Thursday, February 18, 2010

Yesterday and this morning.

Morning ! ohaiyo guzaimasu. the phrase dt i greet sensei every morning when i meet her. hehe. It's a bright sunny morning. Syafiqah ask me to accompany her going to my former school back as she wants to take some items that is if you dont have it, then say buhbye to your spm result. the oral affects the result so much i tell you. huhu.

well, yesterday was a sleeping day for me. i wake up and perform subuh prayer, then sleep again, wake up some house chores (the one in school i mean) and my phone rang. i picked up and say, "what's up?" "its me on the line" ohh, syafiqah.. "yea kenape?" "jom la g skola ari n.ak siap da.ko nk ak amik ko ker?" wth, i didnt even take my bath yet. arhh, busuk2.haha. my dad n mom were not home yesterday so i dont have the transport going out yesterday + i did not take my shower yet anndd i'm doing the house work so, sorry dear. It's been posponed by today. gonna meet all my frens back :) seronok2.hehe.

yesterday, mom cooked bihun soup for me. waaa..happy gler i tell you. i ate it and it did force me to take up the 2nd bowl. hehe. the soup is nice. suddenly fahmi text me. oh2. what's up now? he asked me to accompany him going to the library. i agreed. why? becoz i've taken my shower. haha ! but before that, i slept after taking the paracetamol. my throat was ached yesterday and i started feeling a bit dizzy. aiyaa.. its the beginning of my fever. i've knew it. hah! so i decided to drink a lot of water and soon when i wake up this morning. they all fade away except for my running nose. hish, menyampah btol. i don't know how many tissue boxes did i use for it.haha.on my way home from the library, adik text me saying that she's longing for air kelapa. lahaaii, where should i buy it? i walked around lembah searching for it but unluckily, the stall tutup. to let go of my sighed, i seat and then, "mak cik, laksa satu !" haha.quite pissed off. the weather was so damn hot ! if you put anything in the middle of the road, i dare to say. your food is going to 'served and ready to eat'. i walked and walked again. on my way to the bus10, i stopped at a cake house. waa..the cake looked yummy. i bought one and it indeed gooddd ! ;)

at night, waaa. study3x! and texting with zul. haha. dt guy, he keep on making me smile. cess. huhu. i texted with him till i sleep. adeyh tunggu mcg dy punye la lame smpy ttdo2.hoho. I sleep with the bio reference book in my arms. oh2, buku tu da kemek.haha.

so, i'm going to continue my day today right after dis. END.


SnoW whiTe said...

Now i know where u got the ferrero rocher...huh. :P

buy me some too.

n u owe me the kasut sent to the indon guy.

Wan Syafiqa said...

nahh, its not him. oke ? huhu

u sis, only know to paw org ! ;P