Monday, February 26, 2007

Heart Break...

Finally,after knowing the truth, i'm a little upsad today.They say that he has a gf now and i totally felt sad and disappointed.i tought it is all a rumor but someone corrected me,he indeed has a gf!i still remember, how he help a little girl to wear her shoes from the first time i saw him.oh, how sweet he was at that moment!but i know that we can't make it together because he is far away from me and he never knows me.liking(or maybe loving)someone that do not know you at all is pretty tough i guess.sometimes i wonder, why do i get so crazy with someone that doesn't know me?
i try my best but i can't!he love surfing and has a traditional thoughts about love.he can play guitar, trumpet and piano.he eats using left hand and write with right hands.i think these facts is enough.let i keep the rest of it.i hope he is reading now and knows how i admire the saying goes(only he say that)every girls heart made by glass and now my heart is break into pieces and it is hard to heal it..Love,syafiqa..


autumn_tears said...

i's so pain.. and i still remember ur quote.."sometimes love is beautiful, and sometimes it's really painful". nway, is that a lying when u said u never experienced love?? nvm... it's a secret..right? well, i hope.. i wish... what do u dream will come true... n trust me, someday u will get a happy life with ur soul mate or that mystery guy... hehe..

Wan Syafiqa said...

yups..sometimes it is really painful.well..i'm confuising with my feeling now..