Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Doakan, please!

Well, exam is coming.

Less than 3 weeks from now. But I'm still stumbled upon on lots of things. Second semester of Adelaide Uni is always different. We only had hectic 12 weeks which drive everyone insane. So I have my final submission this coming Monday, and another big test this coming Friday. The test which determines my overall grade for this semester. Adelaide is getting hotter since spring is coming. And Jacarandas are start blooming everywhere means that exam is approaching you! 

6th Nov - Integrated Physiology 
10th Nov- Biochemistry 
17th Nov - Microbiology

I'm writing with the hope that people who is currently ready would pray for my exam. This is just my last semester. I just need to pass this and then I'm done! Moga Allah mudahkan, moga Allah beri yang terbaik. Doakan ya :)

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