Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Kinchigai~Me n Lina~

Hahaha..I'm not really sad now as people around me try to cherish me up!Love you guys a lotz!!muah!hehehe..anyway,lina come to my house to create a blog n her link is visit my friend blog ya! :) some ask me matahari jatuh ke?dunno how to answer.LOL.when me n lina are together we only laugh n laugh n laugh!!haahha..i cannot hold it and there is a boy in yahoo messenger loves to buzz me!kteorang pon ape lg,laugh n laugh n laugh!We both x cukup mkn lak today.Food in my house does not enough for both of us.We are hungry!!!i planned to fry any fast food in my house but we afraid that there is no time to finish create lina's blog. I think we have bad luck today.when we are going to go to my house, school bus x we have to walk to the bus station n a lot of people is in it!!we barely breath!!too many people n thank god no boys board that bus today. :) although i have a pretty tough day, i enjoyed myself with lina!really...hey,good news!!my friends use adobe photoshop to edit my picture with yamapi!!hehheh..thanks a lot sue.. i wish i have that program i'm gonna looking for it.wish me the best of luck ya!!

Monday, February 26, 2007

Heart Break...

Finally,after knowing the truth, i'm a little upsad today.They say that he has a gf now and i totally felt sad and disappointed.i tought it is all a rumor but someone corrected me,he indeed has a gf!i still remember, how he help a little girl to wear her shoes from the first time i saw him.oh, how sweet he was at that moment!but i know that we can't make it together because he is far away from me and he never knows me.liking(or maybe loving)someone that do not know you at all is pretty tough i guess.sometimes i wonder, why do i get so crazy with someone that doesn't know me?
i try my best but i can't!he love surfing and has a traditional thoughts about love.he can play guitar, trumpet and piano.he eats using left hand and write with right hands.i think these facts is enough.let i keep the rest of it.i hope he is reading now and knows how i admire the saying goes(only he say that)every girls heart made by glass and now my heart is break into pieces and it is hard to heal it..Love,syafiqa..

Friday, February 23, 2007

Real Face!

today i am not so tired as the day before but i sleep the whole day after coming back from school and i don't know what is up with me.and now i am sitting in front of my computers updating my blog.hahaha.i cannot sleep now!!i'm sure i will get scold from my parents for waking up late tommorow morning.oh my god!!i have not finished my bahasa melayu homework yet!it's my tution bm teacher ya!i corrected it.actually, i don't want to do the homework because i hate that teacher!i know it is bad to hate a just that the teacher always scold me without no reasons and she keep saying that my group loves to make noise.what a baka teacher!of course we do not do that. we know how to respect others especially teachers!i am sure i'm gonna spent my whole day tomorrow at tuition.tomorrow, all of my family members are going to buy new clothes but me, i have to face that baka teacher again!!i hate it!!really.somebody!!help me pleazz..i cannot stand it anymore.the more i go to her class the more i hate her.what does she think i am?a student who loves getting scold by teachers?oh please!!i'm not as stupid as what you think my dear teacher!i may get out from your class even if you are teaching us at that time.hey, it reminds me of hikaru fron the innocent witch.hahaha.that's what he do when he can't stand the teacher anymore.i may do it if it is possible.i don't care what other people says,it's my life.and's the time to show the real me.HERE I COME!!

How To Download From Youtube.

it's been a long time since i'm not updating my!!thank god!my sports day is just over!!and i think i have more time to update my blog dear friends.well..i know how to download a video from youtube now!!it is soo i give you the links--> just have to put the link in the box and click FLV is so easy right?then enjoy your video!! :)

Sunday, February 11, 2007

A new drama?

i recently found a new drama at the seishun amigo website but it is only a trailer.but it is only i post the videos.i wish that there is a drama like that!!the first video seems like a happy go lucky movie and the other one is something about revenge.if only there a dramas like this,wow!!i 'll be the first one to watch it!love it so enjoy!!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

what a very boring and tiring day!

wow!!it's been a long time since i am not updating my just that i don't have the time to do so.i'm pretty busy preparing and practising for my upcoming sport day which will be held on 14 of febuary.(it's a velentine day!!hahaha)
it is so tiring!i hope sports day will be over soon...anyway, today i spent my free time at the library. and i'm gonna wear a new spectacle soon!!!i pick up the orange's pretty nice.i like it.i read an artical about a father and daughter at the is very touching.i start to read readest digest from now on as i found it interesting and good.i think that's all what i did today.