Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Goodbye 2013.
Assalamualaikum readers.

It's been two months that I have come back from Adelaide for my 3 months summer break. 3 weeks more left before going back to Australia. I know that it literally means I need to get ready for my cramp schedule back. But as Allah said, there is always ease after hardship. Never be afraid of what comes if your intention is always for Allah. Well, that is the most perfect motivation ever. When the thoughts of having the creator's attention out of the most, I am growing up with strength everyday.

"So Allah, please remind me to refresh my niat always if I am starting to put dunya first before You because this servant of Yours never get away from making mistakes."

Anyway, I would be departing back to Uni this end of February. 23rd Feb inshaaAllah. Being back in Malaysia, spending time with my family without worrying much of my assignments have really put a great momentum on me. So, second year of Biomedic, try me!

In the names of Allah, the most gracious and the most Almighty.
Shall I begin my 2014.

I know its already a month late to begin my 2014 but, the spirit is always be the matter :)

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