Friday, October 19, 2012

Prevention is better than Cure

Is banging my head on the wall and say :


* Sigh 

Please handle this heart with care because it is soft and fragile :)
Thank you.

So well, this is a reminder for myself. I have a deep thought in this. I don't know how but I have the feeling that abandoned me within a year. Nowww I need the strategies right away because this so called feeling is still new. Keep on the right track to prevent it. If having myself busy was one of the way to put away sadness once, I believe that it can prevent on having myself to fall for people. =.=' Please be noted that do not repeat the same mistake for thrice. I have enough and done on it. -SCREAMING- Okayy let's go straight to the list. Things that should be focus on now are ;
  •  Remember Allah more as He will remember me back <3 li="li">
  •  Go out more, spending time with families and friends.
  •  Cooking and doing chores at home :)
  •  Value people that was once win the biggest part in you. Concentrating on school friends and juniors.
  •  My schedules on completing the student visa and upcoming wedding ceremony. 
  •  List of things before depart. 
  •  Go for a medical check up on my skin. Lately, it's getting terrible. I need the doctor. 
  •  Hepatitis B injection. 
  •  Driving car lesson. Lets merempiitt. hahaha. 
So far I need to take time and prevent, saying NO and just try to get rid from it. Okay? Gather up the strength! Fightiingg :)


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