Thursday, December 9, 2010

Finally, it's over.

Wuuhhue ! :)

After all, I've done it. No more examinations at sch. After 3weeks imprisoned by the power of SPM, finally... Here I am. UPDATING MY BLOG again which is the turning point for the LONG BLOODY REST. However, leaving school isn't a really major things I should treasure after adapting to school for about 10 years through thick and thin. It's a relief but also, a sigh. Not to mention living in a hostel for about only 1 and a half year really taught me to have a real life. It taught me a lot of things and yea, I am glad, glad to be placed here in the hostel called 'ASRAMA PUTERI SEK. MEN. SAINS KEPALA BATAS' . Juniors in aspuri, breaking the hostel's rules, gossiping right after the prep class, waking up early lining up for shower, the free-shower bath with kain batik ( it was thrilling. seriously. haha ), eating every meals at the dining hall, staying up late for the next day examination, having a crush on boys, packing things for the overnight session, buying tickets to go home... I'm not going to taste them anymore. But most of all, these are the things that I'm going to long for ;

  • Sarah's voice waking up the dorm members. "Bgun2..... Bella, bgun2. " haha
  • Azan Muzzakir. Last subuh kt skola, sayu sgt rasa. :)
  • Makan pau chocolate kt dining hall. Xpernah jumpa kt mana2 lg pau choc. hehe
  • The Asmiza's violence. Tyme dy kejut aku bler... "miza ! gerak aku lg 10mnt" Dy gerak aku smpy aku bgn. Sgt mmbingitkn telinga aku. =.='
  • Junior2 yg bg salam. " assalamualaikum, kak wan. " terase direspect. hihi
  • Mkn besar lps PBM / weekend. My fave. ;)
  • Captain house, Hafiz's order. " Wan, phoenix nk uat ap ? " Will miss it.
  • Faisyal's voice as Imam. Sedapnye suara dy..
  • Adik2 phoenix yg slalu tease me !! haha. SAYANG korg
  • Toiletries yg belambak2 beratur kt depan shower tunggu turn. tp aku xpernah letak pon.
  • Inspection ! inspect locker budak2 rumah. haha. ^^
  • Row-call. walapon menensionkn dn agak annoying...
  • Sensei soccer kasut. haha ^^
  • Tukar2 simcard kt spe2 yg bwk hpone illegally. ;p
  • Bella's new tips of fashion.
  • Stay up mlm2 kt tepi tingkap.
  • Kelas biology, hardcore extra class time. perghh..
  • Abah's advices for their daughters and sons.
There are more sweet and bitter stuffs that happen in sch. I would not forget single of it. I earn a lot of things since the 1st step I'm here. and yeah, I'm proud to be known as the students from Kepala Batas Science Secondary School or even as the SBPian. Once a SBPian, is always a SBPian. They say that. :)

Whoever said that this the end of the school is such a relief?
NO, its a SIGH.


ummu_iman said...

haha . now i'm 19 but i always miss those moment when i was in school *cause i was just like u . sekolah berasrama penuh . hehe * btw nice to noe u :)

Wan Syafiqa said...

ohh, really ? :)
bet that growing up isn't that really
nice. haha.

ohh, which sch were u then? ^^ nice 2 noe u too. btw, ur name sounds familiar if im not mistaken.

ain said...

i like this onee! put it on note on fb! then tagg everyone! like like! :)

Wan Syafiqa said...

orayt bebeh. hehe