Monday, May 7, 2007

Feeling a little weird today.

today, i go to school as usual. but the unexpected things is chew brought the pictures that i ordered a few days ago. of course it's agaisnt school rules to bring such pictures but she never listens to me. i told her many times already.finally i found out that a lot of people ordered yamapi's pictures too. i feel a little disappointed.i don't know why. for sure, i should be happy to hear that my friends are into yamapi too. meaning that yamapi is now famous and of course has a publisity in malaysia starting from now. a true fans will always do that right? but me..i am more than a fan!ooops..shouldn't say that. yeah.. many people will surely think in that way as they are too obsess with him. but i'm different!i know it's different!i feel tired and i miss him a lotx! :(

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