Monday, September 14, 2015

So He is married.

I don't know if it's just me, but when you have that 'so called' history with a certain people and they get just feel different. 

Well when I think it back, I feel a little bit funny and odd. Don't get me wrong. I never blame on you on things happened almost 4 years ago. In fact, at least I am happy because you really chose the right person. And if and only if we just stick together now, times might be wasted because we are not meant for each other after all. When I received your invitation a month before, I'm sorry. I declined. Honestly I was confused. I don't know how to react. haha. yes, I just don't know. I realized that marriage is actually a serious matter for us at this age really. While I'm still waiting for my prince charming who lost his way, you've found one. Tabarakallah. 

Deep down inside, I just want to congratulate you. But there is something inside me refrained me from doing that. Please know I am happy for you. Please know, I declined because it feels wrong to keep in touch with someone like you. Please know that I don't feel anything now. I just feel strange, that's all :)

So, you are a married guy now. And congrats!

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