Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Can't wait

For the past few days I feel quite productive. hehe.

Okay now aside from blogging, travelling, food & cooking, I found another passionate me on working in lab works ya know. Finally the satisfaction is inside me. After several months of not having hands on lab working experience, these few days really make me feel alive. Rasa bernyawa selepas peristiwa hati tisu tempoh hari haha. Weird Wan Syafiqa, weird. Your mood swings is really something lol.

So you know when I keep on worrying how my days are heading to soon, blabbing on insufficient chemicals and apparatus which I haven't got that comfortable feeling with the science officer and all, my works turns out pretty good I guess. Even though I have to come out late at night just to keep my samples happy in -20 freezer and I have to work on weekends, not to forget my access card is not accessible after 5pm (this is so unfair for a postgraduate student) so I have to look for someone with an accessible card, well at least I know my DNA is amplified with no multiple bands. Though I haven't sure I've gotten the right size and when I view my gel it doesn't look neither bad nor beautiful, it just makes me confuse even more. That doesn't bother me to feel proud enough haha. I did my job, and it seems to work. Right?

To think it back, my mood swings might be affected by the expectation I had. When you wanted to complete a thing so so badly and you keep on postponing it several times, gosh that is irritating. So distracting that it could ruin my mood all day long.

My timeline is to complete my lab works; pcr and culturing bacteria before 7th September. Because...

I'm coming back to Australia for my graduation ceremony! 
Alhamdulillah :)

So yeah, my flight to Sydney would just be next week on 7th and I'm going to Adelaide on 10th. Staying in Oz over two weeks. I wanted to complete my works frame so I won't feel that burden I have to hold for worrying so much. 

Australia, can't wait to meet you soon :)

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