Thursday, June 10, 2010

Star Gazing and Space Camp.

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How do you feel today?
FANTASTIC !! haha. Zaharim's style. ;)
This is what Zaharim done during the star gazing. Haha. pretty funny ya. ;P

I think I've fallen for the stars and the sky. This is of course due to the programme. I love the stars yet the sky ! It really amazed me to the creators. So ppl, this is what happen during the tyme.

Day 1st, 28th of May

The foreigners from Thailand and Indonesia and the other participants from the selected SBP and a few of daily schools check in during that time. The students of SMSKB which did not involve already packed all their things up going home that day. The participants of my school which consists of most of the Form 5 did nothing. We slept and some were having cit chat. The night before we were having some 'gotong-royong asrama' just because of them. ! I worked overload that night. Pity me. But, for the sake of my school, its OK then. ;) The next thing was, the opening ceremony. So the Endang dancers took part in it to welcome them. AND.... there we go.. Zaharim conducted the ice breaking. Pretty fun but then i dont have the chance to meet other schools students as we were just playing with the common faces everyday which were of course the boy at my school just to keep away from getting the punishment. haha. Still, I keep listening to some girls talking about that boy is handsome, that one is cute and etc. Well, i dont have the mood gossiping about them. haha. The next thing was a talk by K.C about how to take the pictures of the stars, galaxy and planets. seriously i tell you... it was damn freaking cool ! Sorry then, i dont have all that pictures. I do but i dont have the scanner to share it here. It ends up at 11 i guess, and.. I sleep soundly because i was very tired.

Day 2, 29th of May
The next day on the morning we were briefed about how to make the water rocket. The 1st one was just a talk and they showed us the right way to build a telescope. I wish i have one. Telescope is not that hard to build actually and yea, we can actually see the stars anytime with the rules that the sky should not have a thick cloud. ;) The clock strike at twelve and i have the chance looking at the sun. During the sun gazing i can see the sun spot. COOL ! i can see a few of dark spots here and there. ;) We were having lunch after that and continued with the next session which was building the water rocket. Aha! Nice one. I was able to get it done at the right time and my rocket was perfect. ;) Well readers, this is the moment which i met him. He looked and me and smile. I looked at him back and did nothing. My heart was pounding that hard. Haha. I turned walked away and wondered who is him? Followed on the night thingty was having a star gazing and going into a so called igloo. I dont know what was it but the easiest thing to describe it was an igloo. haha. The Organizer asked us to separate into a group of boys and a group of girls. Supposedly that night we were able to see the planet and moon. But we were having a thick cloud for a while and yea then we can see it ! Nice one. Some even took pictures. I went back to hostel quite early that night. But during the time, he passed me by quite often. ;)

Day 3rd, 29th of May
The Malaysia's Books of Records !! yeahaaa..!! We were creating the Malaysia's record for launching a 50 rockets at the same time. Unluckily, we only managed to launch only 41 rockets. The other 9 was a bit late.huhu. It's ok then. We still have the records but it was written 41 rockets. It was of the big triumphs of a new school guys ! Chill ! hehe. On the afternoon, we were given the chance to practice launching water rockets as in the evening we were going to have a competition. Everything moved smoothly. Our group did pretty well but we did not win. Congrats to the winner ! Lah and the gang. hehe. At night, star party ! but the thing turned worst when, it was raining. Gosh !! Just imagine. we did nothing..only took photos and exchanging phone numbers. And, I snap a pic with him. He is actually from Sains Johor and he is Haziq. ;) Dont get me wrong. I didnt take any of the boys phone number. huhu. The day ends with a smile after having a snap with him.

Last Day, 30th Of May
The closing ceremony. Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor came ! He came late. Really. and he indeed handsome ! haha. very2 handsome ! Every one was around him. taking pictures and i got his autograph ! That is just enough for me.haha.

Readers, the photos would come up next ! Stay tuned.

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