Monday, November 28, 2016


I have so much things to tell you.

Maybe these few days or week I won't be able to write as much as I want here. I would always try anyway since writing is sort of my therapy.

I hope you are now feeling okay, no daily stress and live your life happily like usual. I just hope I was not one of your mood swing contribution haha. Just in case if you feel like talking to me back, I'm always here :)

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Another you


Today I found another you. Another someone who actually reads me silently haha. The only different is he reads my fb instead of my blog. My sister was a lecturer and apparently some of her students added me as well, because I attended some of her classes perhaps. Though I don't really know them all, I just approved them considering they are my sister's students. So I had this friend request approved 3 years ago.

I have no idea he has been watching for over the years. Well he made it pretty obvious though when he 'likes' my old photos a few times before consequently pulak tu aigu. I noticed it a few times during those interval but I was too busy to even care, but not until my younger sister voice it out last time haha. And the funny part is that all my siblings, the 5 of us. Semua dia add as a friend. Kelakar kan? lol

Anyway  after these years, he made it all way to approach me even if it's only on facebook. After all the efforts he did, liking and read comments sampai ingat every details wahh I'm impressed hahaha. Memang boleh dapat award stalker terbaik, boleh link information lagi pergh kerja kat fbi pun boleh ni. Oh okay, when I think it back pretty much more differences. I know where he come from, what he's been doing and all while you are anonymous. Aaaa and he's also from 'luaskan kuasamu' area. hahaha. So he told me today he actually interested to know me better and that's the reason why he keeps on tracking me.

So erm can I know you better as well? hehe

Anyway, I'm glad that I am able to spread positive vibe throughout my writings and shares on my page. I hope people will find it beneficial though sometimes I do talk nonsense. I am just a plain girl who still struggles on a lot of things that owns so much flaws. I still have so much space inside me that I need to improve. Well, I see my life goes on as what has been planned by Allah. My life is just as interesting as you if you keep being happy, optimist and rely on Him more :)

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Dear God


I don't listen to Avenged Sevenfold haha. But this song is an exception. Lyrics are beautiful yet so heartwarming. I never heard anything from him anymore. I don't even know how things are going on. I'm just hoping that wherever we go, Allah protect us, keep us guided and blessed. I'm just hoping that we will be good Muslim. You know that I'm so into piano rhythm, kan? :)

"Dear god, 
The only thing I ask from you, 
is to hold her when I'm not around, 
when I'm much too far away.
We all need the person who can be true to you, 
but I lost her when I found her, 
and now I'd wish I stay."

ps: Look for the full lyrics though. You'll know why I'm so immersed with this.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

The Tiny Creatures

I arrived Kuantan this morning. Early morning, at around 3.30am.

It was the end of another hectic week. I was all busy from Monday collecting data, doing my lab works because I received a call from my supervisor telling me that I need to attend a conference in UTM. So it gets quite a little hectic when I had to rush myself packing my stuffs, washed and had my lunch in just an hour. Makan pun rasa macam tak digest je aha. I was expecting that the journey would take around 4 hours and 30 mins to Larkin from Kuantan. Frustratingly, it took around 7 hours to get there. Ya tuhan, banyaknyaa dia berhenti berhenti T.T Boleh pulak dia transit lama kat Segamat. Aaaaa 

Anyway I attended the conference on Thursday, obviously not as a presenter yet hehe. So I had my sister who brought my late mom's car to UTM to pick up and drop me to the conference area. Weirdly, I found myself enjoying listening to most of the talk I went. Well I like it when people talk about the things they do passionately. I really do :') There were lots of area of research covered from Biology to Biomedical Engineering. As I listen to everything I was excited. But later on I feel that the area of research is actually infinity and wide. Everybody was presenting their work progression and all for somehow I feel that human beings are actually just little creatures. Kerdil. Yes, kerdil. Even if we think that our brains can function powerfully, still they are limited to a certain extent. And a human being would never ever able to discover everything in this world! Not even the entire human body!

I stumble across this verse after a while, 

"Dan kunci-kunci semua yang ghaib ada padaNya; tidak ada yang mengetahui selain Dia. Dia mengetahui apa yang berada di darat dan di laut. Tidak ada sehelai daun pun yang gugur yang tidak diketahui oleh Nya. Tidak ada sebutir biji pun dalam kegelapan bumi dan tidak pula sesuatu yang basah atau yang kering, yang tidak tertulis dalam lauh mahfuz" Al-An'am, ayat 59.

We sometimes are proud of who we are. Be it people who obtain bachelors degree, masters, phd or whosoever. After all, you are still bound to the most powerful strength, Al-'Aleem, the all knowing;the Omniscient. Upholding the legacy of seeking knowledge is highly encouraged and recommended. However, Allah command us in Surah Al-Alaq to read in the names of Allah. It's when the more you learn, the more you discover things you ended up to reflecting yourself that there's no one greater than Him. 

I am still overwhelmed after reading the verse. 

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Umar Al-Khattab


There is someone I knew who was named after a great sahabah. This sahabah is one of the kind in which I always look up to. He's brave, firm and always be the first line defense of the Islamic troop during the war. It was even narrated that the Quraisy (kafir Quraisy;the enemy) would even turned around, never dare to move forward when they were told that Umar is heading towards them. That's how powerful Umar Al-Khattab was.

