Saturday, March 31, 2007

April Fool!!'s the 1st of april n it's april fool friends!unfortunately, i receive a lot of april fool today.anyway, today sempat la buat april fool kt zach.hahaha..sian tul die..this is what me n sue trying to fool him this morning..we messaged him first.

me n sue sending message to him...
"zach, sue nie..iqa sakit perut dr pg td nie..x tau nk wat cmne.die sakit sesangat..sekarang nie sue ade kt hospital nie"
"jgn la memain sue.ckp la betul2.jgn buat zach risau"
me n sue-
"betul..keadaan die kritikal sgt..sampai kene masuk hospital"
"ha?!ape doktor ckp?die kt hospital mane?"
me n sue-
"doktor ckp die appendik n kemungkinan bleh hidup sampai 2 bln jerk..kalo die x baik lg kene hantar kt ipoh"
"sue!mane ade apendik bleh bwk maut!"
me n sue-
"betul la arian zachary.doktor yg ckp cmtue..doktor kate ckp cmtue sbb ari nie.......april fool!!!hahahaah :P"
"lor..buat zach riso jek..iqa ok kn??"
me n sue-
"a'a..iqa ok je..jgn riso.zach marah ke?sorry ek? :P"
"x der la..zach betul2 riso td tau...alamak zach dh nk kene pegi kem tue ari nie.kt sane x der line n komp.nnti x leh la nk mesej n chat ngn iqa dh.i'll miss you.. :("

kwn2 td sume kate zach love me so much.hahaha..sory zach for putting a fool on u.yeah..i will miss you too... :(

Friday, March 30, 2007

Practical teacher~

i am kindda bored right now..ohh..suddenly, i remember the times when a ckg praktikal dtg klas kteorang time subject sains.hahaha..really2 enjoyed the conversation with ckg.Ckg tue sgt sastera la..whoa..he said that my name,Syafiqa is kind of a simbolik.ckg said, syafiqa tue mcm lukisan yg bersopan-santun.sue plak ckg kate name yg indah.However, ckg called sue, s/u.hahaha..that's totally funny.yeah..i indeed had a great time chatting with ckg.from the first time, i thought ckg is kind of a flirting teacher because he is the one who looked at me from up to down during kem kepimpinan pengawas.but still he says that he cannot takes his eyes on girls.that's what he says.yeah..but he is not as bad as what i think before.he so totally sporting!we can talk to him like friends.


I am now at my friend's house.there is nobody who gonna use this computer right now.well..i don't really know what to do now so i decide to update my much happens.this morning, i had a bacaan yassin n recieve some more marks.yay!i score good marks in sej.really2 make me happy. :D i put so much effort in this paper.and thank god i really make it!k arr.kenkwan ade..dunno what to say now. :P

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Yamapi's quotation...

today, i got my b.m n agama's pretty disappointed me.but i am grateful enough to score such marks.i pitty niesa.she failed in the agama exam but are trying your best right?it is time proof to ustaz that you will get an excellent result!i know you can do it.anyway, i watched 'cinta medik' just now.hahah..pretty weird right?i used not to watch that kind of romantic they are!hahaha..planning to watch it next week. :P yeah..i found an article about how yamapi appreciate his fans and fans' that letter, he mentioned that he loves to recieve letters than phones or email because it is handwritten.

so here it goes some of his quote:
-->If it comes to me, I always look through it. I read a lot of fan letter and I was surprised when I realized that "I'm a part of my fan's life."
:me:you are really a part of my life.:P

-->I was really happy with the one that said "My entire family loves you!!" or the one that said "We record every T.V show that Yamashita-kun is on, and we watch it over and over again on video," and it made me happy that parents and kids were watching it together.
:me:hey, my entire siblings love you including my brother. :)

-->Before, there was a lot that said "I like you!", but now there's a lot that says things like "Today the sky is beautiful. When the sky is pretty, my heart clears up as well." There are many people that notice the small moments of everyday life, which it makes me happy, thinking "I know, I know!"
:me:act, i don't have any idea with this.but anyway, i like the quote. :)

-->Lately, I receive air mail from fans in other countries. Sometimes, the words or grammars are wrong, but that's not something to laugh at. After all, it's not about the words. The person's feelings are on the paper. When I think that maybe that person studied Japanese really hard to write me that letter, that thought makes me really happy.
:me:i want to study japanese because of you too lor.. :)you really appreciate ur fans right?if only you know...hurm..nvm!

