Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Love that WORTH all that. ; )

I came across that dialog while I'm searching for some well, the thing that i used to bound before. So it's kind of sweet I mean to actually knows what people think about you but on the other hand, it would turn out to be suck as well to get into some kind of that mere situation. Guess, too bad for these people that they have the same feeling towards each other but being blinded by the circumstances and being coward with the neutral feeling of themselves. So hey, step ahead, and let the atmosphere smooth with your self, tell the person what do you really think about them. You wouldn't lose anything except for that little bit of anxiety about telling the truth. Even if he feels the other way round, at least you did not hold your feeling for too long with sort of excuses that were not sensible sometimes as too much of tons of your expectations.

Lesson that I learn today is ;
Be true to yourself,
Tell people what you feel deep inside you and,
You might change your world ;)

Ohh, yes. I found that this quotation really has the touch of a girl's heart. Wanting and wishing the love that I think is not plain but full of the things that would make the love stronger and that is what Korean movies usually implement them all. Hehe.
i want it to be inconvenient. i want a love i would sacrifice my life for. i want the kind of love that wakes me up at 3 am. i want love that hurts. love that i have to work for. i want love that test me. i want the kind of love that is hard to find, and hard to keep and never easy. i want love that makes me cry. i want to hold on even it takes me through my worst nightmare. but most off all, i want the kind of love that's worth all that. i want the kind of love that i share with you.

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Qurratuaini. Thanks. =)


mng267qak said...

suka suka suka!! =)

Wan Syafiqa said...


ur words! hehe. lau nk cilok pape dlm blog nie pon xkesah. hehe =)

his midori said...

thats quotes..dats called perfect love!!!hahaha...yeah..i did was such a relief after i told him my feelings towards least ...the questions since three years back had been answered.. :)