Thursday, June 17, 2010

The sem break.

It's nearly 1 and a half week spending my time with my sister at home. What more could i say rather that having a dull birthday and probably holiday without my family in Malaysia. Well, i wish they have fun in India back then. Today's friday. seems that 2days left before going back to school and the class session might really pressure me. well, yeah the sbp trials is just around the corner. a month left and i still think that i cant manage to answer it like they should be answered. ohh, pretty much. homework. =) i didn't finish a single of it. what a really good girl im being here huh. i still don't have the spirit once i step inside my home. not into mood of study. haha. well, thinking that i should put it in action viewers.

gtg. will update soon. ;)

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