Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I heart my JUNIORS.

Hi everyone,
as my MUET is only just around the corner, I have decided to write on this blog everyday during my holiday just to get use with my writing test on 19th of November. It does freak me out. Even if your pointer is good, would you bear looking at your MUET slip with the bad band?

My day today were quite filled with enjoyments and savours. *Smile
I ate kinda a lot today. Since my brother's department had arranged the qorban, my parents and I went to Ipoh and 4 cows were slaughtered. We arrived just after they were slaughtered. hehe. If I were given the chances to know how much do I gain cholestrol right now, I would probably faint in surprise. SUP TULANG FOR HOW MANY DAYS? 3 DAYS IN CONSEQUENTIAL..Don't expect that only, we stopped at the mamak stall, and packed nasi berayani. How am I gonna maintain this spare body?

We made to the mall right after having lunch. We did nothing but just looking at clothes and looking at some golds for my sister-in-law to be. Now, I have the desire to upgrade my fashion sense and shop for more clothes. Well, this is the right time to do that kan. Necessary I guess, because wait till you have your own job and shop for more. Right now, you are just depending on the scholarships you have which is probably for the books and your allowance for you in your college. Itu pun tak cukup. *Sigh =='

Reached Kuala Kangsar, bought tickets for tomorrow to head to Kepala Batas and have my overnights at Hafsah's. SEK MEN SAINS KEPALA BATAS,,, WAIT FOR MY ARRIVAL!!
That's it. =)
I don't know why. But the feeling is just come, deep down inside.
Something good will happen ke? *Wondering

Never mind then, but noww,
I just want to share something to all the SPM candidates which touched me a previous year ago.
It was before the examination last year and all the seniors were busy reading, analysing, observing all the science subjects. Some were on the bed, some were laying on the floor and some were at the iron room doing revisions. Unexpectedly, there were noises out of the dorms and the juniors (They are in f.3 this year) came and blinded us with a piece if cloth. The covered our eyes and brought us in lines. I was startled and overwhelmed with those tricks put by them. A few seconds then, they open it wi

th a huge cake on the table and said ;

" Good luck SPM "
" Kami sayang akak f.5"
" Suprise!! "

Which one? I get confused here. HAHA. Does anyone are willing to remind me back? ;p But it was yes. I am touched. A real touched. Thank you dear because you guys had done so much to us. Don't worry, you have my prayers. =)

Anndd, this is the special cake. This is how it looks like.

Hugee right? Sudahnya, kek ni xbermakan sangat pon. Main calit-calit je kt muka sampai i have to take out my t-shirt and mandi malam tu jugak. Buruk gila la my face. Don't bother. Tapi dalam bathroom masa tu jugak, we took a bath at open shower. Boleh main2 lagi dalam bilik air. HAHA. what a memory. =)

wan syafiqa tsukushi

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sinichi kudo said...

uhh wan, aku sentap bace, tringat kisah lama. :')