Monday, May 2, 2011


Okay, okay. Gosh. NEED NEW POST. : )

Part of my recent daily activities.
So peeps.
The last whole week. This was the 2nd lady (rizman's nickname on me) overall schedule.

22nd-24th of April :
Accompanied my sister for her International Conference back in UIA. Meeting HIM, Syera, and new friend, Jacob. Book fair shopping. Grand dinner and Arabic Cuisine dinner with Kak Nun and Ahmad.

on 25th :
The bell's ringing. I am at home yaw.

26th-27th of April :
Back to KL by boarding a bus with my dad. 3hours journey. Should meeting Jacob for dinner but it was canceled due to some family matters of him. Don't worry. I'm fine with it and my interview session was yea HILARIOUS. So, the result is still awaiting.

on 28th :
Home sweet home.

29th to 30th of April :
Sleepover at Acah's house. Watching Brother Beat till late at night and Silver's Class Reunion. Wow. It's the pizza's, movies and karaoke? HAHA. Damn, Gila. :D Ulnluckily, on that night. My mom asked me to get home as tomorrow, we all would be heading to KL AGAIN! The unforgettable one was 4buses boarded to reach, Kepala Batas. Pfft.

1st-2nd of May :

Kenduri. Budget hotel overnight. Chicken Rice Shop dinner and UIA's breakfast. it was goooodd.
The book shopaholic was at the Armcorp mall. Murahnye buku. Mcm xpercaya. huhu

on 3rd of May :

I'm at home. Thinking about the date. Um, still. No progression right? It's the missing piece right? Shits. =.='

How's my schedule? HAHA. Guess that still on next week I'll be heading to KL again or Melaka. Hi, vacation! :)

"I'm fatigue"

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