Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Lesson : Listens to the oldies words.

My previous post was in an uncontrolled emotion actually. haha. feels shame to read it back. but nahh,i wont delete may do reminds me of the scars they've done. :)
at least it was the moment whereas i hurt a lot.

Back to the topic. ^^
Today's lesson is..I have to learn listening to my parents' instructs ! haha. guess that ive been a really stuborn girl lately. well yeah, i didnt done the laundry yet the house works. lazy girl ! haha. so abah n mak started to compared my siblings with their so called up friends and the most worse thing is my cousins. compared with the uptown girls? haiiiktuiii! :P i dare to admit that they envy us a lot.especially when it comes to the education thingy..most of them are girls and all of them are all pretty with the cute face and the fair skinned tone. a bit like chinese looks and a they will throw the sweet smile to people and greet them nicely while my siblings considered it as pervert. guess that we envy them too. hehe. compared to us who likely to have every inch different personallity starting from my big brother along, kak ngah, kak yang, me and adik. every single of us have different character, personallity and of course differnt appearance. more to a unique family but i just love to have them as my angles that brighten my every day. =)

As for today people. i done nothing much. i wake up late to day at 10 a.m. went to get my bath and have a talk with mak. then i ate. at 1 i started doing the hw which brought me the tought, do the questions are hard or am that stupid to answer the simple questions? giving up doing my homework i read history text book. starting feeling boring, i shut the book closed and open the novel written by meg cabot. then he called. i smile and answered the call. the voice. i miss it like hell ! i wish he would talk to me longer. but then he said, "ok la, ill call you time by time" my heart sank but i didnt show it. huhu. so i say ok. actually i was out of credit and its not good to ask ppl calling you always including him. soo..redha je la.haha. ;) but then my sister came with a sad look and said, "abah marah, bilik sepah. langsir tak pasang." and then lying beside me and said "nak tido" i laughed. hahaha. she was supposely going upstairs to do what abah said but actually she went up to run from abah's lectures and scolds. if im at her place.ill do the same thing.hik2. then i sleep with her and receiving the text from my sweetheart. he said he called after reaching home so i'm waiting for his call while playing game with adik to fill my boredom. best jgakk main pet society nih. ;))
then i quit after receiving his call.

so that's all for today. gtg. have a nice day viewers ! ^^

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My heart cries.

ok. hari ni rse sedeh gler. geram pon ade. unexpectedly, the most person that i trust da bley jd untrusworthy including him. hish! rse xpuas hati je sjak 2menjak neh. asl la dorg bleyh ckp aku mcm nie. trok sgt ke what im telling her? ok now, lepas n. i wont tell them what happen. my triumphs or anything that is related to me, i wont. ttbe tpk plak... i want to keep my result as a secret for him.hehe. bia laa...sedeh n skit aty gler tau. kalo bleh rse mcm xnk ctct dy langsung. hurmm..arhh..sedih3.

