Sunday, April 18, 2010


Readers ! updates again ! ;)

It's been a while since no updates in this blog. It is of course due to stupid internet excess at home. huhu. nevermind then. there's even a person who did complain because i did not update my blog. and dear here it is. ;)

so well, the Q day was yea i should admit is as a wonderful day. really nice. although i have to burn my skin under the hot day preparing oblong and ABC but yea it was nice enough to see him by my side.hehe.

"oblong x sdp ! " ewah2, best la dedication tueh. hahaha. it was nice la. everybody said so ok. well, don't envy me for preparing such a delicous oblong. whatelse readers, there were tons of stalls selling products, foods and beverages. i enjoyed watermelon juice prepared by 1Gamma just beside my stall. seriuosly, it was so damn good but then, they do not even want to treat their lovely kak wan btw. wicked juniors ! ;P

Before the Q day, something bad happend to me. it was the moment whereas i lost my confidence the most. Muhd Rizqin Syahmi, you are none compared to shit ! Human who has good mentality and thinkings would not act as you did. the words that you burst out does not make me mad enough even it really made my blood pressure high. thanks god for giving me the strength facing this obstacles because yea i did not give him a punch on his face ! The things that really disappointed me is when the so called nice-smart-good behave headprefect of science kepala batas school, =) was spreading the news all over the f5batch of the pitiful predators was really that annoyed. the things was so annoyed and nonsense to be shared to all of you viewers. sorry for that. That's what the ppl say, good mind doesnt make a good behaviour. I hope ppl who read this especially ppl who know the story would take notes on the things of what i said. :)

That's all for now. Have a nice day. Need to go back to the school which is full of hatred !
I rest my case.


Old dwarf said...

school is really day u will missed at yor school...i really want to go back to my old school...missed that moment...

Wan Syafiqa said...

hi old dwarf.
i know im going to miss school so much. but not the students. huhu