Friday, July 13, 2007

Poison box!!

ok now well...i have nothing to say much here. i feel like wanting to spent my time with my beloved one. yeah...i feel so tired due to activities in school. i'm so stressed out!this evening, English Interact Club's members carried an activities which is kinda was poision box where we played the music on the air and we had to pass a box in a circle so when the music is stopped, the box which is in the hand of the last player should pick one of the question in the box and did what the instruction told you to do so. So mine was.....

"Lets say that you have ur beloved boyfriend. then, when you are walking around the mall, you suddenly saw ur bf with some other sexy girl! the boy betrayed you! so what are you gonna do."

1st of all, i dont have any ideas, what should i do then. Sis Pal gave me idea what should it be....."you betrayed me for this girl???, i mean..this girl??"(give a nasty look)" owhh!!"(walked away) everybody was clapping and shouting at the same time. hahaha.. couldnt imagine what i had done. i used to be the one who control2 skit.hehehe... but it was kinda fun. ^^ wish to have this kind of game next time.

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