n satu lagi..kenape stiap kali bler hang ngn dy aku rse low confident.? low confident sgt2. especially when it comes to my dress up... hurm..i know his taste dy mcm mane. his ex before this bergaya sgt. the way her choose her seems ryte. aku plak? sandal pon xde. tue pon cilok selipar kk ngah.kdg2, aku kuar pon pkai selipar g jmban hostel.sluar yg nmpk elok skit utk kuar jln? tue suar kak ngah. tshirt yg aku pkai pon kdg2 kene kritik ngn dy.besa sgt la ape laa..pastue, akk dy plak kate ak nk g hiking...??haiyoo..hah, lg la agk terase.xpe2..pasni aku pkai beg hiking instead of beg sandang ak. fyi, im good at jungle trekking ok? bape tinggi pon ak leh ak jenis yg lasak n ske aktiviti yg mcm tue turns me to this.kdg2 org tgk ak pon xcye ak leh jungle trekking n men hoki.haha. ok, aku bkn hidup sophisticated sgt mcm dorg. nk pkai jeans pon ak tanye diri ak dlu.btol ke nk pkai nehh??act, aku xkesah sgt.boleh je nk kene tutup la region yg sensored tuh.huhu.xpe la.pasni ak improve dress aku depan dy.crik baju shappy gler pnye!jeans plak lg sendat ag bgus!hurmm..kalo nk kuar ngn sabir pkai la ape pon he'll love it.kdg2, rindu plak nk kuar ngn dy.huhu...gurau2 ngn dy.hik..xpnh nk rse sedeh or anything. kalo ak pkai selipar jmban kuar ngn dy, kteorg leh gelak2 lg. huhu.tue la beza org yg idop kt kg n kt bndar yg da moden sgtt tueh.aku nk org yg btol2 xksah n proud with my appreance xspecially my dress. kdg2, aku penat jage hati sendiri. dpn dorg aku buat bodo jea.buat xde pape.slah aku jgak sal nk tunjuk bguss sgt dpn ak bkn jenis yg terhegeh2 nk mrjuk or marah xtntu psl.ak kene ctrl emosi n jdik rasional. tp bler satu mende yg de reason tuk aku btul2 mrh, smea mende yg ak da lpe n wat xksah aku kesah terus. huhu.tue la aku.complicated an?bia laa..smpy sekarang hati aku xok lg..and bler ak tau plak dorg 3org jdik shbt? haaaaaahh...??what the hell??!?arh ! g buat aku bengang. mende laa..bler org tanye?scret2.xde taik btol!!ey2, len kali ada ape2..jgn bg tau ak lngsng ok? ak xnk dgr lah...xnk, xnk la!!! sbuk2 nk cter nk mnx permission dlu bwat ape?hah, ak nk text or cll spe2 pon kalo leh ak xnk btau dy la.secret an.mane ade ape2.bru puas kalo ak nk puas aty lg, xyh msg2 or cntct kwn ak tue da. bleh? :) bru aku oke sket sket je.hahaha.ak xnk tunjuk ak marah ke ape ke kt dy...nehh pon ak nk cbe utk tenang kn dri aku.hishhhh!!!!geram btol la...n satu lagi wt ak leh tersenyum sket. sy*h da de prob ngn kk naII?haaaaaaa....puas aty gak ! hak3..jahatnye aku.nie lah jdiknye kalo ak btol2 da runsing n da tension!kdg2 sikap ak yg org kate,(org kate laaa) pnuh sopan santun n bek n leh jdik cm nie kalo ak tension.jd cm setan pon de.haha.gelak kt org sne snii..hurmmm,smpy ak tpk.break lg bgus.myb kejap je ak ngs n mende nieh xde la b'ulang da..huhu...ntah la.hati ak nieh rse skit sgt.rse mende tajam cucuk tau ark??hish, cm bangang la ak neh ! hish, byk dosa da ak kuar an pktaan nasty words byk sgt.ktuk org byk sgt...hahaha

Life is a duty, dare it !

Life is a burden, bear it !

Life is a treasure, share it!

so..share laa...?DAMN!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

2 weeks left...

Hah! let's see. we have two weeks left before school starts. before ive reached form5. before i seat for the biggest examination that would determine which way should i persue. ohh..luckily, i have fun these few days. a REAL fun. I went to kL for a 5 and 4 night trip. gosh! if i have to choose only a word to describe it, i would say SWEET. =) why? chances to meet him is everywhere. i see him almost everyday. seriously, it vanished the missing him feeling for a moment. but then it started again. haaihh... so looks like im gonna miss school like hell after this. well, senior year ?! seems like fun huh? we'll see.

gtg. more updates before goin back to hostel.
promise ya!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

My day out.

Yesterday was a very happy day but a sad end. I met my bro who is currently seating 4 spm in koleq so ive got the chance to meet him yesterday considering the fact that he's going to move out from the school the next tuesday which generally means the end of spm papers. Yea2..guess that im going to miss u like hell abg ! Normally u r there for me when im back from my Hellene hostel life. please keep in touch wit ur lil sis ok? n yesterday i met coco too. wallahh..their spm trial result smea gmpak2 bro n him obtained 8as and 1b for their trial. guess that i have to beat their result next year. can i? ohh, for sure. xP haha.janji melayu btol!haha..