-->But, in truth, whether if it’s a letter from a person that I really really like, or a letter from a fan, the contents…… I don’t really remember it. I’m sorry! But the happiness I felt from receiving it is definitely in my heart.
:me:you make me feel a little disappointed but it's ok when u said that the happiness u felt is recieving is in ur heart.

-->But even with a person i like, when I really want to express my feeling, I decide to write a letter. To me, a letter is something you give to someone that’s really important to me. Letters makes me shay and somewhat embarrassed. That’s why I only write to people that’s past that embarrassing feeling. I don’t write a rough draft. I usually just rip off a sheet of paper from a notebook. People who’s seen my handwriting would know, but I have really bad, dirty handwriting. I don’t want to write if I can help it. But I think that “my feeling is portrayed with this writing.”
:me:for me, it's least, u are trying to tell something to the person u like by writting eventhough ur handwritting is bad.nevermind lor.. ;)

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The real me!!

konichiwa :)
today as i check the comment's inbox, sue comments what does she really think of me.and the comment is so damn truth!bleh arr dikatakan someones who wants to know about me, just read below or asks sue coz she really knows me well.hahahaha..what a every understanding friend!!

...11 jun 1993...
as long i studying in RPK, dia ni yg paling rapat la.. dia ni byk keistimewaannye....

rajin~kenkadang aku tefikir nape aku x rajin mcm ko..
bertanggungjawab~she surely akn laksanakn tugas yg dsandangnya dgn success skali!!
friendly~ mende ni kalo ada skala, aku akn bg ko 10/10. dia ni org yg ada aura friendly yg plg kuat yg aku penah jumpa dlm hidop aku.. boleh dikatakn sume org disekelilingnya ambil berat pasal dia, nk kawan dgn dia.. aku x tau la ko pasan or not..but aku pasan pasal ni..
kehadiran ko~ ko idak la org yg meriuhkn or menceriakn suasana.. u are not.. but ko org yg mnyenangkn n mngindahkn suasana..
suke beralah~yg ni aku respect.. ko x mmentingkn diri sndiri.. tp kdg2 mcm x beperasaan sket sbb terlalu beralah..heheh..

dia ni pun ada keburukan gak.. dun worry, nobody's perfect..

emotional~dia ni keras di luar, but lembut di dlm.. sensitif..
cepat marah~ yg ni obvious.. u know wat, waktu aku ckp ngn ko, aku akn mencuba sedaya upaya utk x buat ko marah.. gurau2 tu cite lain la.. dia ni kalo dh marah, bahaya sket.. aku cuma takut kalo dia anti org tu je..
x suka ditegur~ kenkadang aku x tau camne cara aku nk tegur dia..

~jgn la cuba bekata buruk ttg kegemaran dia especially japan or u will get her mad n ur ear will bleeding..
~bila dia x suka or malas nk jawab soalan yg diutarakn, pekataan petama yg dia sebut adalah.."aa??"
~bila dia happy, sume org pun happy but bila dia moody, sume org pun mcm down..(yg ni aku x pasti sbb mlibatkn sume org, but ini la yg aku rasa)
~pandai mnyembunyikn perasaan, kadang2 aku sendiri pun x dpt baca perasaan dia..

ni sume pendapat ikhlas drpd aku.. kalo slh, ko perbetul kn la ek? i hope satu hari nnt ko pun akn bg komen detail pasal aku plak..heheheh ;p

