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It's nearly 3 months I have been in Malaysia after coming back from Adelaide. Well adaptation and put on some weight too, though I am still actually dalam proses menqada' semua makanan malaysia lagi. hewhew. Coz my dad teach me to eat unhealthily. Meal after 7 and breakfast at 9pm! Kan tak sihat tu? -.-' My daily routine in Adelaide dah berubah 360degree coz need to serve my abah. haha. But after all, I'm still happy serving someone that means a lot to me :)

Anyway, hi! I'm Wan Syafiqa. Nice to meet you. I'm now your super senior because I left Adelaide uni a couple of months ago. hehe. A fresh graduates of bachelor of sc. biomedical sc majoring in infection and immunity and physiology. If I have one wish right now, I would ask the fairy to take me and flew me to the place I miss the most which is South Aussie. First of all, I would like to congratulate students yang dah terpilih dan fly bagai sampai sana dah. Alhamdulillah, a good choice and it's a place you won't regret. Trust me ;) Hah, special wish siapp. People who know me mesti akan tahu, how proud I am to say that I studied in that uni, despite of any other uni kt aussie and around the world. It's a fact. haha. Kalau ada yang terpikir2 nk migrtae or nk study kat adelaide @ in Aussie, just directly pm me ok? I would bring you to the right path and link you with the right person over there!

Now I'll bring you the ideas why it is my fave place!

It is nominated as the best place to live in the world. Rank no 1.
Hah! hebat kan? Along with that, it is also ranked as the second cleanest city after canada. that's why its the best place to live kot. hehe. Sbb kalau bercakap pasal clean, yes its indeed very clean! fresh air lepastu very calm and relaxing. No crowded and tall buildings. paling tinggi pun bangunan westpac yang hm taklah tinggi mana pun sbnrnya, Ahahaha. It's a 20mins city yang korang boleh walk around coz its a walking distance. Tapi student msia adelaide tak se-sado student sydney lah coz student kat sydney tend to walk a lot compared to us due to geographical difference i guess.

Efficient public transport.
Okay. Mostly transport yang kteorang pakai is metro bus and tram. Uni is reachable by bus. Normally we sponsored student who need to manage money very well akan live in the closest suburb range go zone utk bus. so bus mmg frequent every 15mins after 9am-7pm. before and after that, bus akan ada 30mins sekali. $0.87 utk concession during peak hours and non peak approx $1.25 kot. tapi its considered as very cheap compared to other state. within 2 hours, korang akan dapat naik bus scr free. so kalau korang ada satu kelas je, 1jam je haritu, boleh lah balik cecepat kejar bus within 2 hours tu utk dapat free fare. For tram, its free around city but you need to pay the same fees mcm bus fare if you travel outside city. Not to mention we also have o-bahn!O-bahn ni dia ada 2 purpose, dia akan jadi bus bila kat jalan and jadi tram bila sampai railway dia sendiri. dah macam tranformer pulak. hahaha. but anyways, its used to travel to eastern suburb coz eastern suburb ni a bit far from city kalau drive. kalau naik obahn ni it will shorten the time la. 20mins interval can be shorten into 10mins dah sampai.

North Terrace Adelaide uni is in city center
Adelaide uni ada 3 campus; North terrace, roseworthy, waite
based on course korang, korang akan dicampakkan ke campus campus tersebut. roseworthy (suburb, havent been there yet lol) specialised for those yang nk pursue animal sc. waite is also in suburb utk agriculture students while north terrace is for sc, engineering and arts students. Kalau korang dapat NT campus best sbb betul2 tgh tgh city. kalau nk beli barang semua senang sbb rundle mall is just cross the uni. opposite aje :D dan mmg boleh lepak lepak around rundle mall dgr org basking sambil minum gong cha & chatime, makan crepe atau minum coffe kat gloria jeans? Aaaah ku rindu semua itu! T.T oh btw, adelaide has another 2 uni, flinders and south aussie uni.

Closer to beautiful beach!
Actually most state kt oz semua ada pantai yang cantik sendiri. hehe. If you wish to go to any beach yang dekat, can always go to Gleneg or henly beach. kalau nk pi gleneg you can always take the tram and stop at its last stop and enjoy copenhagen ice cream as well as some fish and chips! nandos is halal too and there's a chocolate cafe kt sana yang muslims friendly. you can always check on that! in henly beach, boleh amik bus direct and stop kat last stop juga. boleh try kebab kat situ sbb halal, and eat ice cream too but the choice are not as much as copenhagen kt gleneg. This beach is close to my house. Ingat lagi kalau ttbe stress and rasa mcm nk tengok alam, tak turun pun kat bus stop 8, direct terus dok dalam bus p bus stop 30. lepastu tunggu sunset sambil makan ice cream & balik lepastu. aaaa what a life!

Cheap & big house
Okay as to compare to other state, adelaide has the cheapest rent fees and has spacious accommodation. At my previous house dulu, rent $350, 5 bilik siap ada garden lagi. Fruits garden ok! Every seasons mesti ada je pokok yang berbuah. Summer ah paling best. dah boleh bukak kedau buah koott. During summer, we have plums, almond, figs,apricot (usually early summer) white and red grapes, and green apples too. Autumn ada persimmon. Winter we have mandarins and oranges. Spring we have japanese plums (fave fruits). Rent rumah boleh dapat $220-$380 per week. Tapi kalau kongsi 5 orang, bayar harga camtu lah sebulan. That, we consider as cheap 7 affordable for students. Kalau korang nk duduk kt uni accommodation pun boleh, tapi sorang would be $190 camtu per week. kalau darab dengan 4 mmg duit sponsor dapat ke rumah ajelah. tak tahu nk makan apa dah. haha.

So that's it from now. Soon I'll update some interesting activities to do & places to visit soon!
From me the Adelaide lover :)

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