Monday, October 1, 2012

The BIG day

Promise me that thing. Would you? :)

Itu mukadimah untuk hari ni jepp. LOL.

Actually the big bigger biggest thing is ; my sister is engaged! 

Congratulation dearest sister, 
Wan Syakira Tsukushi Meor Hissan! :)
Am so happy for you.
Looking forward for the wedding next year on my summer break. 

Well, helding a kenduri was sorta a fatigue one. Eventhough I'll consider it as small one, (it was big actually. Considered small as it yes, smaller than before sbb khemah pasang 2 je. HAHA) My dad have tons of friends and every friends of his who were invited did come. -.-' so, I went all busy for the preparations. The hantaran, the doorgifts, the add on dishes like rendang tok, sambal nyor, tempoyak ikan keli, dadih, the pelamin, flowers and the dress, I was part of the team - choosing and criticising. Aha, the monster of the wedding planner ! =D  There were the nights that apparently we need to stay up late only to finish up some works. And of course I can feel the excitement, it was the first time that the 2 families met. 

'Love is Sweet'
Those are the handmade door-gifts. We made it  up to 150 for the guest. Inside was either kit-kat, mars or toblerone  for the VIPs, some cadbury chocolairs and diary milk, sweets and a piece of sponge cheese cake as well made by my aunty.
Jenuh ikat ribbon depan tv. hehe
Aktiviti bersama.
We choose fresh green  as the theme for that day! So everybody was wearing green except for lina (silver, ikut tema hantaran, haha) A reflection mirror snapped pictures style. lol . Selepas bosan tunggu kak ngah bersiap dan make-up sampai lebih sejam. -,-' In the middle is the tsukushies sisters, left is my younger sister sujaihah and on the right is kak yang - syamimi. I am on the center one :) Aha, kak long tasnim and kak dila were wearing green too!
Aktiviti menyarung cincin.
Flash je masa ni. Banyak sangat camera man. Terasa mcm artis pulak. hehe
Aida Bridal's small pelamin for engagement.
Fresh Red Roses petals and Tekad Opah. :) Credit to cousie Lina and Sister Sujaihah.

Sijil and frame2 yang  tergantung tu mengganggu pulak. haha
Dad with his princess.
I am holding Red Velvet Cup Cakes - apart of hantaran.
Thank you so much kak Ila!

Hantaran - Silver theme.
Okay, hantaran yang diinspirasikan oleh pasangan yusri&lisa surihani. Ahaksss. Tapi Mak Intan buat lagi cantik kann :) Cadar tekad opah yang dah berusia 30 tahun. We are the second generation and still using it. ^^

Till then, 
More pictures would be uploaded soon.
Permission is still awaiting. 
Barakallah Hulakuma everyone:)


Ms Syakira said...

kenal ke idok nie...
ini baby.
"abah, baby kat mana masa tahun 1972?"

"baby ada atas langit." avoh cakap.

(Just intro of the day. LOL)

Nwy, tq for everything for becoming a gud monster and partner in crime. The wedding wouldnt turn out as it was without your blood, sweat and tears.

From the bottom of my heart,

Wan Syafiqa said...

Hehehe, welcome. not a problem. I enjoyed it btw.

From the bottom of my heart,