Monday, March 26, 2007

What do my frens say about me?

thanks god coz i'm doing pretty well in b.m, sejarah n agama islam paper.whoa..really2 hope to score highest mark in every subject!gambatte!!i'm working hard now.wish me the best of luck!anyway, as i was searching something in my cupboard(this cupboard is a very old one so a lot of rubbish is in it, got to clean it up duh!!)i found a book which i've been asking my friends to write what do they really think about me.i was kindda touch when i read it all over again.although it happens to be last year, it just makes me sad and makes me want to say, bring my friends back!!yeah..half of my class last year are now in a different class with me.k, let me rewrite the some of the comments.

chew's comment,
*seorang yg tegas tp best giler!
*x sker merajuk mcm jannah
*seorang yg pandai tp kedekut!
*seorang yg periang dn baik
*berpakain simple walopun muke comel
*tp mmg die x ske main
do i really a stingy?i guess not...hahaha

devina's comment,
-baik ke?
-rajin belajar?
-bertanggung jwb?
sbenarnye bdk nie ade sume kriteria di ats.
oh yeah?i do not know though. :P

sue's comment,
seorang yg baik, friendly, dan understnding.menjalankan tugas sbg ketua kelas dgn baek.i hope we will bestfriend forever~
yeah..bestfriend forever~

ona's comment,
a person call u, wannn..and she said...
^^u are the bestfriend coz friendly, clever and others
^^u like all da hensem boy in da world like -love- boy.(it happened to be canteen, after seeing i turned turned red she quickly change it.good!)
^^so you must enjoy.
don't like it when you mentioned the word canteen boy.huh!

nani's comment,
pernahkah kau bermimpi?berada ditempat ku seperti apa yg aku rasai mengenai wan.keheningan malam mmbangunkan,bg daku wan yg terindah buat jiwa hanya sbg kawan.
wanlah namanya,
dilahirkan di dunia,
segala ujian diharunginya,
segala suka dan duka diharungi bersama.
thanks nani although i did not really know what did you really mean in this the way, we've been friends so long and i hope it will be forever.

maz's comment,
=die nie caring la..
=eh wan, tul ke ko sker bdk(tut..tut)
=die sorang yg tegas tp ske gak wat lwk
=wan kate die nk blaja kt jepun kte doakan agar cite2 ko tercapai
=tp balik nnti jgn ko bwk bf dr sane lak
thanks coz tlg doakan.nk bwk bf dr sane gak.hahahaah!!

jimi's comment,
jom kenal my wanted!!
-kalo nk citer psl my wanted nie mmg panjang..rasenyer x ckp satu page.
-1stly, saye call die wanted coz die sorang yg dikehendaki oleh saye.hanye die sorang je yg dpt gelaran glamour tue.
-die nie not bad la rasenyer coz sume perangai yg die ade sume baik2.
-die nie penyayang,,cool, tegas,rajin, cun, x mudah putus asa, dengo nasihat org len, n happy go lucky.
-sape yg jd die nyer/husband pasti hidup bahagie sampe ke akhir hayat, kalo x caye tanye die sendiri.
-rasenyer, bkl husband angan2 die sy kenal.nk tau sape?pegi ke jepun jumpe hyun bin.die la orgnyer..
-sorang lg kami call die laki tue rambut berus coz rambut berus coz rambut die cm berus baju.hehehe...
ok la wanted..good luck 4 ur life, forever.
"persahabatn kte x kan putus hingga nyawaku lenyap di dunia ni"
my dream husband?hehehe..hyun bin kt korea la jimmy. :P

lina's comment,
bout you,
-->die nie sorang yg x tau nk ckp.sometimes marah, sometimes ok and i will be ko
pegi sabah naik basikal,
naik basikal pegi sabah,
x munasabah & x msk akl,
pegi sabah naik basikal
igt TOM, igt kwn aku..WAN!!
x der sape bley dpt spec cm kwn aku.
'hapi besday'
-daniel radcliffe aku nyer.
lina, 15th june 2006
ape nyer pantun la..adehh..hey my birthday is on 11th june lor..hehehe :P

