tight clothes. They hate the girls attitude but at the same time love to see it. That what I hate about the boys in SAKBA. Any objection ? ohh, well..if the boys would like to object it, your objections are not acceptable. These are a worth and accurate situations and points.

3) The juniors
I would like to claim that the juniors here in SAKBA are not grateful. They are the one who creating the problem and put the blame on other people. They are not matured and rely on people too much. They talk about the seniors so much and complain a lot. I don't know why the f.4s sometimes doesn't have a critical and creative thinking. They can't think out of the box and don't manage to complete their tasks even on the last minutes. They have not even think that the seniors have sacrifice a lot for them. They are chosen for the international programmes which we don't have the chance to taste it. They don't have the leadership. I don't how they could manage the school next year. Hopefully, it would be just o.k.

So people, please moving on up !

Friday, July 16, 2010


Today's on listed things ;
1) I'm having head-ache. Vaccine in need.
2) Waiting my parents to arrive Penang. Time is wasted again.
3) House prom night? Tired about the anxious thinking.
4) SBP's trial. Sick of studying.
5) Hungry like hell. Wanna eat something !
6) Add-maths and modern maths exercises. Not to mention Physics. Need much time.
7) History, Biology and Chemistry reading. Still on progress.
8) House prom night dress. I never found one.
9) Tons of laundry. Gonna get going.
10) ON-stress.Carmomile tea request. :)

Saturday, July 10, 2010


Hi viewers.

Actually, my holiday for this 2nights and a day at my home turned out to be very tough. I caught a fever due to my stomach-ache. I vomited for about thousand times and i could not even eat. It was very pitiful. Not to mention only that, suddenly i feel like i was abandoned from him. I noticed something different from him. I don't know what's really about him. He did not reply my texts as what i was wishing for. Well, this short period of time really make me sad as i was treated that way by him and he seemed a bit angry and not into mood when i had a little misunderstanding in our conversations. Does his feeling fade away? Or maybe he has found somebody new? Dear, if this really happens, u should tell me. Have a frank talk to me. I will let you go even if i had to break my heart into thousand of pieces.