Friday, February 19, 2010

Life goes on.

Readers !

I've been to my school just now. RAJA PEREMPUAN KELSOM @ GOVERMENT ENGLISH GIRLS SCHOOL. i would like to admit here. I miss my old school like hell ! I miss my time there. my old tyme. The good old days. As i stepped inside, i took a deep breath. Gently, i walked in to the post guard. Asking for the permission and i went to the office. it still looks the same. i met my principle. god, she's very small compared to mama, my principle in the so called SAKBA. haha. still, she's cuter. i went donwstairs and tried to search the 5sc1 class. They've been to the class which i usually imagined to be in to. I smile and found that they were not there. i've been greeted by the girls. my juniors. It was quiet touchful. haha. i thought they will never remember me anymore as on of the ex-girls. I was wrong, they do. I went to the canteen, meeting Pak Cik Din and Che Mah. I miss 'em ! They treated me like their children before. I still remember, i met them and tell them about the pmr questions which i've been through. They just smile and reply, "takpe2, cuba lagi" ohh yea, Pak Cik Din had told me about him being a straight a's student once, but then Che Mah came and say, "Jgn kamu pecaye pakcik kamu tuh ! " Straight away, i laughed. Ohh2, pkcik pandai tipu yer. haha. ;) Cikgu Pie gave me a treat of nasi ayam n milo. arhh, the best combination among all !

Well, i was there up to 2 pm i guess. i accompanied my friend in bilik BP. the prefects room. Oh dear, guess what? i feel like i want to do all the prefect's work back. i miss the prefectorial board of the all girls' school. The girls' rules ! All i have to do was just seated and watched them working on the certificates for the prefects' ocassion next week. It was very sad. I kept silent and yea, they're asking me bout the prefects' thingy and yeah, i manage to reply it fluetly . It generally means, i still can manage the prefectorial board. :)

So let the prefects' board at my school would always be as the same level as in RPK. I'll work on it. Promise ya.


SnoW whiTe said...

When i said i miss school, i mean the fun, not the teachers or the school :p

But life n perception would be different among the girls in our family. Our favourite teachers r not the same, and yet the lepak places and activities too r dffrent.

But i love doing the duty at the main gate as a prefect in school- the place where i got to watch the boy i like cycling every morning.LOL.

mell said...

dear, i miss rpk too :)
much more

Wan Syafiqa said...

well, i miss rpk too much !