nadzi comment,
die nie pandai dlm segala aspek.pandai dr segi akademik, pandai wat lwk n mcm2 lg.Die nie muke punye la serious tp ati baik.die nie pake spec mate.speck die slalu x betui.hehhee..buat wan..dengrle kate2 ini....
jgn le berjalan di dpn ku krn aku bkn pengikut yg baik..jgn le berjalan die belakang ku..krn aku bkn pemimpin yg baik..ttp jln la seiring denganku..mungking kte bisa menjadi tmn baik.
spec thn lps yg x betui tue..hehehe..yeah..kte jln seiiring ngn ko.. :P

fatt's comment,
-->wan nie frenly, baik, garang, serius dan sensitif.
-->die ske tgk citer jepun.Die menjiwai cite 2 betul2.
-->die ske tlg org sbb 2 la rame org yg nk kwn ngn die
-->k 2 je las =) kun!

jannet's comment,
wan syafiqa merupakan org yg ske sgt lelaki jepun dn korea.x tau ape nk ckp lg.
-semoga bahagia di smping keluarge dan pakwe-
i don't have bf la jannah.brape kali mau bg tau..heheh

izzati's comment,
ermm..wan nie die ade hidung, mate, mulut & segala2 nyer la yg mmbuatkan die tue normal.hehehe..x der la..sbnryne wan nie baik, caring tp sensitif, tgn die lmbut sgt...mcm...x tau ler mcm ape..
k bye..sayang wan!!
tgn lembut?? ke?sayang izzati!! :P

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Tommorow is exam!!

hoping that i will smile as sweet as him after my exam!luv u!miss u! :P

well.i hope i can make it.oh come on..don't worry to much, it just my first term exam.i used to tell myself.but i don't know why i am worrying too much about my exam.well..t really hope i do well tomorrow.pray for me k! :)

Today's event..

Gosh!!you will never believe what had happen today.well...after going to tuition, at around 1.30 p.m i guess jimi, maz, sue n me were relaxing at the playground.a lot of kids were playing and they are so adorable,we played with the kids too.a couple of minutes later, a little boy wearing a green t-shirt come closer to us and said someone wanna make friends with sue!whoa...that was incredibily cute n sweet! :P

anyway..the big2 event today is about jimi n that liar..lee!!act, we just using that boy(i mean the one who wanna make friends with sue) to be jimi's fake bf for a while.however, that plan did not turn well.lee did not even recognise the boy! hahaha..pity that boy.LOL!whoa..i did not know what on earth were happenning between them at their very first talk...jimi could not talk.she just cried nad cried and cried.we were kindda afraid at that moment..everyone was freezing including me!lee did not allow us to be with jimi during that talk.he just wanna talk with jimi alone.maz on the other hands, messaging her bf telling him what was happenning at that least, she has someone to comfort her.sue was calling her friend trying not to think about both of them who were arguing.but me..i only look at them spechless!!it never happen in my life before.but i was so angry until i turned all red!we were trying very hard to warmth jimi.jimi were only cried..then..when our way to release her tention by eating cendol...LOL.(act, jimi longing to eat cendol..that's why we planed to eat cendol together..)lee came to jimi and start to argue again!i could not hold it anymore!so i was having a debt with him until he's speechless!at last, this is what he said."aku tau la bf ko hensem.." "mmg pon..sedar pon diri aku lg baik dr ko pon.."(i don't have bf though :P..i don't know what did he think.did he think i really own a bf?LOL)He turned red! wow!!when i think about it again..did i really having a debt with a boy?talk to him?scolding him?whoa..that is not the real me.i never even talk with a boy before.that is what happen when you really angry and trying to back up your friend...anyway, this experienced is too adventerous. :P last, jimi break up with lee."i want you to know that you are my first love and it is not easy to forget..."that's jimi's last word.making me touched when i heard her love's moment with is painfull.that's for sure.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Mr. Romantic?

