Sunday, May 3, 2015

May the 3rd.

Hello peeps.

Dah lama sangat rasa nk update blog but my life here gets so busy. Literally, no weekends. If only there is extra 24hours in a week. *sigh*

7 years ago, yesterday was one of my special day to be remembered. If that stays, I wouldn't ask for any other things to be near you. But sadly, it gets crashed and destroyed every single time when I tried to fix and rebuild back the bond. 

Well, I wouldn't want to hold that request for any longer either. Indeed I think I captured a moment when I received it, but numerous wild thoughts keep on running inside me. Thought that I would be responding it on the right time, it was being cancelled. Missile was shooting me, yes right at that part.

Hey me, 
Happy Anniversary. For holding the feeling and this certainty for too long.

Don't keep on falling Syafiqa. Get up. 

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