Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Supervisor at its best

Assalamualaikum everyone!

It's been a while since I had not hit my keyboard writing in this blog. Up for so much things lately. Went home for a week, just to reduce my stress and stay away from the workload I am currently having in Kuantan. Being one of the committee in a program was not really a problem for me. But as a person in charge for the registration in a big event was the problem lol. I can't sleep for the whole last week before the actual event. I keep on getting calls, my phone is out of the battery for a few times in a day too. My nap was interrupted. Same goes to my private time with my bacteria. Everything was on its best mess.While I was having headache, trying to cool down my temper, an online sale brand send a big wave to me. Those was the incident which traumatized me enough, dealing and buying things online were not an option for me anymore. They are sick people who needs so much lesson and need to learn basic manners & common sense too. In the midst of tense moment, I am having problem with isolating my new bacteria strain and colonies. Bacteria are not viable I guess. Things are not going the right way. As soon as my supervisor came to me and wanted to ask my progression, I went all way to the bacteria I tried to culture and told my supervisor;

"Dr, saya stress"

"Eh, jangan stress banyak lagi cara kita boleh buat"

"Syafiqa dah lama tak balik rumah kan? Nak balik tak?"

MashaAllah. The best thing I've heard evaaa, because I was exhausted. 

Dan, berkelanalah saya pulang ke kampung halaman tercinta :')

Though when I was at home, it was all just doing house chores and cooking. Weirdly it was a painkiller, really. hehe

2 days ago, I got back in campus and started to re-observe my sample. No progression just yet :/

Thank you dr for making me feel better.

We have plenty of options. 
I would grad on time.
And finish this with style.

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