Friday, September 2, 2016

DNA actually works!

Okay my DNA is actually works!

Omoo aiguuu :')

Hi may baby DNA, you are successfully amplified! hehehe. Happy? yeah I'm happy! At least it is according to the plan.

However, the band seems so tiny in size so we need to troubleshoot it. And we decided to buy a new primer. Aligned the DNA sequence and with all the previous dehalogenase gene in ncbi. Common Wan Syafiqa, you can do it.

I practically have a lot of things in mind but I have no one else around to talk to right now. So if it happens for someone to read this or a frequent silent reader of mine, please drop me a cheer up and spirit booster message on my facebook message so I can gather all my strength to climb up this mountain!

Thank you for reading my entry and witnessing part of my journey in life :)

Cheers people!

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FaizFizy Rosle said...

You found a silent reader :)