Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The HOLIDAY spent. ;)

Seriously, the vacation was really hilarious ! Well, my life now is nothing without friends. Thanks a lot my dear friends. Enjoyable! I couldn't argue more. It was yeahh. nice. I'm carving for stuffs like that. hee~

Day 1 ;

On the evening :
Departed from Penang Central to island. We boarded the ferry to reached island at 11.15 a.m i guess. and took the bus to reach Syahirah's house. smpai rumah syera, usah cerita lahh. aku da start lapar. So, mee jawa was ready to be eaten. I got the largest bowl. haha. So, I'm full. Finger lickin good. ;) Done zohor's prayer. Pakai kasut n continue our journey. Amik bas pg komtar. Shop. Shop. Shop. =D Although I am not good at yeah shopping (as mom doesn't implement it since i was a kid. she said, but only what you need, not what you want.) i was enjoying myself looking at stuffs and window shopping. so we decided to buy shirt written ' I love penang ' on it. I bought a bracelet which i thought nice enough on me. Tgh plih2 gelang..

" Kamu semua budak2 u ahh? " uncle tu tanye dgn dielect cina dy. hehe
" Bukan larh uncle. Kami bru F.5 "
" Aiya. Ya ka? kamu semua nampak pandai. "
=.=' matured sgt kot. haha

Done with bracelet, glasses shop. =)) waa.. Najwa n Miera was so excited looking at em. While me? I couldn't wear it. Or else, I'm gonna hit something in front of me because I couldn't see without my spectacles with power lenses okayy. Sorry guys, couldn't join ya. huhu. Starting praying asar and move on to Padang Kota Lama with Kak Tin. Taking pictures of course. :) The view was really beautiful. And Kak Tin treated me with mee sotong and coconut milkshake. Awww, that was really2 good. tasty I tell ya. should try. hehe. I've also got the chances to ride a beca. hak2. sgt menenangkan. it took rm10 per ride. but it was worth. trust me. with the dusk cool breeze, i've got the chances to taste all those view. oh my, it's a lovely one. ^^

The night :
We prayed at Kapitan Keling mosque. Ceramah agama dy dlm bhasa india. that's unique. huhu. Waiting for syera's parents to come and pick us and we went to Pesta penang Sg. Nibong.. Wahh.. my 1st time here. It was loud and there's a lot of stalls selling all those beverages and food. Yet, there's also games. enough with the one named challenger. I felt dizzy and vomited. haha. My RM8 flew like a bird. =.=' Sumpah xnk naik da! huhu. Reached home nearly 1 a.m. Haihh, tp ad mase lg kteorg tgk2 tv cter pirates of the carribean. haha at 2 a.m? shut up and go to sleep.

Day 2 ;

In the morning :
Wake up ! Wake up ! Starting our day with roti canai. i ate 2 pieces. haha. kuat makan ouhh! nie smea sbb Khairan. dy terambik lebeh. hehe. :P xpe. syera bwk pg roadwalk. tgk2 barang je. i kn..xpndai shopping. haha. went to P. Ramlee's gallery. Amik2 gambar saja. the fees was free. And we then, continue our journey to gurney. tgk2 barang lg. Syera bwk pg mkn pasembor and minum teh 3lapis. haha. wow, nice again. suddenly, it was raining. perghh... basah kott. thank god, we were not that wet when suddenly zulhilmi gave me a ring. wanna meet me? aiyaa.. =.=' da la tgh bsah. so i was like orayt. but just a few seconds. unluckily, syera's mom asked us to go back so i'm sorry zul. i've to go back. Reaching home and we went to janggus i guess eating laksa. perghhh.. again. Sedapnye. :)) I ate 2 bowls! mkn pisang and keledek goreng lgi. Full. fuhh.. what a life. haha

Night :
Here we were! Batu Feringgi ! Set up tent. arranging food. go and pick pillows and put em into the tent. Whatelse? Ohh, damn. It's raining. So all we got to do was.. sitting in the tent. waiting for the rain to stop. after an hour, syera's dad wanna brought us to pray. but bfore that, smea org nk ke toilet la plak. hotel mmg la berlambak2 kt situ.. tp the weirdest thing is, toilet xde air maa.. arap je hotel org kaya. haha. ;p bila hujan dah berhenti.. yeahh. tyme for the bbq and the spaghetti eating. sedapnye. :)) jln2 kt tepi pntai.. how romantic and sweet kn kalau ad beloved one. But well, i lose him. huhu. nahh.. don't talk about that. as we were about to sleep. it happened to rain again. n khemah plak bocor bcoz it was raining too hard. shits. huhu. so, go back home. we didn't even sleep for the whole night. haha.

Day 3 ;

Nothing much happen. We ride the bus and reached Kamunting. Took taxi to reach Stesen bus taiping. took bus again to reach Kuala Kangsar. My dad picked us up and we got a good amazing tour by my dad. haha. gallery sultan azlan shah's visits and the palace, the've seen them. i also let them to take a look at my sch. :) everybody was tired and we did nothing on the night. only watching movies.

Day 4 ;

Lost world !! arhh.. 5 jam woo berendam dlm air tue. unexpectedly, jumpa faisyal, fizy, faridzul andd.. daniel. perghh,,, lari3. xmo jumpa dorg !! haha. i was not wearing tight so there's some games i couldnt even have the chances to play. smpy da mcm nk gado2 ngn org tue da. haha

"adik, kalau pkai track bottom xleh nek "
" sy nk jgak mcm mane? "
" ini peraturan dik "
aku da mula bengang. abg tue pon ckp cm hampehh jea.
" ape rasional nye org pkai track xbleh nek? ade ke konsep fizik yg terang mende nie "
"ini peraturan mmg la kene ikut, ala sye pon blaja sains jgak "

ouhhh, abg. saya xboleh trima alasan tue. kalau abg tegur saya dgn cara elok, mmg sy akan blas dgn cara elok. MELAMPAU betol. Customers are always RIGHT okayy. Dengan muka yg xblehh blahh and tgor kteorg mcm nie ? who the hell you think you are ? menyampah btol. We paid ok. which costs nearly rm40 per person. nsib bek kwn aku x tanye,

" kalau cmtue, nape keje mcm nie je? " haha. lg kuang aja. :P

xpe la.. kami berendam je la dlm pool tue.. bwh cendawan yg kuar air tue.. haha.. so ad lg stu game. kterorg buat bodo je. nak nek jgak. dtg la security guard tue sorg...

" adik, xboleh pkai cmnie kalo nk nek"
" ala.. boleh la bang " smbil mlontarkn syuman yg pling maniss kt dy. haha
" sorry la dik, kalau sy bg, t.. yg atas tue plak yg xbg. "
nsib bek abg nie tgur aku elok2. xpela.
" nape adik x pkai tight ? tgk.. org len pkai oke jea? "
" dosa, pahala sy mcm mane bang ? "
.....................dead line.....................
senyap trus. dy snyum n geleng2 kpala.
hah! puas aty akuhh. hahaha. ;p

so, pkul 5.. kami gerak blik. abah da ajak blik da. smpy rumah je. mmg sgt2 memenatkan. smpy jea mak da suh msk utk kwn2. nsib bek dinner mlm tue besh. asam pedas aku sgt sedap. hehe.

Day 5 ;

Just, antar kwn2 blik penang kt bus10. their ticket was at 11.15. Good bye friends. It was the most wonderful moments for us. LOVE YA. =)

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