Monday, February 20, 2017


Hi guys.

Feb is a C R A Z Y  month for me.

Now it's time for me to at least breathe peacefully. I'll start gasping for air back after this for sure.

So this is what I'm going to talk about for today's post : Daehan/Korea

Actually, I've been wanting to go to Korea for quite sometimes. I'll pick Japan over Korea of course but there's one time when it actually came second after Japan. However soon after that, Turkey and Switzerland passed it's par. They tempted me more with the Islamic history and the amazing view of Switzerland. Eventhough Korea is a big hit in Malaysia especially up until now, I'm not a fan of kpop though, so it is not my main reason of going there. I am looking forward for the food and the scenery more to be honest. I'm not a big fan of k-dramas too, but yeah I have watched some before and merely amazed with the scenery and culture. To readers out there, this Syafiqa really loves cultural and historical things. That's the huge reason she can be sentimental. If it's the matter of time and efforts, this is the girl who can't be moved. I can get overwhelmed with such things.

To tell you guys the truth, I think Korea really doing a great job in promoting their country. Sampai aku yang bukan penonton tegar pun boleh terpengaruh nak pergi sana, inikan pula orang yang hari hari tengok cerita korea & peminat Kpop. Untuk orang yang penggemar makanan macam aku ni, akan terpengaruh bila tengok dorang makan. Expression mashaAllah sedap betul rupa dorang makan. Sampai aku bercita-cita nak rasa authentic Korean Food in Korea gituu. Dan orang yang menjaga kecantikan pun akan terpengaruh juga melihat kecantikan kulit orang orang korea, bukan sahaja kulit mereka halus dan mulus, bahkan mereka juga cantik dan hensem! Kehebatan teknologi rawatan kecantikan orang korea ni tambah tambah pembedahan plastik pun boleh dikatakan tahap dewa punya sampai tak dapat nak beza muka dorang ni original ke tidak. Kita hanya akan mendapat kepastian selepas anak pertama mereka dilahirkan, because gene never lies mate! hehehe

Anyway, it's not about I'm going to Korea any sooner, coz I have no money(lol, the amount I receive is just enough for me to live here without asking abah) at the moment and currently burdened with a lot of lab works. It's about how things involve in me, that I ended up, sending a text to my sister:

"kak yang, marilah kita melakukan penyucian jiwa. jom jalan"

I've just finished reading a book revolving with Korea. It's called Yongwonhan chingu written by this sister of mine, Kak Zulaihah. It's a good read and the setting of the novel is of course in a Korean University. So I read the novel with my own imagination. That's what I like about reading, you can imagine the story, how it looks like etc by yourself. That's when I think, novel adaptation movies can be unsuccessful sometimes since everybody has their own preference and literate it in their own way. Well sometimes it can cause a big disappointment too especially to readers who can read a book over and over again, like my mom used to do. After I read the book, I have the feeling of "someone take me there" kind of thing.

I received a couple of souvenir from my friends who went to Korea several times as well. The first one was a phone key chain which I still keep it until now. It has some sort of yellow traditional folding chain with small Korean Republic symbol. I put it on my red flipped sony ericson phone before using the phone I am currently having. My second item was a bookmark my sister gave me when she had her conference over in korea. Dad tagged along though. Bestnya! haha.

The 3rd one was given from my bestfriend safy when she went to Korea like 3 or 4 years ago I guess.It is a cute bear chain which I tagged on my softboard in my room. 3 years ago, one of my friends in Adelaide borrowed my winter jacket. She wanted to go to Korea at that time but did not own any of a thick jacket so I lent mine. She soon returned the jacket to me with another handmade keychain she got from Korea. So I put these two keychain on my softboard too as sort of a motivation, I would go there and get mine myself as well. I have this habit who would keep everything close to me so that I can be inspired and dream huge a lot.

Just recently, my usrahmate suddenly hand me over a package. She said it is a souvenir from her. When I opened it, it is a keychain from korea as well. Currently, my friend is in Korea with her mom, and my sister is going back to korea again next two months. Kak yang keep on asking me and changing her plan too. Safy did asked about the trip if I wanted to tag along but I can't as I have piles of labwork I need to settle. My Korean friend, Seungmin also invited me several times. We have good relation because of the strive we had during our Shakespeare class. Because Asian is meant for Asians kannn

This country just keep on lingering that I somehow need to add more points to one of my targeted place to go.

Untuk menjawab persoalan ku ini,
satu je sebenarnya, takde rezeki lagi.
Atau, mungkin juga peluang nak pergi tu lambat lagi sebab Allah nak bagi masa.
Masa untuk tulis entri,
How I met you father.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Finally, connected.

I'm writing this post to celebrate a big occasion.

Mahallah wifi is finally connected. YEAYY!

These few days wifi connection was interrupted again. I have so much to update; book review and sort of things I read just recently. Also a breaking news too. This week is as busy as it seems to be. For the whole February, I literally have no weekend. It started from the first week of feb. Continuously until now. This week craziness is starting from tonight *Sigh. But after all, if the intention is pure, what else are you dreaming of instead of the ultimate goal and to be in the Jannah once you get into the hereafter kan?

Semoga sentiasa istiqamah, tsabat & kuat sikit jiwa tu.

Day by day, I have the thought of I can't keep going like I used to be.
I also have the thought of, I need at least changes in my life.
Takpe, relaks dulu. Buat dulu apa yang boleh.

Catch ya later. I will update more entries soon.

PS: I'm in the mood of waiting a postcard someone sent me over from a far far away place. Hujung dunia mungkin? haha. But then mahallah office is close today due to unavoidable reasons? *sigh again*

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Supervisor at its best

Assalamualaikum everyone!

It's been a while since I had not hit my keyboard writing in this blog. Up for so much things lately. Went home for a week, just to reduce my stress and stay away from the workload I am currently having in Kuantan. Being one of the committee in a program was not really a problem for me. But as a person in charge for the registration in a big event was the problem lol. I can't sleep for the whole last week before the actual event. I keep on getting calls, my phone is out of the battery for a few times in a day too. My nap was interrupted. Same goes to my private time with my bacteria. Everything was on its best mess.While I was having headache, trying to cool down my temper, an online sale brand send a big wave to me. Those was the incident which traumatized me enough, dealing and buying things online were not an option for me anymore. They are sick people who needs so much lesson and need to learn basic manners & common sense too. In the midst of tense moment, I am having problem with isolating my new bacteria strain and colonies. Bacteria are not viable I guess. Things are not going the right way. As soon as my supervisor came to me and wanted to ask my progression, I went all way to the bacteria I tried to culture and told my supervisor;

"Dr, saya stress"

"Eh, jangan stress banyak lagi cara kita boleh buat"

"Syafiqa dah lama tak balik rumah kan? Nak balik tak?"

MashaAllah. The best thing I've heard evaaa, because I was exhausted. 

Dan, berkelanalah saya pulang ke kampung halaman tercinta :')

Though when I was at home, it was all just doing house chores and cooking. Weirdly it was a painkiller, really. hehe

2 days ago, I got back in campus and started to re-observe my sample. No progression just yet :/

Thank you dr for making me feel better.

We have plenty of options. 
I would grad on time.
And finish this with style.