Saturday, July 10, 2010


Hi viewers.

Actually, my holiday for this 2nights and a day at my home turned out to be very tough. I caught a fever due to my stomach-ache. I vomited for about thousand times and i could not even eat. It was very pitiful. Not to mention only that, suddenly i feel like i was abandoned from him. I noticed something different from him. I don't know what's really about him. He did not reply my texts as what i was wishing for. Well, this short period of time really make me sad as i was treated that way by him and he seemed a bit angry and not into mood when i had a little misunderstanding in our conversations. Does his feeling fade away? Or maybe he has found somebody new? Dear, if this really happens, u should tell me. Have a frank talk to me. I will let you go even if i had to break my heart into thousand of pieces.

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