Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Adelaide Uni Graduation, Sept '16.

13th September 2016
2.00pm, Bonython Hall
The University of Adelaide Graduate
Bachelor of Science (Biomedical Sc.)

So this post is technically going to be my graduation ceremony stories :)

Another achievement in life is unlocked, alhamdulillah. All praise to Allah for which He made it possible. Alhamdulillah tsumma Alhamdulillah.

When I first received my university offer letter, I think I was half awake, still in the state of disbelief. I was quite anxious but at the same time I think I overwhelmed myself. I still remember how I used to look up at the sky, looked at the plane and told myself, I'm going to fly up there somewhere, aiming for studying abroad. And to my surprise, I just did. Completed my bachelor degree. If ever people asked me what was the best thing happened in my life, it was going to Adelaide and meet bunches of people whom I'm gonna treasure for the rest of my life. My 3 years was never easy. I lost mom, failed in my biochemistry test (under pressure maybe while admitting it's the toughest subject I enrolled and still hate it until now, haha) and some sort of disappointment with a creature called guy. I guess emotions got me after all. Once it was interrupted, everything wasn't on the right place. Knowing that is my weakness now, I have to pay a little more attention with this heart.

On my way to the grad hall, I met my so called clingy manja Adelaide sister :') She's my girls talk type of sister.

I miss her so much!

And..apparently we had many more shots together -_-

And she can't let go of her unnie 

When I entered the hall, I feel like tearing. Reflecting on how I was doing. The toughest year was my final year. I struggled. Indeed. When I received my award, I think all my hard works have been paid off! You just know it when you can finally yearn with satisfaction :)

It was placed on my seat.
I'm part of my university entities :)

They picked up the right flower. 
Roses is my fave. 
My 1st bouquet of flowers ever received.

It was literally Spring, so I expected it should be sunny and warmer than Autumn. That was my main purpose of graduating in Spring not forgetting waiting for Ain who finished her studies last semester. Too bad it was actually very cold and it feels like winter! I think it was in the middle of season transition, so it rained heavily during my grad ceremony. Bonython hall is pretty much sound proofed, so I couldn't hear anything and alhamdulillah as soon as the ceremony was over, the sun rose after a while. 

First pit stop, the university hub.
While waiting for the heavy rain to tone down.

I am lucky and so glad that most of my fave sisters were there on my special day :)

Sisters for life, 
your forever unnie. 

Got Santhiya as well!
My lab partner on my second year. 

My used to be mutarrabi, 
the thinker, the creative one. 
She's just perfect <3 i="">

Yuchi & Nadrah <3 i="">
Been through a lot with you yuchi, glad that we've made this!
Nadrah, thank you for be part of my special day.
You're the best personal assistant ever!

Congratulation to everyone in this picture!
I don't get it why Ain still need to wear heels. 

I sent my family off the next day. They had to go back to Malaysia as everybody was in the middle of semester and work. So I was left with another week with them :)

So I went to meet yuchi to celebrate her grad day!

Despite the thunderstorms and rains, 
we still manage to get the best picture!

The next day was the graduation ceremony of Izzati and my former housemate Hajar :)

SubhanaAllah, Alhamdulillah.
All praise to Allah for this blessing!
Goodluck for your phd journey kak Siti. you're my inspiration :)

When the '93 babies gather to celebrate hajar :)

Alhamdulillah, everything was smooth. I am blessed. 
I'm writing with the hope that I can update my blog just like this for my master degree soon. 
I have another mountain to go. So please pray for this girl :')

Monday, September 26, 2016


Aku sekarang masih lagi dalam kondisi belajar untuk move on daripada Australia dan Adelaide to be specific. Ya masih dalam tempoh berkabung, masih rasa separuh jiwa tertinggal di Adelaide. Dan move on kali ni macam lagi teruk je dari putus cinta. hahaha. Masa adik adik junior hantar aku balik, babai babai gitu boleh lagi cool, bila dah turun nak naik airplane, tetiba menitis. Bila dah take off, mengalir pula. Allah, bila lagi nak sampai ke bumi Adelaide yang subur ni. Subur dengan program program dakwah dan tarbiyyah yang sangat memberi kesan pada hati yang kering. Pasti akan rindu adelaide dan seiisinya. T.T

Aku sebenarnya baru jet lag free.
Sampai je Malaysia terus amik bus klia-tbs. Lepastu tbs-kuantan. Sampai malaysia 4.30am. Dan perjalanan seterusnya amik masa lebih kurang 6-8jam juga la sebab sampai kuantan tengahari. Masa tula baru boleh baring dengan proper dan berehat sebaik mungkin atas katil. Jumaat terus ke lab jumpa supervisor dan berbincang tentang research sebab dr dah nak berangkat ke turkey pulak selama sebulan. Weekend, program. Kiranya hari ni baru boleh settle dan basuh segala baju balik haritu. Harini jugalah bila bangun pagi rasa cukup rehat dan tidur dengan harapan internet mahallah akan laju seperti biasa. Namun harapan punah, sebab lappy tak boleh nak connect dengan tenet langsung. Bukan setakat lambat, tapi tak boleh langsung tu yang menguji kesabaran. -___- It's been like 4 days since I came back internet tak okay. Actually several times dah jadi ni, skrng baru nak luah. haha. Patutlah tengok troll kat fb, student banyak complaint pasal internet uni lol. Now here I am, using internet access here in lab to update my blog.Well, internet is essential kot nowadays.

Tunggulah bila internet dah sihat, dah boleh connect. I will update my graduation days and ceremony updates here IAllah because it's something to be cherished. It's an achievement kan, so at least in 20years to come, when I scroll back my blog, I have something to show to my kids :)


Friday, September 2, 2016

DNA actually works!

Okay my DNA is actually works!

Omoo aiguuu :')

Hi may baby DNA, you are successfully amplified! hehehe. Happy? yeah I'm happy! At least it is according to the plan.

However, the band seems so tiny in size so we need to troubleshoot it. And we decided to buy a new primer. Aligned the DNA sequence and with all the previous dehalogenase gene in ncbi. Common Wan Syafiqa, you can do it.

I practically have a lot of things in mind but I have no one else around to talk to right now. So if it happens for someone to read this or a frequent silent reader of mine, please drop me a cheer up and spirit booster message on my facebook message so I can gather all my strength to climb up this mountain!

Thank you for reading my entry and witnessing part of my journey in life :)

Cheers people!