i reached home at 4 yesterday.merempt dgn syafiqah.funnnn...i admit it.heee~ and rushing to perform zohor prayer.yea3.smpt2.ahakz. ;) then texting wit my sweetie and abg fariz. guess that ive discovered something that i myself didnt expect it. abg said that i can come to koleq today to get his books for my xm next year.abg, will meet ya soon ! =) n coco said he wants to take pictures with me together n i said i dont mind. but then my sweetie said that he gets jealous with that and tell me if possible dont go to mc bcoz they might ask me to stay for a while at balai sejahtera or pondok biru..?i guess so.pondok biru kot.xigt what was the name.but i know the place.huhu.dear, promise ya i wont do anything that seems wrong for ur view.ok?

at night, i cooked after watching high school musical 3.the songs in hsm3 mostly were nice but still i think that i love hsm1 more. and i enjoy my meal yesterday which is nasi goreng.i cooked it was nice. msakan bantai je tue bcoz im not used to cook by myself at home.mostly, mom n kak ngah done it. :D i cooked bcoz i was left alone with my younger sis.surely, i can cook better than her ! haha..guess that im proud enough of it. haha.and it is bcoz my sis doesnt know a thing about housework.!huhu

the end of my day yesterday was receiving a text from coco saying that he's sorry bcoz he doesnt know to say gudybye in a proper way.yea, he was like a stone yesterday.haha. then i sleep with holding a phone thinking to reply his text.but sorry.i was too tired to do so.huhu.THE END.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Updates !

Here readers comes the updates !

Well..where should i start.hmm.yea all this year seems tough for me.n creating the new me in the new school is kinda easy.what i'm trying to day is ppl! u have the tendency to try so many field dat u urself know ur hidden talents! ;) i've transfered myself to the new school for your information readers. It's the Sains Kepala Batas. the new boarding school n i tend to be the 1st batch. well, my batch has to overcome so many obstacles living in a zero contented hostel! haha.kinda xciting actually as we all have to decide our own image n ppl views on us.n i give it a woooowwW! ^^ sooo many works to do maa.. bear in mind ppl. sooo, ive heard dat a lot of requests from the upcoming f.1 students applying to further their studies in my school which i myself could hardly think, 'r they make the right decision' ohh well yes. i think my school would be quite a good one in future.mybe the next 5 years.i guess so...because i've seen the triumph presented by the students lately..hehe

today, ive just receivd 2 texts and a call from him.otoh, 11miss calls and a call from the so called up boy. haha.irritating boy.ohh, yea..he was just calling me ! to say that his phone is not available ryte now n i love you. i didnt able to say a word jus now n dear, i love you too. :) he has been work so hard lately to buy a new phone.hmm..dear, i dont like to see you work so hard n coming home late dear. ksiaann plz bby, come home early ea? i miss u.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Sport day is over!

Well..the sport day has finally reached its ends. Feeling very grateful as my life would not be as busy as before. Head ache will do if i start thinking about my task at school. I handle too many posts. That's the reason. No doubt. Deserve me right for accepting and volunteer too many things that sometimes a normal person can't usually done.haha. Is that mean that I'm abnormal? maybe. My eyes are getting darker all around it. People that once look at me would admit me as a witch then. But now then, i don't really think that the end of the sport day is the ends of my busy life. It's just the beginning actually..Yes, it is. Gosh! Could you imagine handling too many post and at the same time I have to take part in various competition. No need to say it here. You wont believe it. Trust me. Better than not telling anyone about it. haha.

So here are some of the pictures of mine which I snapped during SMKRPK official sport day. Enjoy! :)

gemokk! it seems so. the real me is the skinny me ok. :D

Monday, February 2, 2009

New Life - 2009

Gosh!!!it's already 2009 to start a new post.hahaha. Most probably, i was in form 3 last year which makes me very busy with my life. yea..need to maintain my result as i was sitting for the very big2 xm last year. and alhamdulillah, every thing went as usual.smooth and steady as i obtained straight a's. =) that's the most wonderful thing ever! ;)

i would admit that many things happened last year. all of it happens at the same time. Love, heartbreaks, sense of friendship and studies. It was the year when i think i am out of my mind. i hate think about the pain i've been through. and now, the new chapter has begun. Fresh and brand new thoughts are all it takes! No more tears, no more cry. It's my life, i'm the one who creates it so enough from stepping inside my life without my own consent. Any objections?

Promise ya will always update my blog. :)