i'm not going for school today coz i catch a fever.yesterday,when i was on my way home, it was raining so now i have to suffer like this!however,yesterday..a boy did sweet things to me.the conductor bus asked me to lift the window because it was raining was too heavy for me to lift it.suddenly i heard"aii..pak cik.tgk ajer ke?"and then the pak cik murmuring saying that he could not helping bacause of blah blah blah..i don't know what the pak cik said.then a boy come closer to me and help me to lift that window.i was totally melting yesterday..hahahah...the boy indeed cute! :P anyway, ina confessed everything to jimi yesterday.i was beside jimi listening to i know that the one who should feel guilty is lee..that boy!ina is a nice girl.she told jimi that she will let jimi to date that boy and she will break up with him tomorrow.but jimi said that it's ok."i won't date that liar anymore".that's what jimi said!but soon after we had a talk with ina..jimi cried.i know it is hard to forget your first love jimi.don't worry still have friends like us. :) anyway, i found this video at youtube as i was searching for that cute dafi.hehehe...he is just too adorable!!love him!! :) it shows that he is a very romantic boy and i love the way he talk!his english is good!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

My friends love's life...

i'm back to school after a week!!'s too tired.and today, miss p-vier asked me to look for a teddy bear as she disable to find one for 'someone special' today.neddy on the other hands, asked me to buy three button pins which have the letter 'Z' on is for her 'someone special' too.however, i could only find one.gomen nasai.diorang nie betul la melayan perasaan.kte lak yg jd mangsa..huh.and today too...i felt very pity to Jimi.she finds out the truth at last!!that boy which she has been dating for cheated on her!how dare is that boy! Jimi really hurts and i know it's time to lend my shoulder to cry's okay jimi.proof to that boy that there are a lot of other boys who is waiting for you and you are not as fool as what he thinks!can you imagine?,your bf/gf is with some other girls or boys?holding hands(igt la agama sikit)he do not even care about jimi!!of course, deep inside you will bleeding and painful!what kind of boy is that?he only knows to say sweet things.what a bakayarou!don't worry jimi.just stay cool ne?to maz, i hope you will live happily ever after.. :) to nadz and fatt, i don't know what to say la..duh!!to ona, gambatte!!i know you will make it sue, i hope you will meet you future bf as soon as possible.i mean the alien ya! :P to nani, your jesse mcartney will always stays in your heart k? :) to niesa, "no one loves him like i do" yeah, you really proof that to me! :)i hope all of your dreams wil really come true k. i'll pray for you! :D

Monday, March 19, 2007

Secret between P's name.

Myspace Text Generator, Myspace GraphicsRANK CALLS?I KNOW HE DOESN'T LIKE IT
Myspace Codes, Myspace GraphicsN ADDITION, HE TOTALLY STEALS MY HEART AWAY. :p

Holiday is over!!!

holiday is finally over...i'm back after my three days trip to KL.kindda tired and i'm not going to school today.i seen a bunch of boys fighting today!my house is very near to RMM school.the fighting scared me too much!!i never seen boys fighting for the rest of my life!!yeah..i studying in all girls school from standard really my group presents the agama presentation..they go on without me.they thought i'm gonna scold them.of course not my dear friends...anything that related with that ustaz i do not mind..go on without me.i'll be okay.. :) owhh!!thinking about exam...make me sick!!i don't like it...especially when it comes to subjects like science n, miss p-vier tells me an unexpected things!someone propose her to be his gf on his birthday!whoa..that's totally sweet things!i wish both of them the best of luck in their relationship.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Too many problems!