If I were able to give you this directly, I would had already. I hope that whoever came across this post would benefit from it as well :')

Credit to Indahnya Islam webpage:
9 kelebihan Amirul Mukminin Umar Al-Khattab RA

It would be better if the link image appeared here at least...
Semoga bermanfaat!

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

You can & you will

MashaAllah dah November daaah.

Lagi 2 bulan umur dah nak 24 tahun. WHAAAT

Age, please stop now. You are making me worried lol.

My busy weekend just ended last week. Dan baru sahaja habis presentation untuk kelas Ethics. Gigih la baca pasal history of misconducts bagai, sampai dah tepu dah kepala ni. My body was literally drained. Aha. Okay I have no idea that organizing a program for school kids is actually beyond my strength hahaha. Though it was not in my bucket list, this could probably be an unlocked achievement! You know sometimes school kids can be out of control but luckily I managed to get their attention. Kudos to all primary school teachers! Now I know how amazing you guys were after being in the situation myself. I mean, sorang dua budak takde hal weh, ni kalau dah 40 orang ni mau flat terus. hahaha. But I actually get excited and did really enjoy myself. My point is, kalau korang nak handle bebudak ni tolong lah fit dan energetic, kalau tak nanti drain segala tenaga walau separuh hari.

Anyway, the exciting part is the program was held as a 'moms & kids' day treat'. Dalam erti kata lain, cara untuk tarik ibu ibu untuk ada kualiti time bersama. Kadang-kadang ibu ibu ni nak datang macam macam program, tapi sebabkan ada kekangan waktu, tak tahu anak nak bagi siapa jaga bagai.. bila ada program macam ni, senang lah sikit kan. Hati pun senang tak payah risau sebab anak anak ada program lain tapi di tempat yang sama :')

Jiwa saintis Wan Syafiqa sebenarnya dah agak terserlah dah masa program ni hewhew. Jadi sebagai ketua program yang berdedikasi, kami diberi mandat untuk buat program 'science backyard'. Soo banyak la experiment yang menarik dan kreatif untuk adik adik ni. Buat volcano eruptions, colour dance dan lava lamp. Memang adik adik tu seronok la, kakak kakak yang handle pun eksited tak habis. Jenuh tau akak sorang ni dok ingat balik silibus sekolah zaman sekolah rendah dulu. Tapi puas sangat rasa bila boleh share dengan adik adik tu how Quran Vs. Science works.

Penciptaan Manusia 

Kemudian air mani itu Kami jadikan segumpal darah, lalu segumpal darah itu Kami jadikan segumpal daging, dan segumpal daging itu Kami jadikan tulang belulang, lalu tulang belulang itu Kami bungkus dengan daging. Kemudian Kami jadikan dia makhluk yang (berbentuk) lain. Maka Maha sucilah Allah, Pencipta Yang Paling Baik.(Surah Al-mukminun, ayat 14)


"Dan Dialah yang telah menciptakan malam dan siang, matahari dan bukan. Masing-masing dari keduanya itu beredar dalam garis edarnya" (Surah Al-Anbiya' ayat 30)

Kejadian Hujan 

“Allah, Dialah yang mengirim angin, lalu angin itu menggerakkan awan dan Allah membentangkannya di langit menurut yang dikehendaki-Nya, dan menjadikannya bergumpal-gumpal; lalu kamu lihat hujan keluar dari celah-celahnya, maka apabila hujan itu turun mengenai hamba-hamba-Nya yang dikehendaki-Nya, tiba-tiba mereka menjadi gembira,” ( Surah Ar-Ruum ayat 48)

For the first time I feel like a story teller. Habis kena kerumun sambil dengar cerita. Dah rasa macam cikgu tadika dah. Seronok rupanya bila dapat peluang kaitkan apa yang kita belajar dengan Quran :') Seronok bila dapat kongsi ilmu dengan adik adik. Discovering science theory is like another way to discover His Mercy. Selalu sangat rasa terharu dengan kebesaran Dia. Quran has mentioned all these before scientist found it kan. Tugas researchers ni sebenarnya hanya prove teori yang dalam Quran. First time rasa amazed bila pergi talk Dr. Daniel pasal Quran & Science dulu. Peeps, seeking of knowledge is something that everyone should do I tell ya gaiss. You know that 800 centuries ago, when scientific approach was established during islamic empire? When there is too many doctors that they need to undergo for some elections as well tons of books were produced masa zaman tu? Each and everytime I watched the video and I read about how massive and great islamic empire was, I tend to have this mix feelings. I think I have this spirit to uphold the legacy of seeking knowledge like what the previous muslim scholars did so that at least I contribute something as an image of a muslimah. At the same time, I feel so sad looking at the circumstances of our ummah today. Too much keyboard warriors, too much complains without doing anything and too much thinking about the world when we have the ultimate life which in the hereafter. 

Dan setiap kali program, mulalah sesi muhasabah diri aku -.-
Semoga dapat mengubah dunia. An yeah well, you can and you will iAllah. 

To all my dear younger brothers and sisters, 
That was the best I can do for you. I will come again with some better ideas to spread the beauty of islam and science as well in order for you to keep close to Allah and get a clear picture that science and Quran has not boundaries. I will use all that I have to keep this world a better place. To this ummah, for you and for Islam :)

Untuk rakan yang sama sama berjuang, "Dunia bukan tempat berehat. Rehat lah bila di Syurga nanti" (Ahmad Ammar, Tarbiyyah selepas kematian). I am so inspired with this. 

Bakal Saintis Ummah