Saturday, May 22, 2010

Malaysia - Thailand. A beautiful bond.

There's nothing much i would like to write here. I was being the tour guide for the Siamese who came to my school. It was such a very beautiful one. They are so nice yet friendly. Although they don't really understand English but we managed to converse and communicate with each other well. We even tried to learn to speak in Thailand. Haha. It was nice. We enjoy helping you teachers ! The second delegation was not conducted by us. Hence, I don't know what's up with the them who pay a visits on my school. The next one will be the Star gazing and space camp. Sheikh Muzaffar might be around. Wait for the next post ya readers. I'm going to have a snap with him. haha. By the way, here's some pictures we captured during the day. ;)

The teachers from Thailand after having lunch. We even learn how to say delicious during that moment. It was " Alloy ka? " remind me of Cemistry ! ;P

He's wearing our batik. ;) Nice huh? One of the most active teachers and i enjoy being and guide him. He bought the SMSKB goody bag and really have the strong spirit to gain knowledge here.

A snap with mama. Our lovely school principal. Mama, please bring us to Thailand ! Can't wait. ;P

The delegation of Thailand at the back. ;D

They came to our school a month ago. Still I remember him and somehow, they think I'm a teacher instead of a student? Nonsense ! haha. I still young and have long way to go. ;)

The Nanny, and the Little 2 gay sisters. ;p Dear, I'm having fun of having a really nice team mates. Strong faith in the stars and our family yaww ! Not forgetting the debate team. Our school 1st batch team. Nothing compared to anything else. Love you Imah and Bella. Can't say love to zaha, Ain is going to kill me. haha.


Anonymous said...

huh... i like it..

Wan Syafiqa said...

ohh, thanks. ;)