Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Counting the days.

It's Wednesday.

Currently I have 5 days left. I'm going back. Soon :'(

Half of my things are already packed to bring to my second home. Since I have this Melayu tongue so much on food, so mom did pack udang kering, ikan masin & asam keping for his daughter. haha. Imagine how I was last year. I was craving on lots of thing. The feeling is so different on a week at adelaide waiting to touch down Kuala Lumpur last time. I went over too excited and packed my things inside a week early.

And yet this time, I did everything on the very last minute. But it's allright. I'm looking forward to meet the freshman of my uni. I heard that there are many Malaysians are coming over this year but I'm too sure, too sure that none of them would be under my course. -,-'

Anyways, welcome Adelaidean 2014. Ahlan Wa Sahlan. :)

Say Hello to Adelaide Hills :)

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