Wednesday, November 17, 2010

If he is the moon, I'll be the star.

Hi readers.

People, i guess i've found another him. Another someone that can always draw a smile on my face. Another someone who seems to write sweet notes to me. Another someone who manage to make me feel the butterfly in my stomach more than SPM (i bet) and yet another someone who is unable to be seen again except for the moon which symbolizing him. However, this isn't interrupting myself from focusing on my aim. This one seems beautiful that able me to have the strength to go to school once just to see him even only a flash figure of himself. See, how powerful does it work. :) As it feels like he is the 1st guy whom i seeked for during the thousand crowds of boys, this is such feeling which abandoned me a couple of months before.

For even i can always feel the heat of the disappontment until now, maybe the moon can heal it slowly. However, it takes loyalty and the faithful itself to have a happy relationship which suits you. I visited his page just now. Well, seems that he was tied in a bond with someone I really know since last year. Maybe high hopes don't give you anything except for a heart broken. haha. seems that i'm a bit sentimental today. haha. Funny. But well ya, he is even the so called guy whom girls are always chasing on. No doubt. I dunno why and again it's funny for falling for him. I never thought though.
Hey dear,
I never rely on appearance to like someone, it all depends on you yourself.

I don't like you because of looks, it because you know how to treat me sweetly.

I'm not the type of girl who is easily fall for someone but it because I know how to judge you. :)

I'm not someone who will lose my pride easily and it seems like you know how to respect me.

People, if you again asking me, " Is it because if his appearance ? " I'll answer it NO. I did only just realize it he indeed has the look once I've been treated nicely by him. Fullstop :)

Each time I miss you,
A star would fall down from the sky,
If you looked up at the sky,
And found it dark with no stars,
It's your fault.
You make me MISS you SO MUCH.

chilled up! he has being reminded me. =.='
They say I'm starting to love and being loved again.
Am I?


sharifah husna said...

have a happy life after this..nice job wan!

Wan Syafiqa said...

thank you. i can see the light at the end of the tunnel . hehe

lina said...

woho.whosss that yamapis ?
mahu tahu!

Wan Syafiqa said...

haha. lina...

he's soo unreachable whch unable me to dscribe him. :)

lina said...

aha !
awak hutang saya!
lepas exam,cerita ya! :DD

SnoW whiTe said...

oh no.........
he is just a hingusan boy.!