Thursday, February 16, 2017

Finally, connected.

I'm writing this post to celebrate a big occasion.

Mahallah wifi is finally connected. YEAYY!

These few days wifi connection was interrupted again. I have so much to update; book review and sort of things I read just recently. Also a breaking news too. This week is as busy as it seems to be. For the whole February, I literally have no weekend. It started from the first week of feb. Continuously until now. This week craziness is starting from tonight *Sigh. But after all, if the intention is pure, what else are you dreaming of instead of the ultimate goal and to be in the Jannah once you get into the hereafter kan?

Semoga sentiasa istiqamah, tsabat & kuat sikit jiwa tu.

Day by day, I have the thought of I can't keep going like I used to be.
I also have the thought of, I need at least changes in my life.
Takpe, relaks dulu. Buat dulu apa yang boleh.

Catch ya later. I will update more entries soon.

PS: I'm in the mood of waiting a postcard someone sent me over from a far far away place. Hujung dunia mungkin? haha. But then mahallah office is close today due to unavoidable reasons? *sigh again*

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