Finally it's school holiday!!'s a good time for me.i have to take time to console myself.nowadays, i always stress.dunno why n i hope after this i will be happier. bad news is i will have an exam after holiday so i'm struggling in memorising facts.duh!!i hope i will do well in my examination.act, i don't have the mood in updating my blog just that i have many things in my mind + my bedroom is totally messing up!!ohh..i don't like it.i have to clean it up but i don't have time to do can i?and my stupid movie maker program is always hang!damn it!!i'm going to have some relaxation....relax..relax..i better do yoga!!hehehe..anway, wish me luck for my upcoming exam k!

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Kem Kepimpinan Pengawas :)

wow..that kem is soo exciting!!i never thought it will turn out to be an interesting moment!!luv it!!x leh here it is what i did when i went to that kem..

3.00 p.m=time pendaftaran n hear a speech about protokol during majlis rasmi.
6.00 p.m=went to take a bath n dinner.dinner that night is kindda terrible.i don't
like that meal!LOL ^^
7.40 p.m=performed prayer n learn to read doa properly.Conduct by that 'uSTAZ!'I
hate that!!
9.00 p.m=after we performed isyak prayer, we had an activity called ice breaking.i
like it so much.It taught us to be confident and....that night,
i was asked to be a model!!it kindda embarracing me as a freaking teacher...
(oh, i forget his name)look at me from up to down!o mem...
11.00 p.m= iyess!!went to sleep..zzzzz

5.30 a.m=time to get up!!it was soo cold at school as our school is up to the hill..
time to take a bath too.
6.30 a.m=performed subuh prayer an listen to ceramah given by Pn Rafidah.
7.30 a.m=took a breakfast and went to senaman.pretty tired as we had to jog
at the school compound.dh la berbukit, besa lak tuh..fuh!!
8.00 a.m=start our journey!it's treasure hunt!!wow..i absolutley love it!suke nyer
time spider web tu!!wow..mmg memerlukan kerjasama n kepekaan..
12.30 p.m=we had to do puzzle.the last challenge in treasure ssh ma!!last2
siap gak! :)
1.00 p.m=went to lunch.and the meal is delicious!! =)
4.00 p.m=majlis penutup.i be the mc..hahaha..banggenyer.. :P time tu bebudak rame2
nyanyi lagu salam perpisahan..rse sedih sgt!!nway,kem tue mmg best giler!!

p/s:sue!!where's the lyric?i want it!!plzz...

Thursday, March 1, 2007

The Worst Day In My School Life...

Ustaz scold me today.he get really really mad !I was only cutting my nail.ONLY A NAIL!!because my skin is peeling i have to stand up during the first, i think it just a normal way when someone who doesn't listen well to teacher
(i do listen at that time!)get that punishment but soon, ustaz saw rasyidah doing math homework while he is teaching!ustaz got sooo angry so he grab the books and asked me n rasyidah to go in front of the class.i was freezing but i had no choice..i just obey what ustaz asked me to do so. Ustaz get soooooo mad n throw the books in front of me n rasyidah.i know it is my fault but i think it just a small matter.That ustaz is too emotional i guess.later,he asked me n rasyidah to get out from class!!it was the horrible moment in my life!then, he too get out from my class n my class is very quiet at that time!we have 30 minutes left and everybody is keep silent.i did not went into my class..i just stand outside and reading my science book.i am thinking right now..should i ask ustaz for aplogize?but somehow, i am an egoistic girl..plzz...somebody who reads it, i hope you all can give me ur opinion.plzz!!it is bothering me so much! :( thank god, there is not pendidikan agama subject tomorrow.i think i start to dislike(not hate)that ustaz for bertindak mengikut perasaan and never tegur org in a good n polite way.i know it is bad n not good in disliking teachers it just that i feel that way nowadays. i try to ignore taht feeling n just studying in normal way but i can't!well..i'm gonna go to kem kepimpinan pengawas for 2 days so i am not able to on9 or updating my blog.i'm gonna tell you my experienced there!