Monday, November 7, 2011

Balik Kampung :)

Hello peeps,
Currently, I'm having my HOLIDAY. The semester break. =)
Say YAY to me!!

After my head is cramped with thousands of burdens and tense, now I am happily at home, online, checking emails and of course facebook. Gosh, what a relieved! It's been so long since I do not know how is my account been doing. Well, I think I am now having a very stable and my heart is in a very conducive condition. I can feel the love from people around me and the love from the Almighty the most. After all, all the dealings in this few weeks, HE really puts me in ease. With a healthy minds and body, I manage to complete my examination. Alhamdulillah. The result is still awaiting. It's the matter of my pointer. I'm praying it to be 'directly proportional to my efforts as I have constant biological time and constant revisions doings' (Buhbye Charle's and Boyle's Law, I would not meet you again) *Grinning.

On this Eid Adha, I went back to kampung and for sure, there are my cousins that I am so close to since in the childhood. As we grew up, I realized that the love between us blooms more and more. I would never want to imagine my life without them. Somehow, they comfort me in a lott more better way. How could I expect my life without them? We are tend to be more like siblings rather than cousin. We curse together, laugh together and cry together. I'm treasuring this sisterhoods so much and of course, neither let you guys down nor let you guys hurt. So to my sisters :

Good Luck on the upcoming SPM. I believe that you can manage it them nicely. Jangan tension tension ye. Jojet kann ada? HAHA. I am supporting your relationship and if he done shits to you, tell me. Hehe. So anything, just dial up my number and text me kay?

Lina. Lina. You too have a nice and enjoy your SPM. Good Luck dear. I know you can grab the As. ok? andd kalau tension, 'budak tu' kan ada. Suruh dia bersajak k. Baru naik semangat balik. HAHA. u too, any problems, I'm here for you. :)

Awww.. Now tengah exam kan? I'm praying for you. Work hard on your examination!! Gambatte ne? hehe. Nanti kita keluar Changlun sama sama cuci rambut. HAHA. ;)

credits to Jojet as he sent his dael at the bus10 this morning,
credits to fatini because she called and cursed on him to0,
credits to Lina as listening to my sad stories,
and credits to sujaihah tsukushi as she wasn't interrupting while we
were in the middle of the conversation yesterday.

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