Thursday, August 16, 2007

Nothing's much..

muahahha...^evil laugh^ i log in my friendster and of course my blog using my brother's computer.. :P he's not at home now as he is acompany my sister for her bacaan yassin ceromony. :D soory along for not asking your permission first. it just that, i want to use computer soooo badly. plus the internet xcess here is so damn good! shouldnt thinking twice to use it. ^^ hahaha....anyway, my fasting day is so tiring! i need more rest and always sleep so so early everyday which cause me not to finish my homework..duh! :P to go now.. afraid that my brother will turn out suddenly in front of this pc... :P

1 comment:

Wan Syakira said...

he's so selfish! wait till i get back and steal away the modem, so we'll start a dog and cat fight!