Thursday, September 13, 2012

Schedule of the YEAR.

Hello hello hello :)

Ahh, happynya rasa bila dah ada ruang nak menulis balik. Hehe. Kesian blog ni, dah lama ditinggalkan. It isn't that I wanna quit writing or whatsoever. Who said I wanna leave you bloggie when you were with me for all this long since I was fourteen? :D So u'll would find so many many old stories with the unmatured thoughts I guess if you are trying to rummage back those old stories in my Chronicle part. HAHAHA. well, pardon me with that. I was just a norm school girl that sometimes hunger for the stupid love thingy, uncontrolled emotions && lots of things that I think I looked like an idiot reading 'em back then. HAHAHA. Rasa nak gelak kuat. Uhu, zaman jahiliyyah la katakan. =.=' Well,  It happens when there were so many things to settle down and I don't even have the chance to share my writing. Aha, basically this blog talks mostly about my personal life and my thoughts and view about certain things. So feel free to drop by and comments :) Anyway, I've updated my blog skin. It's blue and very refreshing! Instead of the previous one yg warna2 hitam tu. I've changed it. Macam warna marshmellow kan? hehe. So people, I'm looking forward for a new life & new me. I am trying to improve myself day after day to be a better person. When I say to be a better person, it generally means the way of life. When I say the way of life, certainly it's leading to the teaching of Islam. :)

Currently, I'm having a real BIG.LONG.BLOODY.BORING holiday! 3months is just enough for me, well ya no. More than enough I shall say. And I have 5 more months to spent at home while waiting for my degree programme on febuary 2013. My brain is now can't functioning well. I mean, resting for too long is a disaster. My mom didn't allow me to find a job as she said she doesn't want to be all alone by herself at home. It makes her sad so I refused the job offered by my sister-pengawas peperiksaan,UiTM. So here I am at home. Doing nothing.

Okay well, for the previous months I've been through a lot of things right after graduated from matriculation ;

 26th of April ;
End of Chemistry question paper. Balik kampung! 

2nd of May ;
Interview on Dietitian programme, USM Kubang Kerian, Kelantan
okay, I was asked several questions about the diet that diabetes and cancer patient should  consume.  Not forgetting people with anaemia. I didn't prepare anything and alhamdulillah, managed to make it. Gaining 'em through experiences. Interview USM ni korang kena buat banyak homework skit la. Dia mmg akan tanya soklan2 yg gila2 skema kaw2 punya la. 

3rd of May ;
Hello Vietnam! A releasing vacation with my sister, Syakira. Shoppp, beach and food! Thank you so much sis Marym. 

26th of May ;
Akad nikah Along & Mybrainsc scholarship interview.
I didn't go to the akad nikah ceremony. I was busy in Penang. Rushing to go early with my sister-Syakira (sorry, it always have to be you) for the interview. I was the first to go in there and ya they  questioned me by rare things. It went smooth. The interviewers were cool and we laughed for some silly things. 

27th of May ;
Wedding ceremony. I have my new member in my family, Kak long! We are happy to have you. :)

2nd of June ;
Wedding ceremony in Kuala Kangsar, the male part. Uhuh, It was freaking awesome! :D

22nd of June ;
Departed to Medina. I went for Umrah with my parents. Seriously. I can still feel the warmth and how The city of Munawwarah and Tanah Haram touch my heart. I miss it. :(

All this things need a lot of preparations. 
So I went all busy worrying about the house.
Upcoming event is ; The next Engagement. 

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